We’re a little over a week in on the new year, and most of us are slowly making our way back to reality, aka work.  However, I’m already thinking of all the places I want to visit this year.  I want to make my first trip as early as end of January/beginning of February.  Call this my vacay from my vacation.

I’ve been throwing ideas and destinations at my boyfriend, and he thinks I just want to go to these specific locations for the ‘gram.  True.  BUT, I also want to go because I want to go.  Some of these places are easy to get to, and some are just bucket list dreams, but here are my top destinations for 2018:


The odds of this trip happening soon, and possibly be my first destination of the year is high.  Very high.  I’m actually hoping to buy plane tix by tomorrow.  (Yes, as in Wednesday).  I’ve heard nothing but great things about Mexico City.  The plane fares are very well priced, (~$300 from LAX), the food is phenomenal and cheap, and it’s apparently a pretty safe city to visit.  I’m just excited about the tequila and architecture…you know, for the ‘gram.


I’m not a big skier or snowboarder, but my boyfriend loves snow like white on rice.  He’s an avid skier and tries to hit the slopes as often as possible.  Mammoth Mountain is just close enough to go for a long weekend, (maybe MLK?), and has all the bells and whistles you need for the skier at heart.  We’ll probably hit this place up in the next weekend or so, and all that powder will look great as my backdrop.


Seychelles has been on my mind since the beginning of the year when we met this older couple who just got back from Africa visiting The Giraffe Manor in Nairobi, Kenya.  I know, Kenya is another country within the continent of Africa, but this got me thinking about traveling to Africa.  Seychelles is just about as pretty as it gets for beach destinations.  The water, the islands, the year round beautiful weather are all screaming for me to come visit and take lots and lots of pictures while wearing the endless amount of swimwear that I buy but never wear.  This is the year Seychelles.  This is the year.


As if I didn’t watch enough #Kdrama to make up for the trip itself, I think it’s still best for me to experience it all in real life.  I am so utterly intrigued by Seoul and it’s Korean culture.  The food I’ve had here in K-Town is probably amplified by 10 folds there.  My good friend, Stripes Collide, is Korean, and she has promised me a trip to Korea.  I’m going to hold her to her words  and make sure this trip comes into fruition.  If not, I’ll always have to wonder if it’s all one big TV drama.

I’m sure there will be a trip or two to Palm Springs, Joshua Tree, Santa Barbara or NYC, but I’m really looking forward to those long travel, out of the country destinations.  Here’s to many more stamps on my passport this year!

Dress: Reformation / Boots: IRO (sold out | similar look) / Sunnies: Crap Eyewear / Earrings: Sugarfix by BaubleBar (on clearance)

Photographed by Laci Havens



Happy Monday everyone!  How quickly time flies by.  In just the week that I’ve been back from my vacation in Taiwan, so many things have happened.  We have a new president-elect.  There are protests and campaigns for the electoral college to rethink what’s best for the nation, and I’m already requesting off work for the holidays.  Yup, 2017 is just around the corner, which means it’s the never-ending holiday parties season.

I’m from Texas and we eat only one kind of cake: red velvet.  And that’s just how I like my holiday outfits: red and velvet.  The velvet fabric looks smooth and sexy, and the color red adds the touch of festivities to the mix.

I’m wearing LuLu’s Spin Me ‘Round Burgundy Velvet Jumpsuit in a size S, and this is just decadent.  I love how plunging the halter neckline is, and there are pockets that I can stick my hands in when I get cold.  This jumpsuit will definitely turn heads at your company party.  Here are some of my other favorite velvet jumpsuits to wear this holiday season:

kangthropologie_redvelvet_img_3775 kangthropologie_redvelvet_outfit3 kangthropologie_redvelvet_outfit5 kangthropologie_redvelvet_img_3776 kangthropologie_redvelvet_outfit2 kangthropologie_redvelvet_outfit4 kangthropologie_redvelvet_outfit7 kangthropologie_redvelvet_outfit6

CHARME Silkiner Tierney Necklace / Steven by Steve Madden Rykie Sandals / Free People Riri Mega Ring Set in Gold/Garnet

I recently worked with a new photographer, Silvia, who reached out to me about a photographic series that she’s doing called “Hair Biome”.  In order to promote female strength and awareness, she’s photographing her female subjects tossing and whipping their hair to embrace their feminine beauty regardless of their race or age.

We had a blast!  Regardless of your political views, I encourage all women to stand up, unite, and speak out about our rights…especially now that we have a president elect who may not have the highest regards for women.  Xo!

Photographed by Silvia Moreno


Welcome to the second edition of Cyber Monday where I reveal my own personal online-store shopping carts.  I currently have imaginary carts at my top three favorite online stores.  I go to these three sites at least once a day to check out their new stuff and to see what has gone on sale.  So here goes…


What I love about SHOPBOP is that they always have the best final sale (70% off) selection.  I’m also an Amazon Prime member so I get Two-Day free shipping and returns on all my orders.  I always check SHOPBOP before purchasing anywhere else to make sure I have the best price.


I don’t think you can every have enough stripes, and I am in love with this findersKEEPERS Join Together Dress that’s on FINAL SALE for less than $60.  Yes, this dress may not be suitable for winter, but you can always throw a big warm faux-fur coat over this and wear it on your next girls-night-out.


Need an outfit for your Winter Wonderland-themed Holiday party?  How about this findersKEEPERS The Creator Romper in White?  It’s currently on FINAL SALE for $45, or you can opt for this version in black at 50%.  This is definitely one of those go-to outfits because you can wear it now and all the way into spring next year.  Don’t worry, it’s white and it shows skin.  You’ll never run out of places to wear this romper.


I’ve been dying to try out something from Jetset Diaries, and this Sundown Romper is on FINAL SALE for less than $80.  I’ve done my due diligence and SHOPBOP definitely has the lowest price on this romper amongst all the top online clothing stores.  This boho romper is a must-buy if you plan on traveling to someplace warm this holiday season.


I’m a savvy shopper and I have the patience to wait for items to go on sale, but ZARA has to be one of the few stores that I never wait for items to go on sale and just buy at regular price.  First, their sizes run out quickly.  Second, they’re so well priced that you don’t feel like you’re giving up your first born to wear their items.


Yellow is my favorite color so whenever I see anything yellow I feel like buying it.  This Knitted Sweater with Vents in Yellow is under $20.  I think this would be a great layering piece to wear with a chunky knit scarf.


I want this Check Shirt in Dark Khaki like yesterday.  It’s under $40 and the detailing on the studded pocket is just rock n’ roll cool.  Pair this shirt with a pencil skirt or distressed skinny jeans and you’ve got casual chic stamped on your forehead.


Need shoes to wear with your everything?  These Flat Pointed Ankle Boots will go with your everything.  They’re less than $50!  How does ZARA do it?!  I would buy this now before they sell out because it will.


Nasty Gal is probably my most add-on imaginary shopping cart of the season.  There’s always something new and super effin fabulous EVERYDAY, and I put it in my cart only to wait for it to finally sell out in my size.  It’s a sad sad story, but this unrequited love is a blessing in disguise.


Do I really need to explain why I have this Everything Is Turning To Gold Knit Dress in my shopping cart?  I think this sexy-a$$ dress speaks for itself.  It’s the holidays and you’ve got a gazillion parties to attend.  This is what you wear.  Period.


This Champagne Taste Cape Blazer in Red Velvet is THE outerwear of the season.  I am just DYING looking at this gorgeous coat and wondering why I don’t already have it in my closet.  I would wear it to sleep and call it sleepwear if that would make me feel better about buying, yet, another coat.


I’ve purchased two pairs of Quay Australia sunglasses from Nasty Gal in the past and I am now obsessed with this sunglass brand.  These Quay My Girl Cat-Eye Shades are now on my to-buy list. It’s a trendy pair of sunglasses, but for under $50 it’s something that you can wear for a couple of seasons and not cry if you lost them at Coachella next year.

That’s it for this edition of Cyber Monday.  Tune in to the third installment next month.  Like I said, this will be an on-going bi-monthly post that I will continue to blog.  Do y’all have any favorite stores that you’d like me to shop at?  Please leave a comment below and let me know!  Thanks for reading and have a great Monday!