Mercury was in full retrograde throughout the months of February and March.  Not sure if that’s accurate, but it sure felt like it in my books.  It was just one bad news after the other.  My theatrical agent of the last four years decided to drop me (via email), I lose my social media consulting account, (which was my main source of income), and my now ex-boyfriend decided that we should break up.  Oh, and my dog was diagnosed with some kind of liver disease.  It felt like everything I had worked hard for in LA was just crumbling down to nothing.  Don’t worry, this isn’t a sad story.  This is a comeback story.

The purpose of writing this blog post is to hopefully let you know that things could look real shitty at the moment, but always have faith and know that change is only a bad thing if you’re unwilling to accept it.  I’m an actress, living in LA, and I have been through my ups and downs with this town and this industry.  For every triumphant moment I’ve had, I can count three other moments that have left me feeling defeated.  This is the roller coaster ride I have come to accept in my life.  I have left my stable six-figure paying corporate job for this, and I don’t regret it for a single moment.

It would’ve been easy for me to feel sorry for myself, chop off my hair, eat a pound of ice cream and call my mom crying.  However, I had already chopped off my hair last year, and am actually in the process of growing it back out.   I don’t have much of a sweet tooth.  Plus, my mom lives in Shanghai, China so long distance calling can be a hassle with that 15 hour time zone difference.  Instead, I gave myself maybe a day to feel sorry for myself and then I decided to check myself.  You can’t control the situation, but you can control how you handle the situation.

Rather than crying over spilt milk, I decided to just look for a new theatrical agent.  I reached out to friends and acquaintances inquiring about local LA brands that may need social media assistance, and I decided to kiss a lover and a friend goodbye.  It’s now mid-April and I am happy to say that I have signed with a new theatrical agent, I am consulting for a new account, and I have tons of fun campaigns coming up for Kangthropologie.  Not to mention that Kenzie, my pup, is done taking her antibiotics and liver supplements, and should be on her way to a speedy recovery.

Don’t fight the ever changing currents of the ocean and just go with the flow.  Sounds cliché, right?  Well, I took that advice and life IS back to being busy with workouts, auditions, blogging, events, and basic hustling.  I’ve been shooting a ton of new looks, and I even took a day trip out to Joshua Tree with my blogging bestie, Amy of The Luxi Look.  So here are some of the festival looks for those of you headed out to Weekend Two of Coachella.  Have fun.  Wear sunscreen.  And make sure you ‘come back’ safely!

Xo, Linda

Dress: Flair The Label / Scarf: ASOS / Sunnies: Perverse / Earrings: Luv AJ / Boots: Forever 21

Top: Sage The Label / Shorts: Understated Leather (similar look) / Boots: Nasty Gal (similar look) / Sunnies: ZeroUV / Bag: Veggani (on sale) / Earrings: Luv AJ (on sale) / Choker: Luv AJ (similar look)

Top: I’m Your Gypsy / Pants: Sage The Label / Hat: Brixton / Sunnies: ZeroUV / Shoes: Free People / Backpack: Library LA / Necklace: Sugarfix by BaubleBar / Lariat: Luv AJ (sold out in gold | available in silver) Earrings: Luv AJ

Bikini Top: Beach Riot / Skort: Flair The Label / Sunnies: Illesteva / Sandals: Marc Fisher (similar look) / Bag: Urban Outfitters / Necklace: Sugarfix by BaubleBar / Lariat: Luv AJ (sold out in gold | available in silver) / Pendant Necklace: The Brave Collection / Earrings: Luv AJ

Photographed by Stefanie Meier



The very bottom drawer of my nightstand contains about 10-15 bottles of vitamins and supplements, allergy pills and over the counter pain relievers.  TBH, I haven’t touched any of it for about a year.  I had the right intentions when I first purchased my huge bottle of Biotin supplements to help my hair and nail growth, but that intention died out quickly.

I workout regularly.  I don’t smoke.  I don’t dabble in recreational drugs, but I have my glasses of wine and cocktails here and there.  I’m a pescatarian, and have been for the past 11 years.  Overall, I would say I’m a very healthy person.  [Fair warning before you continue reading, I’m about to talk about some TMI issues regarding diet and bowel movement].  However, no matter how much kale, chia seeds or fiber I eat, I don’t always have a regular bowel movement.  There.  I said it.  I get constipation.  I don’t have stage fright or anything of that nature, but I would go for days without going #2.  This happens most often when I travel or consume a heavy amount of processed food, (ramen is my weakness).  I’ve just come to live with this issue of mine.

Then about two months ago, Care/of, an online vitamins and supplements provider that personalizes daily vitamin packs based on your dietary wants and needs, reached out to me to try out their service.  I read a few articles ( Man Repeller, Mind Body Green and Vogue) about their brand, and decided to give it a try.  It’s a free 30-day supply, why not?  So here’s my honest review of Care/of after taking their vitamins for 30 days:

Care/of Video Review Intro

The whole personalization of your daily vitamin packs is a very simple process.  I just went to their website and took a very brief survey that asked me simple questions about my lifestyle and diet.  From there it generated a list of suggested vitamins and supplements.  I decided to take all 6 of the vitamins it suggested for me: probiotic blend, Astaxanthin, Vitamin D, Vitamin B12, Ashwagandha and iron.  They are honest and open about what each vitamin and supplement is used for and where they are supplied from.  Details are sent to you in a booklet when you receive your 30 day supply.

The package is pretty with your name written on the front of every pack.  Not sure if it was intentional, but the color scheme of my 6 vitamins and supplements were also aesthetically pleasing.  I took my first daily pack the day it came in the mail (March 5, 2018), and the probiotic blend went into effect by the next day.  I had regular bowel movements for almost 3 weeks straight.  The permanent stomach pooch I had was no longer permanent.  I just needed to go poo.

I’m not about the results of the other supplements because I don’t know how to judge Vitamin D or B12 without doing some blood work?  Astaxanthin supports healthy skin, but I don’t know if my skin is healthier because I have pretty healthy skin to begin with.  I know I lack in iron because I’m never able to donate blood because of my low iron count.  Long story short, the only result I could confirm from my 30 days is the probiotic blend supplement.  However, my body may have grown accustomed to this supplement because shortly before my supply ended I started having constipation again.

My personalized daily vitamin pack would cost me $37/month.  That’s about $1/day, which in my case, I think it’s worth the cost.  I have a drawer of supplements (probably now expired) that I haven’t touched in over a year.  Not sure if it’s the packaging or the fact that I have the Care/of box laying on my kitchen counter, but this has reminded me to be more cognizant of my supplemental intake.

I am definitely going to reach out to them to inquire about the probiotic issue before I reorder, but odds are I’m going to reorder.  If you’re forgetful or lazy like me when it comes to taking your vitamins, then this may be your solution.  This post wasn’t sponsored, but I was gifted the month supply, so if you did want to try it out use code KANG25 to receive 25% off your first months supply.  Have a happy and healthy week my friends!

Top: Tiger Mist / Pant: Tiger Mist / Sunnies: Gentle Monster / Sneakers: Superga / Necklace: Luv AJ / Earrings: Luv AJ

Photographed by Stefanie Meier


There has been consistent rain in LA the entire month of March.  It’s put a damper on a lot of bloggers’ photoshoots, but I don’t mind it.  If anything, it gives me an excuse to snuggle up and lay in my bed while wearing the same sweatshirt and sweatpants that I’ve had on for the past 3 days.  (#Truth).  I’m a taurus, and like a traditional bull, I don’t mind being a bum or being lazy .  However, when the sun comes out I’m all about the cherry blossoms, the matching two-piece sets, and of course, the teddy coats (since it’s still kind of chilly outside).

I’m referring to one specific teddy coat, and that’s the I.AM.GIA Pixie Coat that everyone and their moms are wearing.  TBH, that’s how I first discovered it myself.  I saw someone on Instagram wearing this bombass coat, and when I found out it was under $100, I knew it had to be mine.

I purchased mine in an XS, and as you can see in my photos, it’s still very big on me.  I love the oversized look, and it’s actually VERY warm.  Not overwhelming, but I was surprised at how warm it kept me when the temperature dropped down to the low 50s a couple of weeks ago.  This is the perfect coat to wear over that matching two piece set you’ve been dying to show off but haven’t because of this bipolar weather.

Speaking of matching two piece sets, here are a few of my favorites this spring:



I would love to tell you that my fashion is original and unique to only me, but I’m not shopping in the haute couture department.  The way I do make it special is by how I style it.  It’s okay to wear a popular print, or buy something that is already over saturated (i.e. Gucci belt).  I think that’s the premise of fashion trends, and this one teddy coat is worth the hype.

As always, thanks for reading, and let me know if you own this coat as well!  xo, Linda

P. S. A special notice for those of you living in LA, there’s a fabulous warehouse sale going on this weekend.  Go to SALES for more info.

Coat: I.AM.GIA / Top: Flair The Label / Pants: Flair The Label (on sale) / Bag: Melie Bianco (similar look) / Sunnies: ZeroUV / Necklace: Starletta Designs / Necklace: Sugarfix by BaubleBar (under $20) / Earrings: Luv AJ (on sale | similar look)

Photographed by Stefanie Meier


The past month has been one helluva roller coaster ride.  I’m kind of stuck between a rock and a hard place.  Confused?  Let me start from the beginning.  You know that saying, ‘be careful what you wish for’?  Well, it couldn’t be more true for me than anything else right now.  I think I may have complained too much and prayed too often to the man upstairs for some way out of my 4 part-time jobs, and my prayers have been answered.

In just the past week I’ve received news that’s given me more…”free time” in my once hectic schedule.  My LA theatrical agent and I have parted ways, and my contract for my social media consulting gig had expired.  I was quite bewildered because this affects my finances greatly.  Not that I was ballin’ to begin with, but now I’m really in a rut.  However, even in all this chaos, I’m still not quite sure I want to go back to the restaurant industry.  I’ve pretty much made up my mind last year that I no longer wanted to be a waitress anymore.  I’ve learned certain skill sets and gained work experience doing social media consulting, and I think I’d like to keep at it.  No worries, acting is still in the forefront of it all, but I can’t live off auditions, callbacks, and free skincare.

I was reading an article written by Stacy London on Refinery 29 about how she went broke and felt broken last year.  This article couldn’t have come at a better time.  I had once gone through a case of depression when I had to get surgery, so I could easily empathize with Stacy.  My surgery wasn’t to the extent of her spinal cord surgery, but it did keep me out of the public and into hiding.  Her depression led to reckless spending, which then snowballed into a bunch of other horrible events.  2017 was definitely not her year, and right now it seems like 2018 isn’t really mine.

I can’t say that I have a step by step plan laid out for how I plan to get a new theatrical agent or land a part time job that helps pay rent while I pursue the world of entertainment.  However, I’m not sitting on my ass waiting for CAA to come knocking on my door.  I know where I fell short with my previous agent, and have updated my headshots and resume.  I plan on getting even better headshots with Theo and Juliet, (seriously, they’re worth the investment).  I’ll be reaching out to brands and PR agencies to see if I can do more campaign work for Kangthropologie, and I’ll be cooking at home more often to save money.

I have been through the many ups and downs of living the LA actor’s life, and this is just another hurdle for me to cross.  The key thing is to admit where you went wrong and to move forward from that experience.  I’m blessed to have parents who are supportive of me and my endeavors.  Let’s pray that this is just a small hiccup.

Top: Beach Riot / Bottom: Beach Riot / Cardigan: Spell & The Gypsy Collective / Backpack: Library LA / Glasses: Urban Outfitters / Necklace: Sugarfix by Baublebar / Lariat: Luv AJ

Photographed by Stefanie Meier


It’s easy to get spotted when you’re wearing a bold print like polka dots, which is exactly why I’m so obsessed with this print!  It’s the ultimate statement piece you can wear.  I love it because it has a natural vintage and feminine essence that dates back to the early 50’s.

I’m not a very demure person (duh), but I love things that can make me more feminine.  This print adds just the right amount of femininity, and you can style it more modern, more sexy, or more retro.

I found this amazing Reformation pant, (which is currently sold out but I’ve linked a similar pair that’s under $20 at the bottom), in a size 2P.  I love that Reformation has a Petites section for those of us 5’4″ and under.  I also have a long torso and shorter legs, so Petite length pants are like finding unicorns at the end of a rainbow.

Polka dots are pretty much everywhere this season and I’ve done the online shopping browse and search for you.  Here are my top favorite polka dot print items that are available right now:

Have fun shopping!  (Oh, I have another polka dot outfit coming soon and I’ll link more of my fav items that are currently on pre-order).

Pants: Reformation (sold out | similar look that’s under $20) / Bodysuit: Urban Outfitters / Sunnies: ZeroUV / Hair Bandana: DONNI / Hoop Earrings: Luv AJ (on sale | similar look also on sale) / Earrings: Luv AJ / Choker: Luv AJ / Shoes: My own (purchased from China)

Photographed by Stefanie Meier


Can you believe it’s already Thursday?  Sheesh…this week has flown by so quickly.  I have a few of my sorority sisters flying in this weekend, and I can’t wait to spend a long relaxing weekend laying out by the pool, indulging in delicious food, and just catching up with them.

Speaking of a relaxing weekend, Easter was just this past Sunday, and I got to celebrate it in an unconventional way.  Normally, I would do Easter the traditional way: get up and go to church, and then get drunk off mimosas at brunch with my girlfriends.  However, this year I got to just lay low.  LA was ever so peaceful and quiet due to #Coachella weekend one, and so I got to grab brunch pretty much anywhere I wanted.  We opted for LuLu’s Cafe, and I highly recommend their iced dirty chai.  It’s SO EFFIN yummy!

After brunch we stopped by Rolling Greens nursery because I’ve been obsessed with adding a big green plant in my studio.  Can I just say I found my new FAVORITE place to shop for home decor!  Everything in there was just mesmerizing and beautiful.  I walked in expecting to come home with an Elephant Ear plant, but ended up going with a medium sized Philodendron ‘Rojo Congo’.

After shopping for candles and plants, we decided we might stop by the Melrose Trading Post flea market, but decided to just take my dog out to LACMA and enjoy an afternoon stroll.  I have been living under a rock and haven’t had Indian food in like 9 years, so later that evening we ordered Indian food from a neighborhood Indian restaurant, India’s Tandoori.  You HAVE TO get the Mushroom Korma.  It is utterly mouth watering good.

Easter was nothing exciting, but I got to explore my neighborhood in peace and quiet.  It may not be the conventional way to spend Easter, but I kind of prefer it this way.


Overalls: Nasty Gal / Bodysuit: American Apparel (similar look) / Bag: WAN Accessory / Shoes: Forever 21 / Lipstick: Bite Beauty / Necklace: Gorjana

Photographed by Laci Havens


It’s funny how one trip to the flea market can suddenly change your outer appearence and fashion choices.  Mine went from boho chic to ultra retro, and I’m totally digging this new look and vintage vibe.

A few Sundays ago, I went to my local LA flea market with a good girlfriend just to walk around and look for vintage denim.  Vintage denim I did not get, but I ended up going home with 5 pairs of spectacles.  I’ve been wearing them non-stop ever since.  I pair them with everything, and I mean EVERYTHING.  The best part is that all of them were $10 and under!

Don’t have a super cool flea market near you?  No fret because sunglasses and clear lens readers seem to be the new craze online.  Every other click on the screen and there’s a new online store for eyewear.  The latest site I found that is also super affordable is zeroUV.  They’re worth checking out.

Now it’s your turn to go out and cause a spec-tacle.  Here are some of my current favorite retro styles:

Shirt: J.Crew / Pants: Novella Royale (similar look) / Bag: Coach / Glasses: Melrose Trading Post Stand (similar look) / Lipstick: Bite Beauty

Photographed by Laci Havens


It’s day two of 2017, and today is my mom’s birthday.  Happy BURFDAY Mommy!!  My parents are currently residing overseas so I don’t get to celebrate her birthday with her.  She had her big one last year, (the 6-0), and so we’ll just let this baby 61st slide.

Oh, how quickly time flies by, like when I actually purchased these Reformation pants I’m seen wearing.  It’s been almost a year and I’m just now getting to wearing them and blogging about them.  Whatever.  Reformation pieces are quite classic and timeless.  They pretty much use the same patterns over and over but with different fabrics and gorgeous prints.

I just hope I stay as timeless and classic as my pants when I’m my mother’s age.  Here’s to another 364 days of fashion, beauty, travels and more adventures!  Happy New Year!

For Love and Lemons Knitz Sweater / Reformation Pant / Vintage Gucci Bag / Forever 21 Platform Ankle Boots (no longer available | similar look)

Photographed by Mire Yang



I’ve had my ups and downs with blogging.  Usually, I’m pretty dedicated.  However, I started dating someone recently and it’s taken me away from the time I had previously spent meticulously planning my outfits, scheduling photoshoots, engaging with my Instagram family, and meeting up with my fashionable friends so that we may take beautifully placed photos of our food and beverages, (rosé of course).  I admit.  I had strayed.

Fortunately, an angel appeared and I received a message from a photographer and fellow Instagramer, Mire Yang of StripesCollide that she would like to grab coffee and even collaborate.  I immediately jumped at the opportunity because I realize we both have the same aesthetics.  I think it’s important as a blogger to find a photographer that’s able to capture your essence.  Keep what makes you YOU, so that you don’t lose your voice and taste amongst all the other fashion/lifestyle bloggers out there.

Mire and I both love contrast, and she understands that my images are outfit based versus lifestyle.  Agreeing upon what your aesthetics are is very important when finding/working with a new photographer.  Take the time to sit down and chat over what you like, and bring images of what you think is achievable, (Mire suggested I download the app ListaPost).

We ended up having a great time chatting over coffee, shooting some really amazing photos, and even had lunch at one of my fav spots (Zinqué) afterwards.  I hope you enjoy the images and the outfit as much as I do!

kangthropologie_aesthetics_IMG_2427 kangthropologie_aesthetics_IMG_2428kangthropologie_aesthetics_IMG_2424

Free People recently had a promotion with their app by applying an additional 25% off their sale items.  I found this gorgeous Flynn Skye Cleo Set in Pumpkin Seed on sale and just about died when it came in the mail.  It is puuuuuuurrrfect!  I love crops.  Check.  I love matching sets.  Check.  I love polka dots.  Check.  This outfit can be styled separately (as seen here), and I can wear it into pre-fall because of it’s autumn like color.

kangthropologie_aesthetics_IMG_2426 kangthropologie_aesthetics_IMG_2429 kangthropologie_aesthetics_outfit2 kangthropologie_aesthetics_IMG_2432

Free People Fever Platform / Coach Rogue 25 Leather Satchel / Illesteva Hamilton Sunglasses

I’ve been swapping different pairs of sunglasses through Ditto for the past three months, and I absolutely love this program.  You can rent sunglasses for as low as $24/month, and if you love it, you can buy it.  Use the code KANGTHRO when you sign up! Xo!

Photographed by Mire Yang of StripesCollide



Los Angeles.  Pull yourself together.  What is up with this weather?  It’s chilly and dreary and we are in the month of May.  Where is my sunshine?!  Weather like this makes me want to go back to the basics.  Nothing like a good all-black outfit to get me acclimated.  My current vibe: monochrome and chic.


I’ve recently teamed up with LA Made after featuring their swag High-Low Muscle Tee on a recent post (see LA MADE).  It made perfect sense to sport their Hillary Strappy Tunic with the Elijah Trouser in this weather.  This tunic is sooo sexy.  It has a high-low hem, which flows in the back if you choose to wear untucked.  I also love the detailed chain hook tie in the back.  The trouser actually comes with the same chain hook tie belt, but I opted to switch it out with a vintage Gucci belt.  Ladies, (and gent?), we are back to black again.

Gentle Monster Dreamer 01 Sunglasses / Stuart Weitzman pointed-toe boots (no longer available | similar look on sale)

Is anyone else in SoCal actually enjoying this cool weather before we get hit with the heat that is imminent?

Photographed by Laurie Douglas