Hey!  What’s up?  I’m back…  Yeah.  Sorry I’ve been MIA…again.  [Sounding like a guy who you dated for 3 months then suddenly ghosted on you].  I’ve got no excuses.  Well, I have a few excuses:

  1. I’m working multiple part time jobs, and they’re just taking up more of my time.
  2. I’ve got a boyfriend that I like to spend every free moment with when I’m not busy with my multiple part time jobs.
  3. I ran out of stuff that I wanted to or felt relevant enough to talk about.
  4. Editing and selecting photos to post is a bitch.
  5. I’ve lost motivation and
  6. I’ve gotten lazy.

So there.  But with that said, it’s not so much the fall as it is the rise back up, right?  The question to ask here is not why I disappeared, but why I decided to come back.  What has actually motivated me enough to type up this blog post?

Well, I don’t want to give you one of those “top 5 ways to stay motivated about your blog” kind of BS post.  The real reason I felt motivated to blog again is that I’m working with a new photographer, Anthony Newen, which shot these beautiful images that I felt necessary to post and show everyone. I also felt guilty about dropping the ball on my blog.  It’s only been just a little over 2 years, and I’m already losing my mojo.

As an actress in LA, I don’t have much control over my life.  I don’t get to make the judgement calls on whether to cast me in a show, film or commercial.  However, in blogging, I have full creative control in my content, in my verbiage, my theme, my style, my everything.  So why would I want to give up on the only thing I can control in beautiful, sunny LA?  I don’t, and thus I’m back.  I guess I just took the roundabout way of saying I took for granted what I had, and it took me a whole month to realize that.

I want to apologize to you, my readers, for leaving y’all for so long.  To make up for it, I want to let y’all know there is a Reformation Sample Sale this weekend in Culver City!!  (See SALES for more deets).  You see, it’s always sunny in LA.

PS, I’m sure you’re aware that I’ve chopped off my hair even more!  What do you think of it?  Do you like the new haircut?  Be honest and let me know!

Bodysuit: Hot-As-Hell (similar look) / Denim: Urban Outfitters BDG / Hat: Hat Attack / Boots: Aerosoles

Photographed by Anthony Newen



There are many perks to being a fashion blogger, but one of the best ones is the chance to score some swag.  Last week, I was invited to a cardio party at Soul Cycle Culver City hosted by fashion bloggers Ashley Torres of Pursuit Of Shoes and Carly Kenihan of Bun Bun Book.  What a great way to network, workout, and meet other LA fashion bloggers!  Very smart.  Very LA.

The swag participant of this collaboration is fashion line LAmade Clothing, and they gave out the High-Low Muscle Tee that I’m seen wearing, which came in black or white.  I literally wore the tee the same day I scored it because I had my photoshoot right after the cardio party.  And since it’s such a fab top, I decided to throw it into the mix.  This tee is super soft, super comfy, and great for the warm weather.  Unfortunately, they don’t sell the exact one with their logo on it, but trust me, it’s such a great staple to have in your wardrobe.  I wish I would have grabbed both colors!

I’ve been on the prowl for a decent pair of mom jeans.  Many have made it into the shopping cart, (see CYBER MONDAY), but none have actually made it home to my closet.  Then I stumble upon ASOS Petite, and they offered me this pair of PETITE Farleigh High Waist Slim Mom Jeans in Washed Black with Busted Knees.  God bless those that acknowledge us shorties.  I’m 5’4″ AND I have short legs.  The 29″ inseam is just perfect for me.  Though the busted knees style is sold out in petite it’s still available in regular length.  Also, the petite non-distressed style is currently still available.kangthropologie_lamade_IMG_0328 kangthropologie_lamade_IMG_0327 kangthropologie_lamade_IMG_0331 kangthropologie_lamade_IMG_0329 kangthropologie_lamade_LAMade_outfit kangthropologie_lamade_IMG_0240

My addiction for hats have grown infinitesimally since I moved to LA.  I now have a whole collection of hats that are not baseball caps.  The one brand I have also grown to love is Brixton.  They make hats with varying sizes, because, come on, not everyone has the same size head.  The way the hat fits on you could make or break your look or the look you’re going for.  I purchased my Brixton Wesley Fedora in Moss from Revolve.  They have a wonderful selection of hats, and many are currently on sale.  Plus, it’s free shipping, so you really have nothing to lose.

Christian Louboutin Fomenter Wedges (no longer available | similar look) / Illesteva Porto Cervo Gold with Olive Lenses Sunglasses

I’ll be attending a Coach event tonight to celebrate Stuart Vever’s new Coach 1941 Collection.  Also, the shopping will benefit The Art of Elysium.  Any suggestions on what I should wear?

Photographed by Drew Carlson