Saying I get gifted with skincare products is an understatement.  Yes, as a blogger who prides herself with great skin, (regardless of my age), I do get tons of skincare products to try.  And usually after I receive a product one of three things happen:

  1. I immediately put it in my medicine cabinet and try it out that day/night, or
  2. it goes in my “once I run out of this < said product > I’ll try it”, or
  3. I’ll give it to a friend or a giveaway that I’ve been planning to do but never got around to actually doing it.

I’m just being honest, and 9 out of 10 times it goes into category two or three.  It’s actually not good for you to try on too many different skincare products too frequently.  It could cause skin irritation or breakouts, and I’m too old for breakouts.  Also, different skincare lines have chemical compounds that could counteract each other, so it’s best to stick to just a couple of brands that you know works well with your skin.

With all this said, I attended Dermalogica’s Sound Sleep Cocoon launch held at Unplug off Melrose about a month ago with a couple of my girlfriends.  The event itself was perfectly catered to my liking.  Not that I had any input in organizing this event, but whoever did has great taste.  There were yummy bites, light refreshments, skincare advisors, beautiful male models wearing silk pjs, and a private sound bath held at the end.  Not to side track, but I HIGLY recommend the sound bath.  Not a plug, but if you’re into mediation then you should try this class out.  You can scroll through the pics and you’ll know what I’m talking about.

We each went home with a jar of the Sound Sleep Cocoon, which is a night gel-cream optimized for nighttime skin recovery.  I’ve been dibble dabbling with Dermalogica products the past year.  I don’t know why I never fully committed.  Maybe because I was so in love with my La Mer moisturizer for the last 10 years that I was afraid to commit to anything else.  Well, I decided to give it a go and use the Sound Sleep Cocoon every night for 30 days, and here is my honest review:

I LOVE IT.  This is not a sponsored post.  Dermalogica did not pay me to write this.  Other than me receiving a free jar to try, I am not given any incentive to write this review or say fabulous things about it.  And yes, I love it so much that I started to convince my closest girlfriends to try it, and they know I don’t f*ck around when it comes to advertising skincare stuff.

I won’t go into the chemistry of the product because I don’t know it well enough to sound like I know what I’m talking about, but the lavender smell is heavenly.  I hate it when a product’s perfume is too strong to where I feel like the product itself is a gimmick.  The scent is light and dreamy, and lavender is perfect for rest and relaxation.

I love the gel-cream texture.  I usually opt for a heavy moisturizing cream for nighttime use because that’s when I don’t care how oily my skin gets.  In my mind, the richer the cream, the more moisture my skin is receiving.  However, that’s not the case with the Sound Sleep Cocoon.  The texture is light but it feels penetrating, which is EXACTLY what I want.  PENETRATING.  I wake up to the softest skin without all that heavy oil.  I don’t have puffiness, even after I eat ramen the night before.

The packaging is perfect as it comes in this little round dispenser that locks and unlocks when you twist, and pumps out just the right amount of product you need.  I hate it when I lose caps because it comes off while in my travel bag and squirts everywhere, or I drop the bottle and the cap no longer stays on because it’s chipped or cracked.  Good job Dermalogica on this packaging.

If you go to my Instagram Highlights, (see BEAUTY), you’ll see me using this in my current nighttime skincare routine.  It’s $80 for a 1.7 oz jar, which should last you about 2 months if you use one pump every night.  I’m way past my 30 days and there seems to be plenty of product left in the jar.  (Fingers crossed that it lasts for at least 3 months).  It’s hard to find anything effective under $100 these days, especially a nighttime moisturizer.  If you have never tried Dermalogica before, this is the product you need to test the waters with.

FYI, my skin type is normal/oily.  I have an oily t-zone and the rest of my skin is normal.  I am not sensitive to any chemical products that I am aware of, and I am not prone to acne breakouts, (#KNOCKONWOOD).  Let me know if you do decide to try it out.  I would love to hear about your results!

Xo, Linda

Photographed by Jessi Casprowitz



Go ahead.  Scroll through and look at the pics first.  Feel free to drop your jaw a few times or say that’s ‘So effin gorgeous!’ as many times as you want.  I won’t even be offended if you don’t end up reading my post.  Pinterest is about to get some new pins.

So here’s the story of how I got to participate in one of the most beautifully curated photo/video shoots of my blogger life.  Last weekend I had the privilege of spending a mock Galentine’s Day with 6 other beautiful influencers.  The brainchild of this whole concept, Heather of @heather_roams, reached out to each of us with this magical, boho vision.  Though I have never met any of the other ladies before this beach day, I was immediately welcomed with bright smiles and warm personalities.  How we got away with no egos, no complaints and no drama is beyond me.  It can be a bitch (pun intended) to get 7 women who are complete strangers to act like they like one another, but it’s a whole other experience when we all actually get along.  We truly embraced the idea of Galentine’s Day as well as each other.

What made this shoot even more beautiful and special was that the crew and talent were predominantly women.  Other than the film crew, the rest of the team were all women.  #hifive

I know I’ve used the word beautiful a gazillion times already, but that’s literally what this shoots was…fucking BEAUTIFUL.  I wouldn’t be surprised if you googled the word beautiful and one of these images pop up in your search.

I’m going to be doing more videos and Vlogging, so be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel!

I’m so glad I got to share this experience with these 6 gorgeous women.  Be sure to check out their Instagram feeds!







Other than the images that are shown here, I also shot some other looks with two very talented and gorgeous photographers, Carrie Rogers and Lauren Newman, who are both new to the LA area.

 Btw, I left the images in the filtered edits that were provided by the photographers so you can distinguish between their work.  Carrie’s images have a more soft and romantic hue, while Lauren’s images are more bright with high contrast.

Thank you to everyone who made these happy moments possible!  Happy Galentine’s Day ladies! Xo!

Planner: Weddings By Sabrina / Videographer: Alpha Wolves / Photographer: Lauren Newman Photography / Photographer: Carrie Rogers Photography / Florals: Sibyl Sophia / Makeup Artist: Tami Bernard Makeup / Catering: Urban Palate / Calligraphy: Ink Topiary / Table: American Wood Importers


As a blogger, I am often gifted with tons of beauty products to try and use.  From skincare to haircare to makeup, there are just tons and tons of great products out there.  However, there were a few brands that just stood out after testing and have now become my daily go to staples.  The brands and products I’m about to recommend are NOT SPONSORED.  Yes, some of the products were gifted, but some were purchased by yours truly, and my reviews are 100% my honest opinion.  So here goes…my favorite beauty finds of 2017:


Hands down, my favorite skincare line of 2017 is Dr. Dennis Gross, and specifically their Alpha Beta peels and C+ Collagen line.  If you have followed along on my InstaStories, then you would know that I’ve been using their Alpha Beta peels since the summer, and have raved about it ever since.  It’s the quickest and most effective 5 minute in-home peel you can buy.  Sephora runs a special of 5 bonus peels with the 30 treatments box.  I don’t use it daily as suggested, but every other day.  I feel like my skin just glows from the inside out.

Their C+ Collagen line was later introduced to me after I started using the peels, and I am OBSESSED with using the serum and deep cream every night.  I use to only use La Mer for my night cream, and did so for 10 years.  However, it became too costly, and I’ve been in search for a new night cream ever since.  The deep cream can be used in the AM and PM since it’s light enough to be worn during the day, but I like using it in conjunction with the serum, which is to be used once daily.

Frankly, for the quality and effectiveness of their products, I would expect Dr. Dennis Gross to be at a higher price point.  However, they’re still fairly new, and with so much competition out there, I can see why they have sustained at their current prices.  Don’t worry, I’m not complaining.  I’m just happy that I have found a skincare line that works and that I can afford.


Ever since I chopped off my hair this fall, I have noticed that I have to use so much more products in my hair in order for it to not look dead or limp.  From texturizing sprays to thickening hairsprays, I’ve been spritzing all kinds of stuff in my hair.  The two products that have made the cut are OUAI’s wave spray and texturizing hair spray.  They literally bring life into my hair.  I use the wave spray on my washed damp hair, blow dry, then spray in the texturizing hair spray to give it volume.  It works wonders.  I usually keep the hair style for a few days and just spray in more texturizing spray when need be.  Usually by day two my hair is good and ready for some curling action, and that’s when I bust out my T3 Micro wand.  It gives me the perfect loose wave, don’t care kinda look.


I could pitch you a million products under the makeup category, but that defeats the purpose of this post.  There was just one makeup item that I really fell in love with this year, and that’s Stila’s Glitter and Glow Liquid Eyeshadow.  I love them in every color and finish.  They are the perfect enhancement to any eyeshadow look.  I thought they would be clunky and dry up sticky, but they are just the opposite.  They glide on smoothly when applied, and they dry naturally like a moisturizer going into the skin.  The glitter and metallic finish doesn’t irritate my eyes and I love the way they sparkle under the light.  I loved the first one I purchased so much that I got the eyeshadow set as well to test out all the other colors.  This would be a perfect addition for your NYE look.


There you have it.  My favorite beauty finds of this year.  I wish you all a safe and fun New Year’s celebration and I can’t wait to see y’all in 2018! Xo!


I’m 35.  I figure I just come right out and say it.  It seems as though that’s the #1 question I get whenever I talk about my skin, my physique, or my relationship status.  “Exactly how old are you?”  I don’t dress, act or look my age.  I’m going against the grain on what the general society thinks someone of my age should be.

Several factors play into why this is the case:

  1. I’m an actress, and I try my best to look my best at all times since it’s my profession.
  2. I’m not married.  I don’t have any kids, and that helps alleviate the stress that comes with running a household.
  3.  I don’t believe that one should avoid showing skin after any age, as long as it’s in good taste and they can pull it off.
  4. I’m VERY socially liberal.

With all that said, skincare and fitness is vital in this upkeep, which is why I have decided to divulge my skincare and fitness, (I’ll discuss this on my next blog post), regimens to help those that would like to add some youth and pep back into their appearance.


Before I start, I would just like to state that none of the skincare products I use or name in this blog post is sponsored.  These are real legit stuff that I use on a daily basis.

I wash my face with Cetaphil Daily Cleanser day and night.  I love using this cleanser because it’s gentle on my skin, but has the fighting power to remove most of my makeup.  If I have on A LOT of makeup from being on set or a photoshoot, then I use Bare Minerals Deep Cleansing Foam instead. This sucker will get every ounce of makeup off.  Be sure to wash your face for at least 1 minute to thoroughly cleanse the skin before you rinse off with water.


The products I use during the day are very different from the products I use at night.  I stick to more anti-oxidant and vitamin C serums versus deep hydrating and/or replenishing serums.  After I wash my face I like to use a toner/softener.  This helps prep your skin to absorb the products better.  I like to use Shiseido White Lucent Balancing Softener.

Next are the serums.  I use to use 3 different ones from AE Skin, but am in the process of testing a new serum, so I’m currently only using 2 serums.  I first apply 3 drops of Le Mieux Vita-C, then I use 2 drops of AE Skin Hydrating Serum.

Because I have a gnarly t-zone, I keep my daily moisturizer light. I like to mix Kate Somerville with EltaMD Clean Sunscreen SPF 46, which is my FAVORITE facial sunscreen of all time.  Note: if you do nothing else, at least wear sunscreen.  This is VITAL in keeping your skin from looking weathered.  I’ll also spray on the occasional hydrating mist.


I have been using Dr. Dennis Gross Daily Peels every other day for over two weeks now and I can see a significant improvement in the radiance of my skin.  My skin glows.  Yes, it shines naturally, and I love the look of my radiant skin.

This peel can be used during the day or night, but I prefer using it at night because I love following it up Le Mieux Hyaluronic Serum and Dermalogica Phyto Replenish Oil.

I’ve been switching between 2 night creams: Shiseido Bio-Performance Advanced Restoring Cream and La Prairie Cellular Radiance Cream, simply because I love one more than the other, but I can’t afford the other one as much so I only use it every other night.  Just click on the links and check out the prices and you’ll know which one I’m talking about.

On the nights that I don’t use the peel, I make sure I use some kind of facial mask.  I spend at least 5 – 10 minutes each evening caring for my skin.  I think that makes all the difference in my appearance.  Here are all the products I have listed above and/or use:

I’ll talk more about how I stay fit and active on the next blog post.  I hope this answers most of your questions, and please keep them coming!  Thanks for reading!

Dress: For Love and Lemons / Shoes: Forever 21 (similar look) / Shades: mine (similar look) / Necklace: You.Nic

Photographed by Mire Yang


Most women decide to lop off their hair for one of the following reasons: 1) they just got out of a serious relationship, 2) they’re going through a quarter-life crisis, 3) they just had a baby and the baby is ripping her long hair out, (ouch!).  Nope.  None of those are reasons why I’m deciding to chop off my hair, but come this Thursday, I’m chopping off my luscious, long locks.

I’m opting for more of a shortish like hairstyle.  Perhaps a bob, perhaps something shoulder length with layers, but the reason I’m cutting it is to look more mature.  Sounds silly, (and quite stupid), as most women spend their entire life savings to look younger, and here I am trying to look “older”.

I’ve been pursing acting for over 9 years now, and I feel that it’s time to embrace my age and try to play roles in a different age range.  Let’s face it ladies, we can’t be in our 20s forever, so I’m going to be proactive and take stride into my 30s with style and grace.


With all of this said, this is a perfect summertime to sport a shorter hairstyle.  I’ve looked to Olivia Culpo and Olivia Palermo for inspiration.  Even Kaia Gerber has gone for a shoulder-length layered look.  So I’m breaking ties with my mermaid hair aspirations.  I can’t wait to show y’all my new hair on Thursday!  To stay up-to-date, be sure to watch my InstaStories!  Stay tuned!

Jumpsuit: Flair The Label / Purse: Coach

Photographed by Mire Yang



Lots of stuff happened last week that’s f*cked with my mood.  First, it’s the rain storm that’s been pouring down over LA the last few days, and will continue to do so until Tuesday.  Secondly, rain or shine, people all over the nation gathered in peaceful protest for the Women’s March to stand with Planned Parenthood, (thanks a lot Trump).  Regardless of your political stance, women have fought way too hard the past six decades to have our rights reversed or stigmatized.  Third, I caught a small cold from the ever fluctuating weather.  Sigh.

So what to do to combat all this negative energy?  I’ve decided to share some of the things I do to get myself out of this funk…

  • Light My Favorite Candle

Already, I have an abnormal obsession with fragrant candles.  Ask any one of my friends, and they’ll tell you that I have an abundance of candles all over my studio ready to be lit.  They’re all different fragrances and I light them depending on my mood.  I find myself with a much better attitude when I’m surrounded by a beautiful fragrance.  It’s soothes my inner thoughts and I think about tranquility versus whatever it was that was annoying me.  Here are some of my favorite fragrances:

  • Wash My Hair

For some reason I always feel better after I wash my hair.  Something about a clean bed of hair lightens my mood.  I’ve recently started using Living Proof hair products and I’m seriously enjoying them (not sponsored to say this, for realz).  The fragrance is not overwhelming and I love how my hair is full, clean and soft.  I even purchased a new blow dryer because of how much I enjoy a great blow out after I wash my hair.  Here are the new hair products I’m using:

  • Go Workout

Anytime I’m under stress or not in a good mood, I find that I feel much better after I take a workout class.  I’m not going to lie, it’s hard to first motivate myself to get out of bed to attend this said workout class, but I’m always happy with my decision afterwards.  The release of endorphins and sweat gets all the toxins out of my mind and body and I feel ready for the day.  I have the privilege of living in LA where there’s a workout studio around every corner, but not everyone lives in cities like LA.  So, my recommendation would be to go for a quick jog around your neighborhood if a workout class is not readily available.

I’m not the guru of all things, and it’s not like I never have a bad moody day.  But the next time you’re in a funk, try one of the three things I listed and see if it helps out at all.  Now that we have a new president in office, I’m sure there will be plenty more days of lighting candles, washing my hair, and running on a treadmill.  Thanks for reading! Xoxo!

Dress: Stone Cold Fox (on sale) / Bag: Chanel WOC / Shoes: Forever 21 (sold out | similar look)

Photographed by Mire Yang


So here we are folks.  Just two days away from 2017.  I decided to blog today versus tomorrow, which is the last day of the year, because no one is going to be reading a silly fashion blog post on NYE (#TRUTH).  No worries, I’m not going to talk about self-reflection and new year’s resolutions.  Screw that.  I’m going to talk about my favorite things that have made 2016 memorable, specifically the fashion trends, the new beauty products I’ve tried, and the new friends I’ve met along the way via blogging.  So here goes…

favorite trends

There have been so many trends this year that were worn to the point of disgust, and others that I feel like will continue on towards 2017.

I really dug the choker 90’s look that were brought back to life, (thank you Rumi!).  Though her fashion label, AreYouAmI, is hella expensive, she is a pioneer for sexy, provocative and fashion-forward styles.  Not sure I can (EVER) bite the bullet on purchasing one of her $600+ slip dresses, but I’ll be looking to her for the next sexy trend.

Another big hitter for me are the clear frame glasses.  I see these bad boys on some of the quirkiest and hippest fashion bloggers (i.e. @officiallyquigley) and I think they’re just fucking adorable.  I personally own two pairs from TIJN: The Mathias and The Marcel, and they just bring an extra quirk to my outfits.  I’ve also worn them to auditions to play nerds and hipsters and they’ve done really well for my “method” look.  Haha!

My final favorite trend would be high-waist denim, regardless of the hemline.  I hear it’s suppose to be out by 2017, (please say it ain’t so!), but I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it sticks around for just a little while longer.  Please do not encourage me to purchase ANY MORE denim!

favorite new makeup products

I’ve been an avid fan and user of La Mer Crème de la Mer Moisturizing Cream for 10+ years.  I push and recommend it to ALL of my friends.  Technically, I’m quite surprised/upset that I wasn’t selected to participate in their latest social media promotion.  Whatever.  I still love this stuff like it’s crack.  However, due to the steep price of $310 for a 3 oz. jar, I have side tracked from using it in my nightly routine and have instead picked up a jar of Shiseido Bio-Performance Advanced Super Restoring Cream.  This is my new favorite night cream, …under $300.  Haha!  No seriously, I’ve been using it for the past year and it has helped me maintain my youthful skin.  This has a rich formula that is not greasy like La Mer, even though I do miss that oily glow I get after applying it on.  Shiseido absorbs very easily into my skin.  Trust me, I’m not being sponsored by either brands to write this, so it’s worth trying it out.

I think I found my new concealer, and that title goes to Glossier Stretch Concealer!  This stuff is phenomenal.  I’ve been using Becca Ultimate Coverage Concealing Crème as well as YSL Touche Éclat for the past 4 years.  Both work great, but one is too heavy of a coverage at times and one is too light of a coverage at times.  Glossier Stretch Concealer is like the baby that the two produced.  It’s just perfect: creamy, light, blends well, highlights and covers.  I purchased the lightest shade because I tend to like concealers that are a shade lighter than my actual skin.  For $18, this is one of the best medium coverage concealers out there.

favorite take-aways

I started blogging a little over a year ago, but didn’t really get into the blogger scene until this year.  Along the way I have met some new bloggers and photographers, and I would like to take this time to thank them for being kickass people.  Please check them out because they all create magical content:

Amy – @TheLuxiLook

Mire – @Stripescollide

Hanna – @_hannaphotography_

 For Love and Lemons Violetta DressTribeTats Onyx Goddess Temporary Tattoos

Happy New Year everyone!  Please drink responsibly because you know you’re going to get blitzed, and make sure you find a cutie to kiss at midnight! xoxo!

Photographed by Hanna Snyder