I love shopping.  Duh.  Who doesn’t?  But I really love shopping for people, especially my family and close friends.  I love helping them pick out clothes and try on stuff that they normally wouldn’t have picked out for themselves.  In a way, I’m like their personal shopper, but I often have to pick out an entire outfit for them.

Like most of the people I help shop for, my mother doesn’t have a mental inventory of what she has in her closet.  So when we go shopping I have to pick out a top, a bottom, a bag, a pair of shoes…the whole shebang, (regardless if she already owns something close or similar).  That’s why when an influx of two-piece and matching sets came out this past spring/summer season, I got really excited.  The top and bottom have already been picked out for you!  (No need to call me anymore asking me what top goes with what bottom, #yourewelcomemother).

For Love and Lemons, Faithfull The Brand, and Band of Gypsies all came out amazing prints for their matching sets that I want to wear over and over again.  The best part is that these matching pieces stand out individually, and can be worn separately with other great stuff that you already have.  So, like the lyrics of Rob Base and DJ EZ Rock’s song, “It Takes Two To Make a Thing Go Right”.  Here are some of my favorite matching sets that came out this past summer season:

In between takes, I decided to switch to some daintier earrings.  These Mejuri studs are just the perfect touch of simplicity and elegance.  I am so in love with this jewelry line!

Top: Missguided / Bottom: Missguided / Earrings: Charming Charlie / Necklace: Mejuri / Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell (similar look)

Photographed by Stefanie Meier



I have a tendency to take the city I live in for granted.  Doesn’t matter how cool of a city it is, I forget to venture out and check out the touristy attractions until I’ve moved and it’s too late.  I lived in Atlanta for eight years and never once visited the Coca-Cola museum.  I lived in Dallas/Fort Worth for thirteen years and never once visited the famous Fort Worth Zoo.  I’ve lived in LA for the past seven years and have yet to visit the Getty Museum.  (Go ahead, do the math.  Add up my age.  I’m old AF).  Yup.  I’m THAT person.

With that said, I recently shot with a new photographer, Hanna (more to come of our collaboration).  She lives up in Santa Barbara, which is about 1.5 to 2 hours north of LA, depending on traffic.  Hanna suggested that we shoot near Ventura.  As we walked toward this abandoned palm tree farm, it morphed into somewhat of a tropical paradise.  What looked like a scene out of Costa Rica was actually in Ventura.  We got to shoot in our own version of paradise and be lost in the midst of the wild grass and trees.

I’ve already made plans to do more sight seeing and and day trips up to Santa Barbara and Ojai.  Remember, you don’t have to travel far or spend a lot of money to create an adventure or photoshoot with friends.  I highly recommend getting your best girlfriends, packing a weekender bag, and take a road trip somewhere just a few hours away.  Don’t be like me and take your city for granted.

kangthropologie_paradiselost_img_3107 kangthropologie_paradiselost_img_3118 kangthropologie_paradiselost_outfit2

I’m lucky enough to work with fine jewelry brand, Mejuri, again.  I absolutely LOVE their pieces!  It’s the perfect kind of dainty, simple and elegant aesthetic that I look for when I wear jewelry.  Plus, their pieces are all hand-crafted with quality material.

This time I’m wearing their Tuxedo Necklace.  I’ve seriously not stopped wearing this necklace EVERYWHERE and with EVERYTHING.  It’s classy.  It’s not overwhelming, and I love that it’s made with gold vermeil.kangthropologie_paradiselost_img_3049 kangthropologie_paradiselost_outfit5 kangthropologie_paradiselost_outfit4 kangthropologie_paradiselost_outfit3 kangthropologie_paradiselost_outfit

I’m seen wearing this stunning For Love and Lemons Mariposa Maxi Dress.  Not sure if this dress is still available, but here are some very similar and beautiful lace dresses:

kangthropologie_paradiselost_img_3240River Island Evil Eye Choker / Lack of Color The Stahl Boater Hat / Jeffrey Campbell bootie (sold out | similar look)

I’m so excited that I’ll be traveling to Taipei, Taiwan at the end of this month.  I hope to capture some gorgeous pictures that are similar to this since Taiwan is a tropical island.  Have you ever visited Taiwan?  If so, I’d love to hear your story! Xo!

Photographed by Hanna Photography



I normally don’t like exposing too much of my personal life on my fashion blog, but it seemed to make sense in this particular post.  I’m currently seeing someone, but we’re in a long distance relationship.  Two weeks after we started dating, he tells me he had previously accepted a 6 month long overseas assignment in China and Taiwan.  I didn’t think much of it until 2.5 months later when he was actually leaving for China.  It’s since been a month of separation, and we’re doing our best to stay in contact.  I keep myself busy with acting and blogging, but I noticed a significant spike in my clothing expenditure.  Look, this could easily be because of all the fabulous end of the season sales that have been happening, but I think it’s also because I’m trying to fill a void.  Wow…too deep?  Too soon?

Anyway, to help fill this void even more is the upcoming PB Flea this weekend.  (Please see SALES for more details.)  I lucked out a few weeks ago when I went to their Venice store sales event, which had priced everything 70% off.  I was able to find this gorgeous The Jetset Diaries Cherie Cami Top, which is now sold out.  I’m just hoping that there will be as many great finds as this top this weekend.  Be sure to follow me on Snapchat (@Kangthropologie) since I’ll definitely be giving out a play by play of this event.

Even though the Cherie Cami is no longer available, I found some other great cami’s that have a similar look and ethereal feel:

kangthropologie_PBflea_IMG_2693 kangthropologie_PBflea_IMG_2676 kangthropologie_PBflea_IMG_2690 kangthropologie_PBflea_IMG_2689 kangthropologie_PBflea_outfit2 kangthropologie_PBflea_IMG_2664 kangthropologie_PBflea_outfit kangthropologie_PBflea_IMG_2679kangthropologie_PBflea_IMG_2574

Free People Fever Platform / Reformation Vintage Levi’s / Gentle Monster Dreamer Sunglasses / Mejuri Evil Eye Ring / Rebecca Minkoff Script Taurus Pendant Necklace

I’ve recently partnered up with the jewelry brand, Mejuri, and I’m really impressed and falling in love with their stuff.  It’s high-quality, dainty and gorgeous jewelry, which is right up my alley.  Definitely worth checking them out.

Photographed by Mire Yang