I think it’s time that I reveal a little bit more about myself by playing a very simple game of ‘Never Have I Ever’.  Don’t worry, I won’t go blue on you.  It’s just that I’ve lived in LA long enough to where there are certain things that I think would’ve already been crossed off the list of thing-to-do-in-LA a LONG time ago.  However, yours truly here have yet to check these places and/or things off my to-do list, so, here goes…Never Have I Ever:

…been to Disneyland.  I have however been to Disney World in Orlando, so does that still count?

…been to Coachella.  I know.  I know.  What kind of freaking LA blogger am I that I haven’t been to THE music festival of SoCal?!  (a rhetorical question)  Maybe this year??

…been to The Getty Museum,

…or the The Getty Villa.  Zero excuses here since admission to both places is FREE.

…eaten a burger at In-And-Out.  I became a vegetarian 2 years before I moved out to LA.

…had a designated parking spot.  It’s been 9 years of permit and non-permit street parking for me.  I forgot what it’s like to have a parking spot and not have to worry about finding parking when I come home. #LAPriviledges. Sigh.

…partied at Playhouse.  I feel like this Hollywood nightclub has been around forever, and I have yet to step foot in there.  Maybe it’s a good thing?

There you have it folks.  I felt somewhat ashamed as I was typing some of these things, but it is what it is.  Maybe I’ll get to it soon, or maybe I’ll just sit on it for another 10 years.  Happy #MotivationalMonday!  Haha!

Top: Free People (sold out | similar look) / Bodysuit: American Apparel / Short: Understated Leather (similar look | similar look) / Bag: Vintage Chanel (similar look) / Sunnies: ZeroUV (similar look | similar look) / Necklace: Olive and Cocoa / Shoes: ZARA

Photographed by Anthony Newen


So, I just want to forewarn my readers that this post may be a bit opinionated, somewhat politically incorrect, and fully soap-box charged.  These are simply my views and my views only, and has nothing to do with the brands I’m wearing in the pictures.  (Isn’t it sad that I have to actually write this disclaimer “just in case”?)

Anyway, I had originally planned to post this look yesterday.  Same outfit.  Same pics.  Same everything.  I was even going to throw in a bit about how I’m reworking an oldie back into my wardrobe, (SEE OVERALL).  However, once I woke up on Monday morning and heard about the gun shooting massacre in Las Vegas, I scratched my whole post.  I decided to write something more poignant to the subject of gun control, or lack there of.

When I was younger, my sister would play this prank on me.  She would say, “Pete and Repeat went on a boat.  Pete fell out.  Who’s in the boat?”  And I would answer, “Repeat!”  Then she would start again, “Pete and Repeat went on a boat.  Pete fell out.  Who’s in the boat?”  And sure enough, I would be a sucker and yell, “Repeat!”  This would go on and on until I caught onto the joke: ‘Repeat’.  I feel like this is similar to the American public being fooled over and over again by the government and their stance on tackling gun control issues.  How many times must we yell “Repeat!” before we realize that the joke is on us?  How many more gun shooting massacres?  How many more deaths?  How many more tragedies?  How many more families ruined and terrorized?  How many?  Is there a threshold we must break in order for the government and the NRA to finally realize that we’re not trying to take away their right to bear arm, but to control WHO gets to bear arm?

They say history repeats itself.  They also say the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.  Nothing has changed on gun control, so why would I ever think that there wouldn’t be another mass gun shooting tragedy?  This travesty will continue to repeat itself until we decide to finally do something about gun control.  I have family members that have their CCW (Concealed Carry Weapon) permit.  They claim it’s to protect their family in case of burglary, home invasion, and “just in case”, but I’m not sure that handgun would do much good in a situation where someone is shooting an automatic weapon from the 32nd floor.

Regardless of where you stand on the 2nd amendment or guns in general, I would hope that we are all praying for the victims and their families.  Not all history is bad.  There is compassion, bravery, and selflessness throughout history in times like this.  I’m no longer on my soap box, and I just hope that I can encourage everyone to speak up when it comes to love and kindness.  God bless.

Top: Free People / Overall: Rollas Jeans (sold out | similar look)

Photographed by Stefanie Meier


You know that saying, “the grass is always greener on the other side”?  Well, that’s how I feel about this LA cold, dreary weather.  California was in a very bad drought, so we prayed for an abundance of rain.  Well, now we’ve had enough rain to last us a lifetime, and all I want is for this rain to stop.  I seriously haven’t washed my car in over a month because there hasn’t been a week where it didn’t rain.

This weather has me looking at inspirational photos of swimwear, beaches, and warmer weather.  I’m even at a point to where I’m looking up plane tickets to Cabo.  It’s actually not that expensive of a flight.  So maybe that’s just what I need.  A tropical vacay to get myself out of the wishful thinking funk.  I’m thinking early February.  What do you think?  Yay or nay on the Mexico trip?

Acne Studios Shearling Jacket (no longer available in pink | available in black) / Free People Maxi Dress (no longer available | similar look) / Mejuri Necklace (sold out | similar look) / Jeffrey Campbell Booties (sold out | similar look)

Photographed by Larry Wong


In the world of blogging, I think it’s important to have high quality imagery and content.  Depending on your own personal aesthetics, the look and vibe should reflect who you are and what you represent.  I love romantic and sexy maxi dresses, and my look has a feminine boho vibe.

Occasionally, in the midst of all your photoshoots, you’ll do one that is unforgettable.  Towards the end of last year, I had a beautiful photoshoot with one of my fav photographers, Hanna Snyder.  She took me to this super remote spot in Malibu, and we found these beautiful slated rocks on the beach.  The textures and colors really helped bring out this Free People Maxi Dress.

I fell in love with the photos immediately as we were shooting and reviewing them through her camera.  I hope that everyone that blogs gets to have one of these magical moments where you feel like you’re in a romantic dreamworld creating editorials for your favorite brands.  These are the moments that keep me wanting to create and blog more.  Every motivational moment counts.  Happy Sunday everyone!

TribeTats Onyx Goddess Temporary Tattoos

Photographed by Hanna Snyder



In just two days it’ll be Thanksgiving.  Sheesh, how quickly the time has flown by.  I don’t even recall my last #NYE, (probably nothing exciting), and here I am about to celebrate it again in just 1.5 months.  The only difference is that while the east coast is decked out in warm leggings, fur coats and scarves, I’m still wearing shorts and breezy dresses in LA.

What exactly does fall even mean in LA?  I’ve been here for almost 8 years and I can sum it up to a few memorable things:

  • Friendsgiving
    • Most of us living in LA are transplants from some other state very far away, which means we have to travel home for the holidays.  Because Thanksgiving and Christmas are so close to one another, we usually pick one or the other to travel home.  Odds are it’s Christmas that we want to spend the day with our family, so we end up celebrating Thanksgiving with our extended family of close friends that have also decided to stay in LA.  It’s hard enough to find good friends in general, needless to say LA, but you know they’re worthy when you invite them to your #Friendsgiving dinner.  I would also like to say that if you know someone who is lonely in this town and without family or friends, please invite them to your gathering.  You have no idea what that would mean to them. #SharingIsCaring
  • Leather Jackets
    • We wear these year round, but it really becomes flourishing during the fall evenings when it drops down to 60° or below.  The ladies, (and gents), still want to wear their barely there fashion when they go out.  What do you expect from the city of Angels?  Everyone is a cool cat, and cool cats wear leather jackets, especially motorcycle ones.  I recommend IRO or AllSaints.  Both of these brands carry high quality leather jackets that don’t entirely bankrupt you.  Keywords: don’t entirely
  • Brisk Mornings and Evenings
    • Even in November we still have warm, sunny 70° weather during the day.  However, in the early mornings and evenings, (as soon as that sun sets), it can be super chilly.  I make sure to always have a light jacket or cardigan with me whenever I go out during the day and know that I’ll be out when the sun starts to set at 4:30pm.  I really like this new ZARA Long Chenille Jacket that I’m wearing in the photos.  It’s the perfect fall color, and it keeps me warm.  Only downfall of this jacket is that it sheds like a biznatch.  I’d stay away from wearing anything white or black underneath.
  • Ghost Town Holidays
    • As I’ve mentioned before, LA is a city of transplants, and when it’s holiday season everyone goes home to their respected hometowns or leave to go on a paradise vacation.  This leaves the city deserted and empty, which is just how I like it.  There’s no traffic, you can get into any restaurant at anytime, and did I mention there’s no traffic?

kangthropologie_fallinla_img_3905 kangthropologie_fallinla_img_3891 kangthropologie_fallinla_outfit8 kangthropologie_fallinla_outfit6 kangthropologie_fallinla_outfit4 kangthropologie_fallinla_outfitkangthropologie_fallinla_outfit10 kangthropologie_fallinla_outfit11

Free People Surf Date Romper (on sale) / Nicole Vienna Soir N°79 Link Watch / TIJN Monica Antique Burnt Gold Specs / Charme Silkiner Tierney Necklace / UO Vintage Style Boots (no longer available | similar look)

I wish everyone a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!  Please drink responsibly, watch lots of football, and cheer on the Cowboys!  Tune in next week for my CyberMonday issue! xoxo!

Photographed by Larry Wong



I’ve been single majority of my life.  I’ve had roommates here and there, but I prefer living on my own, (with my dog of course).  There are only a limited number of times where I felt like I “needed” to live or be with someone.  Wearing this Free People Margarita Flamingo Maxi Dress was one of them.

Don’t get me wrong, this dress is absolutely beautiful with a very sexy, boho silhouette.  The keyhole front shows off the girls, while the lace up back gives the illusion of latin flare.  However, in order to lace yourself up perfectly from the back, you either need someone there to help you, OR, you need double jointed arms.  I guess I could always train my dog to help me, but I would need to hire Cesar the Dog Whisperer for this crazy trick-out-of-the-bag.

My recommendation if you plan on purchasing this dress, (which is on sale), is to make sure you live with a roommate or your significant other.  Otherwise, have patience and more than a half hour to lace yourself in and out of this dress.
kangthropologie_ittakestwo_outfit2 kangthropologie_ittakestwo_outfit3 kangthropologie_ittakestwo_img_3382 kangthropologie_ittakestwo_outfit8 kangthropologie_ittakestwo_outfit4 kangthropologie_ittakestwo_outfit kangthropologie_ittakestwo_outfit7 kangthropologie_ittakestwo_outfit9 kangthropologie_ittakestwo_outfit5

Forever 21 Platform Booties (no longer available | similar look) / Lack of Color The Stahl Boater Hat / Mejuri Tuxedo Necklace / River Island Evil Eye Choker Necklace

I’m a hopeless romantic and I will always be open and honest about my feelings.  Things sometimes work out and sometimes it doesn’t.  This trip to Taiwan has been an eye opening experience, and I will take what I’ve learned from this long distance relationship with me.

Photographed by Mire Yang



I’ve had my ups and downs with blogging.  Usually, I’m pretty dedicated.  However, I started dating someone recently and it’s taken me away from the time I had previously spent meticulously planning my outfits, scheduling photoshoots, engaging with my Instagram family, and meeting up with my fashionable friends so that we may take beautifully placed photos of our food and beverages, (rosé of course).  I admit.  I had strayed.

Fortunately, an angel appeared and I received a message from a photographer and fellow Instagramer, Mire Yang of StripesCollide that she would like to grab coffee and even collaborate.  I immediately jumped at the opportunity because I realize we both have the same aesthetics.  I think it’s important as a blogger to find a photographer that’s able to capture your essence.  Keep what makes you YOU, so that you don’t lose your voice and taste amongst all the other fashion/lifestyle bloggers out there.

Mire and I both love contrast, and she understands that my images are outfit based versus lifestyle.  Agreeing upon what your aesthetics are is very important when finding/working with a new photographer.  Take the time to sit down and chat over what you like, and bring images of what you think is achievable, (Mire suggested I download the app ListaPost).

We ended up having a great time chatting over coffee, shooting some really amazing photos, and even had lunch at one of my fav spots (Zinqué) afterwards.  I hope you enjoy the images and the outfit as much as I do!

kangthropologie_aesthetics_IMG_2427 kangthropologie_aesthetics_IMG_2428kangthropologie_aesthetics_IMG_2424

Free People recently had a promotion with their app by applying an additional 25% off their sale items.  I found this gorgeous Flynn Skye Cleo Set in Pumpkin Seed on sale and just about died when it came in the mail.  It is puuuuuuurrrfect!  I love crops.  Check.  I love matching sets.  Check.  I love polka dots.  Check.  This outfit can be styled separately (as seen here), and I can wear it into pre-fall because of it’s autumn like color.

kangthropologie_aesthetics_IMG_2426 kangthropologie_aesthetics_IMG_2429 kangthropologie_aesthetics_outfit2 kangthropologie_aesthetics_IMG_2432

Free People Fever Platform / Coach Rogue 25 Leather Satchel / Illesteva Hamilton Sunglasses

I’ve been swapping different pairs of sunglasses through Ditto for the past three months, and I absolutely love this program.  You can rent sunglasses for as low as $24/month, and if you love it, you can buy it.  Use the code KANGTHRO when you sign up! Xo!

Photographed by Mire Yang of StripesCollide


It’s been WAAAYYY too long since my last CYBER MONDAY post.  My bad folks.  It doesn’t mean that I haven’t been shopping.  In fact, I’ve been doing a lot of sample sale shopping.  Great for me, but sucks for those of you that are not in the LA area.  I make sure to post all my sample sale info in my SALES page, so check it regularly to stay updated on the latest sales.  I’ll be showcasing my latest fashion finds and purchases in the weeks to come.  Get excited because lots of gorgeous dresses from Revolve!  

Another thing to look forward to is the transitioning of Spring to Summer fashion.  I’m falling in love with Free People‘s easy breezy maxi dresses and rompers, sexy and feminine slips that can be worn over swimwear, and Flynn Skye‘s two piece sets.  Also, Gucci has made the comeback of comebacks with their latest accessories, and I’m OBSESSED with their Double G Buckle Belt and Angel Leather Platform Pump.

As you can see, the layout of this post has slightly changed.  Instead of scrolling through each individual store’s shopping cart and item, I’ve made it into a simple display that takes you to the item by just clicking on the image.

Free People, Nasty Gal, Neiman Marcus, UO, Intermix and Revolve are my shopping sites of choice this week.  P. S. Intermix is having a sale on sale.  Take an additional 30% off sale items!  TAKE ADVANTAGE.  Trust me.  Happy shopping my fashionistas!



I’m not going to lie.  I’m full of contradictions.  I’m love animals, but I also love a good leather jacket.  I believe in sustainability, but can’t live without plastic.  I’m all about working out and living a healthy lifestyle, but I eat a lot of ramen.  I guess that makes me human??  Whatever.  Only person that calls me out anyway is my sister.

My fashion choices are also full of contradictions.  I can go from wearing a blazer and fitted dress one day, to a boho crochet jumpsuit the next.  However, I prefer the more granola look because it gives me breathing room to eat my ramen (AND drink the soup).  Call me a tree hugger because I’m going to recycle this outfit over and over.kangthropologie_treehugger_outfit3 kangthropologie_treehugger_outfit5

My darling of a friend, Laura, is possibly the best gift giver ever.  She got me this Jen’s Pirate Booty for Free People New Harmony Pants Romper for my birthday last year.  I would wear this every week if I could, but this is one of those pieces that really stand out in the crowd because of the crochet and lace details.  This is still available on eBay and other consignment stores, but here are some similar looks:

Jen’s Pirate Booty Stardust Flare

SaboSkirt Epiphany Playsuit

SPLURGE: Fuzzi Strapless Crochet Wide-Leg Jumpsuit
kangthropologie_treehugger_outfit6kangthropologie_treehugger_IMG_8956 kangthropologie_treehugger_IMG_9270 kangthropologie_treehugger_IMG_9251 kangthropologie_treehugger_IMG_8954 kangthropologie_treehugger_sunnies

Free People Galloon Lace Racerback in IvoryAthena “DREAM” Moon & Star Pendant Necklace / Vintage Courreges Sunglasses (purchased from Melrose Trading Post) / Handmade Beaded Bracelets made by friend, Jessie Lauryn Foutz / Old Leather Belt with Handpainted Trees (I think I purchased it from Anthropologie) / Free People Statement Ring

I’m going to be MIA for about a week during the filming of a project I’m in, but I promise I’ll be back strong when the project is complete.  Just be prepared to see me extra tanned.

Photographed by Laurie Douglas



Howdy y’all!  It’s already March!  WHAAAAT??!!  This year is flying by so quickly and spring season is in full gear here in SoCal.

I have been living in LA for seven years, but I still say “y’all”, I still wear cowboy boots, and I still love queso.  I think there’s a certain charm to a southern gal; however, that charm doesn’t always rub off in fashion.  I like my style to be a little mixed with both worlds: southern charm and SoCal sexy.  Call it a dixieland delight.  kangthropologie_dixielanddelight_IMG_8835 kangthropologie_dixielanddelight_outfit3 kangthropologie_dixielanddelight_IMG_8845 kangthropologie_dixielanddelight_IMG_8841

I am wearing the Free People Tea Length Seamless Slip in Ivory.  I originally purchased this on sale from Shopbop two summers ago to wear under a mesh maxi dress.  However, I noticed this slip was pretty by itself and can be worn alone.  Sure, it’s very body contouring, which makes it quite revealing, especially the light ivory color.  But I wear fitted white dresses in the summer all the time, and this dress is no different as long as you have to confidence to wear it.  Don’t be shy.  Life’s too short to not express yourself in any outlet you best see fit, and mine is definitely fashion.  Here’s a similar look that’s on sale, less bodycon, but still very sexy.kangthropologie_dixielanddelight_outfit4

These western-style kickass footwear are UO’s Urban Renewal Vintage Cowboy Boots.  They are old, beat up, worn in, and I LOVE them.  I wear them with cutoff shorts, cute spring dresses, or some high rise skinny jeans.  They go with just about everything, and add just the perfect amount of southern charm to any outfit.  Here is a very similar look.  kangthropologie_dixielanddelight_outfit kangthropologie_dixielanddelight_outfit2 kangthropologie_dixielanddelight_IMG_8843

Ray-Ban Aviator Classic Sunglasses / Gemma Crus Rose Gold & Round CZ Drop Earrings / Athena “DREAM” Moon & Star Pendant Necklace / Free People Statement Ring

I’ve booked a project and will be headed out to sea in the Bahamas for ten days.  I’m super excited and I hope I don’t get too sea sick.  Anyone else been to the Bahamas?  What all should I bring?

Photographed by Laurie Douglas