Mercury was in full retrograde throughout the months of February and March.  Not sure if that’s accurate, but it sure felt like it in my books.  It was just one bad news after the other.  My theatrical agent of the last four years decided to drop me (via email), I lose my social media consulting account, (which was my main source of income), and my now ex-boyfriend decided that we should break up.  Oh, and my dog was diagnosed with some kind of liver disease.  It felt like everything I had worked hard for in LA was just crumbling down to nothing.  Don’t worry, this isn’t a sad story.  This is a comeback story.

The purpose of writing this blog post is to hopefully let you know that things could look real shitty at the moment, but always have faith and know that change is only a bad thing if you’re unwilling to accept it.  I’m an actress, living in LA, and I have been through my ups and downs with this town and this industry.  For every triumphant moment I’ve had, I can count three other moments that have left me feeling defeated.  This is the roller coaster ride I have come to accept in my life.  I have left my stable six-figure paying corporate job for this, and I don’t regret it for a single moment.

It would’ve been easy for me to feel sorry for myself, chop off my hair, eat a pound of ice cream and call my mom crying.  However, I had already chopped off my hair last year, and am actually in the process of growing it back out.   I don’t have much of a sweet tooth.  Plus, my mom lives in Shanghai, China so long distance calling can be a hassle with that 15 hour time zone difference.  Instead, I gave myself maybe a day to feel sorry for myself and then I decided to check myself.  You can’t control the situation, but you can control how you handle the situation.

Rather than crying over spilt milk, I decided to just look for a new theatrical agent.  I reached out to friends and acquaintances inquiring about local LA brands that may need social media assistance, and I decided to kiss a lover and a friend goodbye.  It’s now mid-April and I am happy to say that I have signed with a new theatrical agent, I am consulting for a new account, and I have tons of fun campaigns coming up for Kangthropologie.  Not to mention that Kenzie, my pup, is done taking her antibiotics and liver supplements, and should be on her way to a speedy recovery.

Don’t fight the ever changing currents of the ocean and just go with the flow.  Sounds cliché, right?  Well, I took that advice and life IS back to being busy with workouts, auditions, blogging, events, and basic hustling.  I’ve been shooting a ton of new looks, and I even took a day trip out to Joshua Tree with my blogging bestie, Amy of The Luxi Look.  So here are some of the festival looks for those of you headed out to Weekend Two of Coachella.  Have fun.  Wear sunscreen.  And make sure you ‘come back’ safely!

Xo, Linda

Dress: Flair The Label / Scarf: ASOS / Sunnies: Perverse / Earrings: Luv AJ / Boots: Forever 21

Top: Sage The Label / Shorts: Understated Leather (similar look) / Boots: Nasty Gal (similar look) / Sunnies: ZeroUV / Bag: Veggani (on sale) / Earrings: Luv AJ (on sale) / Choker: Luv AJ (similar look)

Top: I’m Your Gypsy / Pants: Sage The Label / Hat: Brixton / Sunnies: ZeroUV / Shoes: Free People / Backpack: Library LA / Necklace: Sugarfix by BaubleBar / Lariat: Luv AJ (sold out in gold | available in silver) Earrings: Luv AJ

Bikini Top: Beach Riot / Skort: Flair The Label / Sunnies: Illesteva / Sandals: Marc Fisher (similar look) / Bag: Urban Outfitters / Necklace: Sugarfix by BaubleBar / Lariat: Luv AJ (sold out in gold | available in silver) / Pendant Necklace: The Brave Collection / Earrings: Luv AJ

Photographed by Stefanie Meier


I remember when I first started to blog my favorite bloggers were those who were honest, open, and vulnerable to their readers.  I like that they didn’t care if they cursed, gave away their engagement secrets or said politically incorrect stuff.  So, when I started to write my own posts, I felt the need to be just as open and honest about my own personal life as the influencers that I admired.

I feel as though I’ve been pretty good about opening up about my personal life.  Whether it be my career changes, my skincare routine or my dating life.  Truth be told, I felt as if I was writing to no one because I wasn’t sure if anyone actually cared to read my blog.  However, with everything that’s been happening to me lately, I’m almost concerned about how much I’m disclosing of my life and whether I should write with discretion.

This is all spurned from last night’s event.  I’ll explain.  I’ve mentioned in a recent post that I am having career changes.  With that said, I’m back to waitressing at my restaurant job.  I served a very lovely couple last night.  I served them before about two months ago, and it just happen so that I was their waitress again when they returned two months later.  I won’t use their real names, so let’s just call them Harry* and Sally*.  Harry and Sally are a bit older.  They’re not like my parents age, but perhaps in their late 40s to early 50s.  Sally and Harry seemed to be having a fabulous time, but after a few drinks Sally began to tell me about their relationship.  Mind you, Harry is sitting right there in front of her.  She told me that they’ve been seeing each other on and off since 2013, and that everything was great except his infidelity.  Screech!  Pull the brakes.  Awkward situation.  Harry is trying to be polite of the predicament they’re in, and mentioned that I’m not the first person to become their relationship therapist.  Sally, (hopefully very drunk), was very confident and secure about how little discretion she has about anything.

Sally then continues on about how Harry’s ex-wife is now back in the picture, and that he’s just stringing her along.  As embarrassing as it was for Harry to sit there through the whole situation, it was more strange for me because I did’t know if Sally wanted me to chime in and agree with her.  From a female to a female, I would completely empathize with her situation.  She’s beautiful, tall and with a great career.  He’s charming, short and rich AF.  However, Harry doesn’t seem to know what he wants.  I found all this out in a matter of 15 minutes.  TMI?  Definitely.

This is what got me thinking about how much I broadcast to the whole world about my own love life.  I never mention my boyfriend’s name.  I don’t really ever talk about him or post pictures of us, and hopefully I’ll never use this outlet to air out our dirty laundry.  I think there’s a certain level of discretion we should all use when it comes to blogging about our personal life.  Sure I would love to be able to connect with my readers more by letting them know of my ups and downs, but I feel that privacy is still important, especially when it comes to relationships.  By no means will I be censoring myself, but I just wanted to let y’all know if you ever felt like I was holding myself back.

Hopefully everyone had a great Valentine’s Day, and I hope you continue to enjoy your long President’s Day weekend.  Drink responsibly.  Xo!

Bikini Top: Ark Swimwear / Bikini Bottom: Ark Swimwear / Top: Flair The Label / Sunnies: Illesteva / Hat: Sole Society / Necklace: Sugarfix for BaubleBar / Hair Scrunchie: Forever 21

Photographed by Stefanie Meier


It has been two years since I started KANGTHROPOLOGIE, and one thing is certain: I LOVE dainty jewelry.  I’ve tried wearing more ornate pieces, as well as costume jewelry, and they just swallow me alive.  My only exception is when gemstones are involved, and they’re designed simple and elegant.

I’ve recently came across the jewelry line, Starletta Designs, and there’s something about quality, handmade pieces that make me swoon.  Tara Reid is the designer, and she hand makes each of her beautiful pieces.  What I love about it is that the designs showcase the gemstones, and doesn’t try to add other intricacies that take away from the gemstone itself.

I’m seen wearing the Champagne Druzy Geode Gold Circle Pendant Necklace and the Champagne Druzy Gold Circle Earrings.  Both of these pieces can stand alone on its own.  Nothing about the design is overwhelming, but they shine with me wearing something as simple as a one-piece suit.

Starletta Designs have been seen in some great TV shows, and hopefully one day you’ll be seeing me wearing one of her pieces on a show as well.  Here’s to supporting handmade goodness.  Happy Thursday everyone!

Swimwear: Tiger Mist / Necklace: Starletta Designs / Earrings: Starletta Designs

Photographed by Stefanie Meier

**This post is sponsored by Starletta Designs**


Ever wish you were born in another era or period of time?  I always wondered what life would’ve been like if I grew up in the late 70s/early 80s.  The crazy years of pop art, shoulder pads and really big hair.  Well, not so much the hair, but I do love the drug-infused art that came out from that era.  Andy Warhol is the epitome of the 80s and the king of pop art, which is why I was extra excited when I found out that Billabong created an entire collection called Warhol Surf.

This homáge to Andy Warhol consists of retro ombré swimsuits and cool, classic muscle tees.  I’ve been on a retro fashion kick lately, so this collection is right up my alley.  If your’e looking for a touch of that 70s/80s vibe in your swimwear this summer, be sure to check out the Warhol Surf collection.  Peace, love and happiness to all!  Happy Monday! Xoxo!

Muscle Tee: Billabong / Denim Shorts: One Teaspoon / Necklace: Sierra Winter / Sunglasses: Melrose Trading Post (similar look) / Bracelets: Sugarfix by Baublebar

Swimsuit: Billabong / Sunglasses: Bonnie Clyde / Bracelets: Sugarfix by Baublebar

Photographed by Mire Yang



One of the best perks to living in LA is the quick, easy access to the beach.  We have some of the best and most beautiful beaches along the pacific coast.  Today happen so be to National Bikini Day.  Who made this up?  No clue.  However, in lieu of this national designated day, I have decided to blog about coverups that you could wear over your bikinis when you realize how effin freezing cold it actually is at the beach.

For those of you that don’t live in LA or SoCal, it’s been rather freezing by the beach the past month or so.  Super windy, freezing water, but still the clearest blue skies.  Of course I would love to parade around in just a piece of cloth that barely covers my boobs and bottoms, but my immune system says otherwise.  And with that said, I have on my Lovers + Friends Crochet Coverup Dress/Tunic that I got during Revolve‘s most recent Sample Sale.

Nothing screams beach more to me than crochet.  I love the boho vibe that it brings to your outfit.  Gauze fabric and crochet anything sets the right tone when I’m looking for a great beach coverup.  I recommend long sleeves and/or maxi dresses because I get cold super quickly, and the more I’m pseudo covered up, the warmer I feel.
kangthropologie_lifesabeach_outfit kangthropologie_lifesabeach_IMG_1485 kangthropologie_lifesabeach_IMG_1492kangthropologie_lifesabeach_IMG_1493 kangthropologie_lifesabeach_IMG_1490 kangthropologie_lifesabeach_IMG_1491 kangthropologie_lifesabeach_IMG_1487

UO Classic Aviator Sunglasses in Blue/Green / Jeffrey Campbell Isley Ankle Boot (no longer available | similar look) / Custom Made Crochet Top by I’m Your Gypsy

Hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of July weekend.  I am so worn out and feel like I need a vacation from this past weekend.  Do you ever feel that way?  Like you need a vacation from your vacation?

Photographed by Amy Zhang of The Luxi Look


I mother f-ing love sample sales.  Excuse my language, but it’s the only adjective to describe how deep my love is for sample sales.  I find the best things on planet earth at sample and warehouse sales.  Lovers + Friends, NBD and Tularosa just had a sample sale this past weekend (9.17 – 9.19) in DTLA.  And in the midst of the madness of digging through piles and piles of delicious clothing in large cardboard boxes, I found this black and white Lovers + Friends No Secrets Crochet One-Piece.  I got it for $20.  You heard me.  I said two, zero.  (Drop the mike).  This particular swimsuit is now sold out on Revolve, but the pewter and tan is still available.  Famous fashion blogger, Chiara Ferragni, of The Blonde Salad, has this one-piece in pewter and tan.

I have been dying to find the perfect one-piece swimsuit.  What I love so much about this adult onesie is that it flatters my non-curvy, petite body frame.  I have a long torso, so I purchased the small versus x-small.  The medium size fitted fine as well, but was too baggy on my booty.  It ties at the neck and back so your girlfriends don’t come flopping out, but it still gives off that great side-boob look.


It’s now fall.  I would never suggest anyone to walk out the door in a one-piece swimsuit and boots, (as seen in my photos), but I would recommend wearing this as a body suit with a pair of high-waist, skinny jeans and a blazer or light leather jacket.  If you missed out on this sample sale, have no fear.  There will most likely be another one in 5 months.  You can stay up-to-date on the latest sales by visiting the SALES page and following me on Instagram.  Enjoy the last few days of warm weather in SoCal!


Stuart Weitzman pointed-toe boots (no longer available | similar looks: Stuart Weitzman HiTimes Leather Bootie or Vince Camuto Lorenza High Heel Bootie or Forever21 Faux Leather Platform Booties) / Fedora (my own and no clue where I purchased it from) / Gentle Monster Dreamer 01 Sunglasses

Photographed by Felicia Bade

Hair and Makeup by Felicia Bade