I’m single.  Never been married.  No kids.  However, Thanksgiving is a time for family.  When I go home to Dallas, TX I’m surrounded by my nephews ages seven and five, two dogs, cousins, cousins’ kids, high school friends, high school friends’ kids, etc.  It’s a bit different than my lifestyle in Los Angeles, which is why I always pack for kid-friendly activities and events since I’m normally the babysitter of the group.  The aunt they haven’t seen in a while, the god-mommy they want to play with.  Nothing says I’m good with kids like a nice pair of overall and cotton-jersey tee.  babysittersclub_IMG_6349babysittersclub_IMG_6436

I’m wearing AEO Soft and Sexy Jegging T.  This color is currently sold out, but here’s a very similar look that’s also on sale for less than $15.  There are eight colors to pick from.  This shirt is so soft and comfortable.  It’s light-weight but long-sleeve so I can wear it with shorts during the cool spring days next year.

These Free People Through The Woods Corduroy Overall were purchased last year from the Studio City store.  It was the last one, and also a size 28.  Free People generally runs big on me and I knew this was going to be baggy, but I wanted to wear it boyfriend-style.  I rolled up the legs and it seems to work just fine on my 5’4″ petite frame.  Here are similar looks:

Free People Washed Denim Overall in Wake Blue

Alloy Corduroy Overall (on sale for less than $15)

ASOS 90’s Cord Overall


I’m still in Texas with my family and will most likely be taking advantage of the Black Friday deals on the internet.  Check out the SALES page for awesome Black Friday deals that I’ll be shopping myself, and stay tuned for more holiday fashion ideas.

I’m so thankful for my family, friends and Kangthropologie supporters/readers.  Any of y’all have any funny Thanksgiving family stories you’d like to share?  I’d love to hear some of them!  And as always, feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions, suggestions or feedback!  Happy Thanksgiving Holiday!

Ray-Ban Aviator Classic Sunglasses / Steve Madden Desirred Ankle Boots (similar look) / Chan Luu Gold & Swarovski Crystal Hand Chain in Light Silk (sold out | similar look) / House of Harlow 1960 Aztec Stacking Ring Set (sold out) / Gorjana Shimmer Bar Midi Ring (sold out)

Photographed by my sister



Right now, I’m in Dallas, TX visiting family for Thanksgiving Holiday, and it occurred to me how much my hometown has an influence on my current fashion in LA.  I still own a pair of cowboy boots, I love wearing leather, and I love anything that has a western flair.  Since moving to LA, I’ve developed my own sense of style: melding in what I know with what’s current and trending in the fashion world.  With that said, you can only imagine how elated I was to see that western-style belts have made it’s way back into the fashion world.  So buckle up and enjoy the ride!
westerninfluence_outfit2westerninfluence_legupThis is a pair of H&M Slim-Fit Pants High-Waist in Light Denim Blue that I purchased earlier this year for less than $25.  It fits so ridiculously well and the material is decent quality for a pair of denim that is less than $30 at regular price.  I originally purchased these to wear to work because I needed a pair of jeans that I didn’t mind getting dirty.  However, I fell in love with this pair, and now I can’t believe what a steal it was and want to purchase it in other colors as well.  This color is currently sold out, but here is a similar look.

I’m wearing a ZARA Polo Neck Top in Black/Ecru, which is currently under $20.  By now you know that I have an obsession with grey, high-waist, crop tops, and of course, stripes.  This top is just the perfect amount of horizontal black and white.  I especially love that the side panels of the shirt are vertical vs. horizontal stripes.  The polo neck has enough neck coverage so that you don’t have to wear a scarf on a cold, chilly night.  Here’s a similar look.

This is an Urban Outfitters’ Ecote Metal-Tipped Leather Belt in Black that I got for less than $25 because I had a special promotional code for being an Urban On Insider member.  I read the reviews and everyone talked about how this belt is small and can only be worn high-waisted.  I got a size small, and didn’t find much of an issue wearing this belt with mid-waist jeans.

 This is probably my new favorite go-to belt.  You’ve see this western-style accessory on all the fab fashionistas (i.e. Kendall, Pepamack).  This is a knock-off look from the original The Lair Leather Hendrix Belt, but for such a trendy item I don’t mind spending less than $30 for it.westerninfluence_love

I wish everyone a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving Holiday!  Please drive safely and be sure to call an Uber if you end up celebrating too much or too hard.  I’ll be back after Thanksgiving, and can’t wait to hear about your Thanksgiving celebrations!

 Gentle Monster Dreamer 01 Sunglasses / Zara Leather Platform Ankle Boot (sold out | similar look on sale)

Photographed by Laurie Douglas



Split-ends on your hair is a big no-no.  Split-ends on a long sleeve tee is a must-have this fall.  I blogged about ZARA’s Tunic With Front Slits in RIGHT NOW back in September, and I have not stopped seeing this trend ever since.  There are so many options to these slits, but my favorite has to be the longline tunics with front or side slits.

I’m wearing Forever21’s Contemporary Split-Front Longline Tunic in Heather Grey.  My obsession with the color grey is out of control, and it didn’t stop at this recent purchase.  I love that this top grazes the floor even with my knee-high platform boots on.  The front split doesn’t make me feel awkward or too revealing because it cuts off way below the chest.  I even tried raising my arms to make sure no boobies were popping out.  It’s currently under $23 and it also comes in black.  Here’s a similar look.splitends_IMG_5969 splitends_IMG_5970

I paired this top with a repeat item, my ZARA High-Waisted Pant from a previous blog post, CROPPED.  The shirt flows open when I walk so I wanted my lower half to be covered.  These pants have definitely become a staple in my wardrobe.  Here are similar looks:

ZARA Skinny Trousers With Side Zip

ZARA Powerstretch Skinny Trousers


Speaking of split-ends, I think it’s time that I get a haircut.  I’ve been thinking about getting rid of the long hair look.  What do y’all think?  Is it time for a cropped haircut look?

ZARA Black Knit Scarf (sold out | similar look) / Barneys New York Leather Knee-High Boot (sold out | similar look) / Ray-Ban Aviator Flip Out Sunglasses / Vintage Chanel Caviar CC Drawstring Shoulder Bag

Photographed by Kelsey Morris



Ever run out of food so you just throw together whatever you have left in your pantry and fridge and it turns out to be the best freaking dish you ever made?  That rule also applies to fashion.  I hate it when things are too matchy-matchy or coordinated.  My mother has a tendency to be matchy-matchy, and I’m always correcting her in her styling because a look can become “too much”.  Just because you wear a Chanel coat doesn’t mean the rest of your outfit has to be head-to-toe Chanel.  You’ll end up loosing that debonair, classy look you were going for and just become pretentious.

It is based on this fashion guideline that I put together this outfit.  I have a mixture of classic, stripe tee with fitted, high-waist skirt with chunky, knit scarf.  It’s a mishmash of things thrown together, but creates a look that’s slightly conservative but bold at the same time.


I am wearing an American Eagle Outfitters Aerie Long Sleeve Best T in Navy.  It’s currently on super sale (less than $12), and I got a size XS so I can wear it fitted.  I love that it’s long in the torso so I can still tuck it into mid-waist or low-rise jeans.  This shirt is also very comfortable and easy to wear with a faux-leather pencil skirt or ripped jeans.

This is a H&M High-Waist Satin Pencil Midi-Skirt from their Trend Collection that I purchased earlier this summer for less than $50.  This skirt is very body contouring, but has a lot of stretch and pull to suck you in in all the right places.  It has a long zipper in the back that allows you to adjust how much movement you want in the legs.  I prefer keeping the zipper low to give that vintage 1950s vibe.  Unfortunately, this skirt is no longer available.

Here are similar looks:

ModCloth I’ll Have The Usual Skirt in Pine

Charlotte Russe Ribbed Bodycon Midi Skirt (on sale)

ASOS Pencil Skirt in Cable Knit Texture


I am wearing an Abercrombie & Fitch Extra-Long Knit Scarf in Yellow that I purchased about six years ago.  I specifically chose yellow at the time because of my Alma Mater (Georgia Tech), but it’s also my favorite color because it adds happiness to every outfit.

Everyone needs that one extra-long chunky scarf that they can wrap around and around their neck to stay extra warm and look extra fabulous.  Here are some similar looks:

ZARA Knit Scarf in Mustard

ASOS Oversized Extra Long Rib Knit Scarf

Urban Outfitters Sherpa Eternity Scarf in Beige

Urban Outfitters Icelandic Rib Scarf


The mixture of texture, color and styles adds uniqueness to this look.  I recommend that you dig through your closet and just play.  Don’t worry about whether or not you think something will match.  Just try it on and feel it out.  As I’ve mentioned before in my previous post, (Made In LA), my ratio for dressing is 1:1.  For every one fancy/trendy item, I pair it with one casual/classic item.

How did y’all like the array of colors?  Let me know!

Ray-Ban Clubmaster Classic Sunglasses / BCBG leather sandals (super old | similar look) / Rings (my own)

Photographed by Kelsey Morris




Since moving to Los Angeles six years ago, I’ve come to adapt myself to her weather, her food, and mostly her fashion.  Her style is always trendy, but casual enough that you don’t feel threatened.  As most commercial casting breakdowns would put it: attractive, yet approachable.  This might not be true for everyone, but that’s how I’ve come to interpret LA fashion and that’s how I’ve come to style and dress myself.

My ratio for dressing is 1:1.  For every one fancy/trendy item, I pair it with one casual/classic item.  So, if I’m wearing a cute peplum pencil skirt, then I’ll offset it with a casual plaid top.  This black and red checkered long-sleeve flannel is from the mens department of Uniqlo.  I got this from an Uniqlo store in Shanghai, China and their sizing is very different than the stores in the States.  The women shirts in China are much smaller and slimmer, and I wanted a shirt that had a more boyfriend feel than a little child.  I am wearing a size Small and it definitely has a lot of room and length.

I just adore this Alice + Olivia Natasha Peplum Pencil Skirt.  1) The ponte jersey fabric is soft and has just enough stretch to let you walk with ease.  2) The peplum gives the pencil skirt a flirty, fun look.  Unfortunately, this style is currently sold out, but I did find it in the color Hot Pink.  Here are other similar looks:

Nasty Gal Nana Judy Slit Up Peplum Skirt

Lovers + Friends Wishing Peplum Skirt

BCBG Peplum Skirt


It has been an exciting first two months for KANGTHROPOLOGIE, and I’m anxious to see where it goes from here.  Thank y’all for reading and I’m always available for any comments, suggestions or questions.  Have a great weekend!

Vintage Chanel Caviar CC Drawstring Shoulder Bag / Gentle Monster Dreamer 01 Sunglasses / Zara Leather Platform Ankle Boot (sold out | similar look on sale) / J.Crew Earrings (sold out | similar look on sale)

Photographed by Felicia Bade

Hair and Makeup by Felicia Bade



I feel like I have been blogging about a lot of cool casual or trendy outfits, but have yet to touch base with the classy lady that’s inside of me.  I go out for a lot of auditions that require me to look more sophisticated and put together, which is probably why I’ve strayed away from it in my real life.  However, I love putting this outfit together.  It’s something I would wear going out on a date or grab a night cap with my girlfriends.  I feel very sexy and stylish in this fall outfit.  

Every female needs a pencil skirt.  It doesn’t matter what your size, shape or religion is, trust me, you can pull off a pencil skirt.  The purpose of a pencil skirt is to flatter the curve of a female figure.  Now I know some of you are saying, but I don’t have any curves or I have too much curve.  Whichever the case, this skirt, with the appropriate stretch and fabric, can help accentuate what your have or don’t have.

This is an Amanda Uprichard Ponte Pencil Skirt that I got on super sale from Neiman Marcus a couple of years ago.  I have grown to really like the stuff from Amanda Uprichard.  It’s fine quality and they’re well priced, especially when they’re on sale.  This style in the color black is sold out, but Revolve currently has it available in the colors Bittersweet and Ivory.


I purchased this Zara Cropped Turtleneck two years ago.  It has been cold and windy in LA and this top is PERFECT for this weather.  Because my pencil skirt is work high-waisted, my cropped turtleneck cuts off perfectly at the waist, which lengthens the look of my legs.  If the top was any higher though it wouldn’t look as classy, and if it was any lower I would be hiding the smallest part of my curve.  Here are some similar looks:

Zara Cropped Sweater

UO Kimchi Blue Lace Trim Cropped Sweater in Black and White (on sale)

UO Kimchi Blue Cozy Mock Neck Sweater

UO Silence + Noise Cassie Turtleneck Sweater

UNIF x UO Fine Gauge Cropped Sweater

These are my favorite heels right now.  I just got these Steve Madden Varsity Stilettos in Wine Suede on sale at Lord & Taylors for under $50.  They are on sale again with an additional 20% off from now until Nov. 11 (see SALES for me details).  I have been blogging about my love for burgundy this fall, and now I have it in the form of these fabulous heels.  You will definitely be seeing me with these sexy heels on throughout this fall.  Here’s a similar look.


I seriously considered chopping off my hair after the photoshoot of this outfit.  I’m still considering it, but I know my agents will be upset if I don’t have headshots to match my new hair ASAP.  Cutting/coloring hair is a bit more costly when you’re an aspiring actress because of all the things that come with changing your “look”.  Long hair makes you more youthful, but an edgy bob will make you more sophisticated and chic.  A woman.  A lady in the street.  I definitely love this look enough to bring it up with them the next time I see them.  What do y’all think?  Should I chop off my hair??  Leave a comment below and and let me know!

J.Crew Earrings (sold out | similar look on sale) / Ray-Ban Aviator Classic Sunglasses

Photographed by Felicia Bade

Hair and Makeup by Felicia Bade



Like peas and carrots, plaid shirts and denim make the best combo.  It’s the All-American classic look.  It’s fall season so it’s time to bring out those long sleeve plaid shirts that we’ve been storing in our closet for the past six months, or been wearing it wrapped around our waist for the past six months.  Rails is my favorite plaid shirt brand.  They’re the most comfortable SoCal-fashion shirts to wear.  Their shirts are pretty stiff at original price, (still worth the cost), but they go on sale often and they’ll never go out of style.


I got this Rails Kendra Cuff Contrast Plaid Shirt in Green last year around Christmas from Saks Off 5th for less than $60 with tax.  This style is sold out, but here is a very similar look that’s also less than $60 right now.  This is my go-to online store for all Rails shirts because the price is always half of it’s original price.  I wear an XS in their shirts and it fits true-to-size.

These jeans are Current Elliott The Low Bell in Gibson.  This pair is super low rise with a natural 34″ inseam so I had to alter the hem and it still can be a bit long with platform boots.  The legs are slim and there is not much give/stretch in the fabric.  The good thing is that Current Elliott runs a size bigger than most designer jeans, so if you have a curvier figure I would suggest ordering your regular size and it will fit just right.  Here’s a similar look that’s less expensive.

You can’t go wrong with this wardrobe combination.  I would stock up on Rails around the holiday time when stores are offering extra discounts on top of their regular sales.

Love to hear from y’all.  Feel free to leave a comment or send an email and I’ll be sure to respond.  Thanks for reading!

Vintage Brian Atwood Soft Leather Platform Ankle Boots (similar look) / Quay Australia Isabelle Cat-Eye Shades / Chan Luu Gold & Swarovski Crystal Hand Chain in Light Silk /  Henri Bendel Chevron Stack Ring Set / Gorjana Interlock Midi Ring / Gemma Crus Rose Gold & Round CZ Drop Earrings / Fedora (my own and no clue where I purchased it from)

Photographed by Kelsey Morris



When I think Fall, I think of brown, burgandy, rust, …clay.  I found this super comfy and soft Zara Flowing Trousers With Pleat in Clay for under $20.  It is available right now in-store and online, but I promise you at this price it will sell out quickly.  I am wearing an XS.


No other city has fashionistas that scream for joy when it’s gloomy and chilly outside like we do in Los Angeles.  I am thrilled to be able to throw on my favorite coat, and not sweat my a$$ off because it’s for a photo shoot and 90 degrees outside.  I’m wearing a Vintage Geometric Coat in Light Grey with Geometric Buttons that I got from a small boutique in NYC back in 2008.  I know.  I know.  That’s like seven years ago.  But the reason I’m dating myself is because outerwear lasts FOREVER.  They will come back in style or stay in style year after year.  If you really love a coat, take good care of it, keep it in great condition, and you’ll be able to wear it for as long as you like.  Similar looks:



This Truly Madly Deeply Mocturnal Cropped Tank Top by Urban Outfitters is on sale and for under $20.  There are four colors, but I love the grey the most.  I am wearing an XS.  I wore the trouser with a mock-neck crop top because I’m not going into an office building to work in this outfit.  I styled it so that it’s more laid back, but still sophisticated and chic.  If you ARE going to work, then I would suggest a top like Silence + Noise Mock Turtleneck Tunic Tank Top in Taupe (on sale at UO).


Zara Faux Suede d’Orsay Platform Heels (sold out | similar look) / Vintage Gucci Leather Belt (hand-me-down from my mother) / Vintage Gucci Denim Monogram Medium Abbey Tote in Black / American Eagle Bracelets / Henri Bendel Stackable Rings / Free People Ring

Photographed by Felicia Bade




Once a Texan, always a Texan.  That saying has always stuck with me even after I moved to LA six years ago.  I found this awesome Madison & Berkeley ‘Side of Ranch’ Shirttail Tank at the Nordstrom department store in Dallas, TX (my hometown) on sale for under $15. This bright red tee made me smile because it screams I’m a southerner.  I paired this with a faux leather pencil skirt I got in late spring of this year from Zara.  Even though both the tank and the skirt are no longer available, here are some similar looks:



sideofranch_IMG_4477As of today, the temperature was still in the 90’s in Los Angeles.  However, I decided to throw on a Vince Asymmetrial Zip Leather Jacket to pretend like it was fall weather.  Love the jacket.  Hate the heat.  Got this leather jacket for a steal (under $400) because the only Saks Fifth Avenue in Dallas, TX was closing and had to get rid of all it’s inventory.  Talk about being at the right place at the right time.  This jacket is currently sold out, but the Vince Leather Scuba Jacket is currently on sale at Nordstrom.

I love the mixture of sophisticated and casual.  How about you?  What do you mix up in your closet to make a sophisticated outfit look more casual or vice versa?  Love to hear from y’all!

Chanel Quilted Patent Wallet / Brian Atwood Delta Patent Platforms (from Net-A-Porter a SUPER long time ago) / Ray-Ban Clubmaster Classic Sunglasses / Free People Ring / American Eagle Bracelets

Photographed by Felicia Bade

Hair by Felicia Bade


So, Fall is taking her sweet booty time to get to LA.  She told me she was on her way three days ago, but I think she’s still deciding on what to wear.  I made an executive decision to pregame while I wait for her and dressed warmly in an A|X faux shearling bomber, ZARA striped crop top, rag & bone/JEAN The Legging Jeans, and Forever 21 Red Modernist Platform Booties.  In 90 degrees LA you ask?  Yes.  I was sweating profusely while I shot these photos, but it was well worth it because it got me very excited for Fall’s arrival.


Similar looks to this faux shearling bomber:

ZARA Sheepskin Jacket

Forever 21 Faux Shearling Bomber Jacket in Taupe

Jou Jou Faux-Leather Bomber Jacket in Brown (on sale at Macy’s)

You must be wondering, does this girl ever wear a normal shirt or does she only own crop tops, right?  I was thinking the same thing when I put this outfit together.  However, because it never gets that cold in LA, a crop top makes this outfit more bearable to wear when inside.  But for everyone else who doesn’t have the need to wear crop tops, here are some alternatives:

Similar Looks (Non-Crop)

Gap Modern Stripe Boatneck Tee in Dark Night (on sale)

T by Alexander Wang Striped Linen Cotton Long Sleeve Tee

Bassike Striped Long Sleeve T-Shirt (at Farfetch)

J.Crew Factory Long Sleeve Striped Boatneck Tee in Oat Navy Spring

Similar Looks (Cropped)

ASOS Crop Top In Turtleneck With Stripe and Long Sleeve

Noisy May Stripe Batwing Top With 3/4 Sleeve (at ASOS)

Tobi Merced Crop Top


These rag & bone /JEAN Legging Jeans were purchased a few years ago from Barneys New York Warehouse.  This is one of my favorite pairs of jeans because they are really stretchy.  They are flattering on both stick and curvy figures.  Even though I’ve worn them a hundred times over the years, they still haven’t lost their stretch.  Quality is quality my friends.  Worth the extra cost.  I am wearing a size 27 in the Legging Jeans.  The particular color I’m wearing is currently unavailable, but rag & bone/JEAN has several other skinny stretch styles that are similar to the ones I am seen wearing:

rag & bone/JEAN Skinny Stretch Jeans – Woodford (at Nordstrom)

rag & bone/JEAN Skinny Stretch Jeans – Kensington (at Nordstrom)

rag & bone/JEAN Skinny Stretch Jeans – Bedford (at Nordstrom)

rag & bone/JEAN Legging in Midnight

rag & bone/JEAN The Legging Jeans in Night (at Shopbop)

The winner of this outfit is clearly the pair of platform booties.  First, they are from Forever 21.  Second, they were less than $30 when I purchased them.  Third, they are super comfortable.  Fourth, they look AMAZEBALLS, (I’m so not on point with the lingo these days).  I have them in both black and burgundy.  Sorry ladies, these were purchased last year, but here are similar looks:

Steve Madden Raspy Platform Boot

Riot Girl Lug Sole Platform Boots in Claret

Forever21 Faux Leather Platform Booties in Chestnut

Forever21 Faux Suede Lace-Up Booties in Tan

Would love to know what your thoughts are on faux shearling, leather and/or suede.  Like them?  Don’t like them?  Let me know!

Louis Vuitton Eva Clutch (worn as a cross-body bag) / Gorjana CZ Helena Stud Earrings (sold out)

Photographed by Felicia Bade

Hair and Makeup by Felicia Bade