[WARNING: A particular wall contains graffiti images of topless female creatures, and I did take photos and pose in front of this wall.  If you have young children around, please be advised.]

I was recently in Miami for work and lucked out on a free day to wander and explore the city.  Everyone said, “Go to Wynwood Arts District!”, so I hopped in a Lyft and got dropped off right at the entrance of Wynwood Walls.  This place was magnificent!  The graffiti, the food, the boutiques are all worth seeing, eating and buying.  It was a cloudy day and I went late in the afternoon.  Shortly after a quick happy hour/supper I found out that most shops close around 7-8pm, which sucked, but it was dark by 7pm so I couldn’t view the graffitied walls anymore.

When playing tourist in a new city, you want to make sure you’re in comfy clothes and shoes.  I stopped by Forever 21 the weekend before to pick up some new clothes thinking it was going to hot and humid in Miami.  Turns out, I came at the one week where it wasn’t swampy or burning hot.  Glad that worked out because I didn’t want to sweat through my super cute clothes!  Thanks Miami!
kangthropologie_miami_IMG_9368 kangthropologie_miami_IMG_9883 kangthropologie_miami_IMG_9506

I have been eyeing this Forever 21 Ribbed Knit Bodysuit (in Mustard) ever since I saw it two months ago, but in the color White.  This little number is less than $11!  It’s so comfy and has such a great stretch and feel.  I want this in every color!  Bodysuits are perfect for that fitted look tucked in denim.  I would wear this with denim shorts or a pair of mom jeans!
kangthropologie_miami_IMG_9886 kangthropologie_miami_IMG_9881 kangthropologie_miami_IMG_9509

I am wearing a pair of Forever 21 Fairfax High Rise Jean in Light Blue.  I ended up purchasing a size bigger than I normally wear because I didn’t want the denim to look too stretched out at the waist.  It’s a super stretchy material, and for less than $18 it’s a great pair of Spring denim.  I like wearing this pair with the legs rolled up at the bottom.  I do recommend trying out this pair in-store if possible.  I tried on several pairs that said they were high-rise denim but it varied in fit even though they were all the same size.kangthropologie_miami_IMG_9417

Ray-Ban Aviator Classic Sunglasses / Necklace (from a stand at Melrose Trading Post)

I am confident with my figure and do not shy away when I see other women topless or nude.  I guess it comes from being an actress and changing in front of other women during fittings.  I’ve also been to too many sample sales where there ARE no fitting rooms so you have to strip down in front of everyone if you want to try stuff on.  Do you have any funny or embarrassing fitting room stories?



It’s hump day and I’m officially a member of the mile high club.  Get you mind out of the gutter people, (even though I wish that were true).  I’m not talking about THAT mile high club, I’m talking about the super high-waisted denim club.  It has such a super long high rise of the waist that they had to name it mile high.  kangthropologie_milehigh_IMG_8578 kangthropologie_milehigh_IMG_8616 kangthopologie_milehigh_IMG_8475 kangthropologie_milehigh_IMG_8621 kangthropologie_milehigh_IMG_8619 kangthropologie_milehigh_IMG_8499

I haven’t stopped wearing these Levi’s Mile High Black Wash Skinny Jeans since I purchased them a few weeks ago.  They’re currently on sale and they will disappear FAST.  They are available in other denim washes, and I plan on snatching them up quickly.

What I love about this pair of jeans is that the super high-waist makes women with short legs look like they have the potential to be long.  I love the faded black wash.  I pair this some black platform boots and I’ve just elongated myself at least four inches.  The material has a lot of stretch, and it doesn’t make me look like my booty has disappeared into the midst of the skinny fit.

Here’s a very similar look that I’m currently obsessed with and searching EVERYWHERE for my size.kangthropologie_milehigh_IMG_8485

In order to keep that linear off-black look, I’m wearing an old Free People Crochet Cuff Henley in Gray.  This shirt is a few years old and is no longer available.  However, here are some very similar looks:

Free People We The Free City Lights Henley

Free People French Kiss Henley (on sale)

Free People We The Free Chocolate Chip Henley (on sale)


UO Ecote Metal-Tipped Leather Belt in Black (similar look) / Gentle Monster Dreamer 01 Sunglasses / Zara Leather Platform Ankle Boot (sold out | similar look on sale)

I’m single, ready to mingle, and looking for a Valentine’s date.  What exciting plans do you have for the big V-Day?  I’d love to hear from you!

Photographed by Kelsey Morris



Right now, I’m in Dallas, TX visiting family for Thanksgiving Holiday, and it occurred to me how much my hometown has an influence on my current fashion in LA.  I still own a pair of cowboy boots, I love wearing leather, and I love anything that has a western flair.  Since moving to LA, I’ve developed my own sense of style: melding in what I know with what’s current and trending in the fashion world.  With that said, you can only imagine how elated I was to see that western-style belts have made it’s way back into the fashion world.  So buckle up and enjoy the ride!
westerninfluence_outfit2westerninfluence_legupThis is a pair of H&M Slim-Fit Pants High-Waist in Light Denim Blue that I purchased earlier this year for less than $25.  It fits so ridiculously well and the material is decent quality for a pair of denim that is less than $30 at regular price.  I originally purchased these to wear to work because I needed a pair of jeans that I didn’t mind getting dirty.  However, I fell in love with this pair, and now I can’t believe what a steal it was and want to purchase it in other colors as well.  This color is currently sold out, but here is a similar look.

I’m wearing a ZARA Polo Neck Top in Black/Ecru, which is currently under $20.  By now you know that I have an obsession with grey, high-waist, crop tops, and of course, stripes.  This top is just the perfect amount of horizontal black and white.  I especially love that the side panels of the shirt are vertical vs. horizontal stripes.  The polo neck has enough neck coverage so that you don’t have to wear a scarf on a cold, chilly night.  Here’s a similar look.

This is an Urban Outfitters’ Ecote Metal-Tipped Leather Belt in Black that I got for less than $25 because I had a special promotional code for being an Urban On Insider member.  I read the reviews and everyone talked about how this belt is small and can only be worn high-waisted.  I got a size small, and didn’t find much of an issue wearing this belt with mid-waist jeans.

 This is probably my new favorite go-to belt.  You’ve see this western-style accessory on all the fab fashionistas (i.e. Kendall, Pepamack).  This is a knock-off look from the original The Lair Leather Hendrix Belt, but for such a trendy item I don’t mind spending less than $30 for it.westerninfluence_love

I wish everyone a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving Holiday!  Please drive safely and be sure to call an Uber if you end up celebrating too much or too hard.  I’ll be back after Thanksgiving, and can’t wait to hear about your Thanksgiving celebrations!

 Gentle Monster Dreamer 01 Sunglasses / Zara Leather Platform Ankle Boot (sold out | similar look on sale)

Photographed by Laurie Douglas



Split-ends on your hair is a big no-no.  Split-ends on a long sleeve tee is a must-have this fall.  I blogged about ZARA’s Tunic With Front Slits in RIGHT NOW back in September, and I have not stopped seeing this trend ever since.  There are so many options to these slits, but my favorite has to be the longline tunics with front or side slits.

I’m wearing Forever21’s Contemporary Split-Front Longline Tunic in Heather Grey.  My obsession with the color grey is out of control, and it didn’t stop at this recent purchase.  I love that this top grazes the floor even with my knee-high platform boots on.  The front split doesn’t make me feel awkward or too revealing because it cuts off way below the chest.  I even tried raising my arms to make sure no boobies were popping out.  It’s currently under $23 and it also comes in black.  Here’s a similar look.splitends_IMG_5969 splitends_IMG_5970

I paired this top with a repeat item, my ZARA High-Waisted Pant from a previous blog post, CROPPED.  The shirt flows open when I walk so I wanted my lower half to be covered.  These pants have definitely become a staple in my wardrobe.  Here are similar looks:

ZARA Skinny Trousers With Side Zip

ZARA Powerstretch Skinny Trousers


Speaking of split-ends, I think it’s time that I get a haircut.  I’ve been thinking about getting rid of the long hair look.  What do y’all think?  Is it time for a cropped haircut look?

ZARA Black Knit Scarf (sold out | similar look) / Barneys New York Leather Knee-High Boot (sold out | similar look) / Ray-Ban Aviator Flip Out Sunglasses / Vintage Chanel Caviar CC Drawstring Shoulder Bag

Photographed by Kelsey Morris


I’ve been addicted to crop tops and high-waisted anything for the better half of the year.  Maybe because I’ve been working out really hard for the past five months, (shoutout to Classpass…more details about it in an upcoming post), and can finally show my midriff without embarrassment.  But how do I go about wearing crop tops during this transition into fall?  Easy.  I decided to pair my For Love and Lemons Knitz collection crop top with my high-waist Zara skinny pant.  Knit wear in the form of a crop top gives me that fall vibe without being sweaty hot in SoCal fall weather, (aka warm during the day and cool at night).


I’ve styled my outfit with some vintage items that I’ve collected over the years.  I found this pair of vintage Marc Jacobs flats for $5 at a moving sale.  The girl I purchased it from had to move back to Italy within a week and was trying to sell off as much of her stuff as possible.  I lucked out.  Big time.  I’m always running from audition to audition and these flats are classy, chic and great for moving about.

cropped_IMG_8788I got my love for fashion from my mother, a fashionista herself, and I’m grateful because she has all these wonderful designer purses that she passes down to me.  (My sister and I fight over it all the time).  This vintage Bally purse goes perfect with the outfit because it has that classy, I’m a lady, look.  I’m curious to know what kind of fashionable items your mother have passed down to you?  Write me and let me know!

Free People Ring / J.Crew Flower Statement Ring / Ray-Ban Clubmaster Classic Sunglasses / Fedora (my own and no clue where I purchased it from)

Photographed by Felicia Bade

Hair and Makeup by Felicia Bade



Finding a killer deal on quality denim gives me a great high, but buying quality, high-waisted denim puts me at another level.  This style has been seen up and down, left and right since early spring this year.  The famous Chrissy Teigen has been strutting in all different high-waisted styles, but the one I love the most is the flare.  It has such a cool retro ’70s vibe that reminds me of the photos I’ve seen of my mom and dad when they were in their 20s.  The pair I’m seen wearing is from H&M.  I got them back in early April.  They are SUPER high-waisted, SUPER stretchy and SUPER comfortable.  The super high waist makes me look extra skinny, which is always a plus!  This particular style is no longer available, but I found a H&M Flare High Waist Jeans that has the same feel.

I am wearing J.Crew Petite Keeper Chambray Shirt.  It’s on sale right now for less than $60.  I have three different style and color chambray button up shirts.  Rule is: you can never have too many denim shirts.IMG_2499

I got this Tibetan-style purse from a vendor in the Hongqiao Bird and Flower Market in Shanghai, China a few years ago.  It’s 100% handmade by Tibetans and it cost a pretty penny since it’s a one-of-a-kind.  Of course you can find similar bags on Etsy or Ebay, but the quality and fabric will probably be completely different, (i.e. made in Thailand).   denimhigh_IMG_2523denimhigh_IMG_2525

Normally, high waisted jeans like these can make or break a girl from behind.  I liked the fact that even though I’m Taiwanese, these jeans did not make me look like I have a flat behind.  The stretch of the fabric and the high placement of the back pockets helped elevate the look of the rump.

All other accessories not discussed are at the end of the post.IMG_8670

What style of denim do you plan on wearing into the fall?  Love to hear from y’all!

Ray-Ban Aviator Classic SunglassesKevia Triangle Stud Earrings (sold out | something similar) / Free People Ring in Silver (no longer available, but something similar) / Gorjana Bryant Midi Stacking Ring (sold out | something similar)  / Sorenity Rocks Hand Chain Bracelet (at Melrose Trading Post) / Braided Belt (old, not sure where I got it from) / Steve Madden Desirred Ankle Boots

Photographed by Felicia Bade