Hey!  What’s up?  I’m back…  Yeah.  Sorry I’ve been MIA…again.  [Sounding like a guy who you dated for 3 months then suddenly ghosted on you].  I’ve got no excuses.  Well, I have a few excuses:

  1. I’m working multiple part time jobs, and they’re just taking up more of my time.
  2. I’ve got a boyfriend that I like to spend every free moment with when I’m not busy with my multiple part time jobs.
  3. I ran out of stuff that I wanted to or felt relevant enough to talk about.
  4. Editing and selecting photos to post is a bitch.
  5. I’ve lost motivation and
  6. I’ve gotten lazy.

So there.  But with that said, it’s not so much the fall as it is the rise back up, right?  The question to ask here is not why I disappeared, but why I decided to come back.  What has actually motivated me enough to type up this blog post?

Well, I don’t want to give you one of those “top 5 ways to stay motivated about your blog” kind of BS post.  The real reason I felt motivated to blog again is that I’m working with a new photographer, Anthony Newen, which shot these beautiful images that I felt necessary to post and show everyone. I also felt guilty about dropping the ball on my blog.  It’s only been just a little over 2 years, and I’m already losing my mojo.

As an actress in LA, I don’t have much control over my life.  I don’t get to make the judgement calls on whether to cast me in a show, film or commercial.  However, in blogging, I have full creative control in my content, in my verbiage, my theme, my style, my everything.  So why would I want to give up on the only thing I can control in beautiful, sunny LA?  I don’t, and thus I’m back.  I guess I just took the roundabout way of saying I took for granted what I had, and it took me a whole month to realize that.

I want to apologize to you, my readers, for leaving y’all for so long.  To make up for it, I want to let y’all know there is a Reformation Sample Sale this weekend in Culver City!!  (See SALES for more deets).  You see, it’s always sunny in LA.

PS, I’m sure you’re aware that I’ve chopped off my hair even more!  What do you think of it?  Do you like the new haircut?  Be honest and let me know!

Bodysuit: Hot-As-Hell (similar look) / Denim: Urban Outfitters BDG / Hat: Hat Attack / Boots: Aerosoles

Photographed by Anthony Newen


Happy Friday folks!  Please excuse all the nippage going on in my pics.  It was raining on the day of the shoot, but I had to squeeze it in regardless of the weather conditions, so it was a hard day.  Haha, sorry, had to throw that in there.

Anyhew, the point of this post is to talk about my sleep, or lack there of.  I mentioned in my previous post, (see OBSESSION), that I’ve been staying up late at night surfing the web for new furniture and home decor.  This has not ceased, and has in fact gotten worse.

I’ve subdued the urge to spend all my money on home furnishings by splurging on a GORGEOUS wool rug from West Elm.  Btw, they’re currently having a President’s Day sale, (see SALES for more details).  I’ve also stopped by Target and found lots of good faux fur furniture and accessories to help elevate the look of my studio.  Oh, and did I mention that they too are also having a sale this weekend on home furnishing?!  Here are some of the stuff I’m slobbering over:

Back to the topic at hand, insomnia.  I’m probably sleeping no more than 3-4 hours each night.  That might be typical for some of you, but I’m someone who normally sleeps 8-9 hours.  So by cutting my sleep number by more than half, I have become a caffeine addict.  This isn’t a very healthy lifestyle, even if I am still working out 4 times a week.

The real problem is that I’m currently working 4 jobs: acting, blogging, social media consulting, and restaurant hospitality.  These are daytime AND nighttime jobs, so I have very little personal time.  I would be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy this bit of chaos in my life, but I know I need to do something about the sleeping portion.  What I hope to do is to scale back on the number of days I work at the restaurant, pop some melatonin when I get home from work, and shut down the computer at midnight sharp.

I also need to scale back on the number of caffeinated drinks (i.e. tea and coffee) I have during the day, or make it only every other day that I’m allowed to have one.  I am tied to the hip to my iPhone, and that needs to be turned off as well by a certain time, #bloggerproblems.  If all else fails, I will just have to think about my skin.  Lack of sleep causes wrinkles and dark circles under the eyes.  Vanity should be able to knock some sense into me.

Do you have any remedies for treating a busy brain and/or help falling asleep?  Let me know!  I’d love to hear your advice.  Thanks for reading and have a wonderful weekend!

Bodysuit: Urban Outfitters / Shorts: One Teaspoon / Cardigan: Lovestitch / Glasses: Melrose Trading Post / Necklace: The Two Hand Exchange

Photographed by Mire Yang



Ever see someone in something super cute and you want to copy their outfit, but you don’t want to copy it exactly because then you’re just a copycat?  That’s how I am 99% of the time.  I always take something I see and like, and give it a twist to make the outfit my own.  A couple of months ago I saw Jennifer Grace of The Native Fox wear this beautiful silk camisole from Reformation, and I immediately knew I wanted to copy her style.

Needless to say, I have since purchased the Reformation Camille Top in Blush.  This particular color is no longer available in this style, but it does come in the color Heartbreak, which is like a scarlet red.  If you love the blush, the Reformation Ali Top in Cheeky is very similar in look and color.

In order to complete this outfit, I dared to walk into their gorgeous store off Melrose and Harper.  There’s a section in the back by the register counter that carries one of a kind vintage items.  That is where I found this pair of vintage high-waist flare denim by Sedgefield.  I found a very similar pair on Etsy.

Here are more similar looks for this outfit:


Coach Drew Heel / Free People Statement Ring / Necklace (got it from a stand at Melrose Trading Post)

I’ve recently become more active on Snapchat, so if you want to see me bargain shop, drink yummy boba drinks and see my daily workout routine, then follow along @kangthropologie!

Photographed by Larry Wong



It’s Memorial Day weekend, which means we have three days of fun in the sun.  For me, I just spent the last three nights watching all ten episodes of the HBO’s TV mini-series, Band of Brothers.  What a great reminder of how lucky we are to live in such a great country.

I’m headed to a wedding tonight, but will definitely be hitting up a pool party or the beach tomorrow for #MemorialDay.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset kangthropologie_threedays_IMG_1528Processed with VSCO with a6 presetkangthropologie_threedays_IMG_1533

I recently partnered up with Marissa Nicole of I’m Your Gypsy, who makes these beautiful hand knit crochet pieces.  I have been dying to wear my custom made top.  She fits it perfectly to your bust and cup size.  I’ll be honest, I was very pleasantly surprised when I received my top.  It looked pretty in the pictures, but it wasn’t until I put it on that I realized the quality and craftsmanship that went into making it.  She’s definitely worth checking out!kangthropologie_threedays_outfit2kangthropologie_threedays_outfit4Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

As you know, I’ve been obsessed with mom jeans (see MOMMY DEAREST), and I recently acquired a new pair from TopShop.  I’m 5’4″, but my legs are short, so if petite sizing is available, I normally take advantage of it.  (Less money spent on hemming and alterations).  The exact pair that I’m wearing is TopShop Petite MOTO Rip Mom Jeans.  They fit me perfectly!  The denim is not as soft as my vintage Levi’s, but for the price, the fit, and the style, I love them just as so.

Glow Loudey G74.1 PGM Sunglasses / SunBody Classic Gambler/River Boat Hat

Is it just me or is everyone attending a wedding this weekend?  I can’t wait to post pics from tonight.  I hope y’all have a great and safe Memorial Day weekend!  xoxo!

Photographed by Amy Zhang



I’ve searched far and wide on the world wide web (har har) for the perfect pairs of mom jeans.  The fit is perfect for someone of my size and stature.  I’m average height but with short legs so the high-waist helps elongate my legs.  The cinched in waist gives my straight waist some curve, and the short inseam takes away from the almost necessary hem alterations.




I’m obsessed with everyone that I see wearing them.  I’ll actually stop them and ask them where they got their mom jeans.  If they’re not already vintage Levi’s, then 3 out of 5 times they’re Topshop.  I was recently wearing a pair of ASOS Petite Farleigh High Waist Slim Mom Jeans In Washed Black with Busted Knees, (see LA MADE), and it has made it into my top 10 perfect pairs of mom jeans:

Mom jeans are a statement in themselves, so why not make a stronger point by wearing a graphic tee/tank that further emphasizes your expression of fashion.  I’m a fan of ringer tees and tanks, and right now Forever 21 and Urban Outfitters have some really great graphic tees.  Here are some of my favs:


Jeffrey Campbell Isley Ankle Boot (no longer available | similar look) / Ray-Ban Original Aviator 58mm Sunglasses

I think this is a perfect outfit to wear to a sports bar while watching the NBA playoffs.  Which team are you cheering for?  Golden State Warriors??

Photographed by Danielle Torriero



Yup.  It’s been seven years and I have yet to attend ONE single Coachella festival.  I’m like a unicorn in the world of music festivals.  I don’t exist.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a hater nor am I an advocate of #Nochella.  In fact, I absolutely love live music, parties, and frolicking in the desert.  I think I just need to quash that inner voice that says I hate obnoxious people and suck it up and go.  However, just because I didn’t attend Coachella this weekend doesn’t mean I can’t dress in festival inspired fashion.  I’m having my own fashion festival.
kangthropologie_nochella_outfit3 kangthropologie_nochella_IMG_0564 kangthropologie_nochella_IMG_0562kangthropologie_nochella_outfit2 kangthropologie_nochella_IMG_0567

Two weeks ago I traveled afar, and by afar I mean Woodland Hills, to shop at The Village at Westfield Topanga.  It was there that I came across this super soft, super cute M.Fredric California Muscle Tank.  I decided to get a size M so that I could have that loose fit/slight side-boob action.  Though this exact tank is not available online, I believe it is still available in-store.  Here are some similar styles:

M.Fredric California 66 Cotton Muscle Tank

Comune x UO California Sunset Muscle Tee

Meanwhile, this pair of high-waist One Teaspoon Pacifica Romeos was a Nasty Gal purchase from last year (see COFFEE BREAK).  Denim shorts NEVER go out of style, and if you want a great pair, I highly recommend One Teaspoon as your brand of choice.  They’re high quality and the distress and frays are placed perfectly.  They seem to run big so I would recommend sizing down.


I’m going through a hat obsession right now and I found this Hat Attack Avery Modern Hat in Rust and Rust Cord on final sale at Revolve for less than $30!  I know.  FINAL SALE.  Two of the scariest words to hear when you shop online, but sometimes you just have to take that plunge if you want to take advantage of that awesome price.  Size wise, I think it’s about a Small in Brixton hats, so feel free to try on a Brixton Small and see if that fits.  It’s slightly big for my head, but nothing a little hairspray and volume on the hair can’t fix.kangthropologie_nochella_outfit

Coach Drew Heel in SaddleIllesteva Porto Cervo Gold with Olive Lenses Sunglasses

Anyone headed to Coachella Weekend Two?  I have some upcoming collabs that I’m super excited about and definitely perfect for festivals.  Can’t wait to show y’all!

Photographed by Danielle Torriero



My taste in clothing have evolved over the years.  There are certain brands that you stick with forever, and occasionally you fall in love with a new style and local brand.  I’ve been eyeing Los Angeles based brand, Flynn Skye, for quite some time.  I’m not sure why I didn’t pulled the trigger sooner, especially when it’s availability is so close to home: ShopPlanetBlue, Revolve and Shopbop.  However, once I saw this Flynn Skye Riley Crop Top in Deep Secret on sale, I knew this was my chance to snatch it up.

I actually purchased this top two months ago, but it wasn’t until now that I had a chance to really wear it with my One Teaspoon Ivory Bonitas.  This may have been my first Flynn Skye purchase, but it definitely won’t be my last.  Here are some other Flynn Skye tops that are similar and that I’m currently in love with:

Flynn Skye Riley Crop Top in Black Magic (on sale)

Flynn Skye That’s A Wrap Crop Top in Lavender Skye

Flynn Skye Riley Crop Top in Sunny Delight

kangthropologie_skyelimit_IMG_0403 kangthropologie_skyelimit_IMG_0421 kangthropologie_skyelimit_IMG_0419 kangthropologie_skyelimit_IMG_0268 kangthropologie_skyelimit_IMG_0418 kangthropologie_skyelimit_outfit kangthropologie_skyelimit_IMG_0422 kangthropologie_skyelimit_outfit3

Christian Louboutin Fomenter Wedges (no longer available | similar look) / Quay Australia Isabelle Cat-Eye Shades (sold out | similar look)

Do you have a favorite LA brand that you recommend?  I’m always on the lookout for local brands and the next best thing, so let me know!

Photographed by Drew Carlson



There are many perks to being a fashion blogger, but one of the best ones is the chance to score some swag.  Last week, I was invited to a cardio party at Soul Cycle Culver City hosted by fashion bloggers Ashley Torres of Pursuit Of Shoes and Carly Kenihan of Bun Bun Book.  What a great way to network, workout, and meet other LA fashion bloggers!  Very smart.  Very LA.

The swag participant of this collaboration is fashion line LAmade Clothing, and they gave out the High-Low Muscle Tee that I’m seen wearing, which came in black or white.  I literally wore the tee the same day I scored it because I had my photoshoot right after the cardio party.  And since it’s such a fab top, I decided to throw it into the mix.  This tee is super soft, super comfy, and great for the warm weather.  Unfortunately, they don’t sell the exact one with their logo on it, but trust me, it’s such a great staple to have in your wardrobe.  I wish I would have grabbed both colors!

I’ve been on the prowl for a decent pair of mom jeans.  Many have made it into the shopping cart, (see CYBER MONDAY), but none have actually made it home to my closet.  Then I stumble upon ASOS Petite, and they offered me this pair of PETITE Farleigh High Waist Slim Mom Jeans in Washed Black with Busted Knees.  God bless those that acknowledge us shorties.  I’m 5’4″ AND I have short legs.  The 29″ inseam is just perfect for me.  Though the busted knees style is sold out in petite it’s still available in regular length.  Also, the petite non-distressed style is currently still available.kangthropologie_lamade_IMG_0328 kangthropologie_lamade_IMG_0327 kangthropologie_lamade_IMG_0331 kangthropologie_lamade_IMG_0329 kangthropologie_lamade_LAMade_outfit kangthropologie_lamade_IMG_0240

My addiction for hats have grown infinitesimally since I moved to LA.  I now have a whole collection of hats that are not baseball caps.  The one brand I have also grown to love is Brixton.  They make hats with varying sizes, because, come on, not everyone has the same size head.  The way the hat fits on you could make or break your look or the look you’re going for.  I purchased my Brixton Wesley Fedora in Moss from Revolve.  They have a wonderful selection of hats, and many are currently on sale.  Plus, it’s free shipping, so you really have nothing to lose.

Christian Louboutin Fomenter Wedges (no longer available | similar look) / Illesteva Porto Cervo Gold with Olive Lenses Sunglasses

I’ll be attending a Coach event tonight to celebrate Stuart Vever’s new Coach 1941 Collection.  Also, the shopping will benefit The Art of Elysium.  Any suggestions on what I should wear?

Photographed by Drew Carlson


kangthropologie_freebie_outfit3 kangthropologie_freebie_outfit kangthropologie_freebie_IMG_0076 kangthropologie_freebie_IMG_0082

They say the best things in life are free, like this Stone Cold Fox Texas Tube Top in White.  Nope, this is not an April Fool’s joke.  I seriously did get this top for FREE.  It was a freebie that the two creators of Stone Cold Fox passed out during their Moving Sale two weekends ago.  I would be passing out free goodies too if I had hundreds, if not thousands, of SCF fanatics drive to DTLA, wait in line for 4-6 hours in dreaded heat, just to score some fashion at sample sale prices.

Overall, it was a fun experience because I really got to know the girls waiting in line with me, and I went with my good blogger friend, Amy Zhang of The Luxi Look.  Plus, I scored this awesome tube top and another fancy thing that I’ll be posting soon.  Here are some similar looks:

SCF Aries Tube in White (on sale)

Free People Tube Sydney Lace Top (on sale)

Alexis Juliana Top

kangthropologie_freebie_IMG_0081 kangthropologie_freebie_outfit4 kangthropologie_freebie_IMG_0090

I’m wearing a pair of Genetic Los Angeles The Burke Trouser Jeans that I got a few years back.  They are so ridiculously comfy and light.  Great pair of jeans to wear for Spring fashion.  I know Mom Jeans and cropped, frayed skinny jeans are in right now, but I like to think outside the box.  Plus, I like the comfort of a pair of trousers.  Here are some similar looks:

Ulla Johnson Anna Wide-Leg Jeans

Current/Elliott The High Rise Neat Stretch Denim Trousers (pre-order)

NYDJ Claire Stretch Trouser Jeanskangthropologie_freebie_IMG_0091

Quay Australia Isabelle Cat-Eye Shades / Neckerchief (no real origin; I found tied on a purse I purchased in Shanghai)

I dare to brave the chaos that comes with attending a fabulous sample sale, but waiting for 4 hours was the longest I have ever waited.  Do you have some crazy sample sale stories?  What’s the longest you’ve waited in line for a sale?

Photographed by my dear friend, Danielle Torriero, co-founder of Effin Shop and owner of Daz Lashes


[WARNING: A particular wall contains graffiti images of topless female creatures, and I did take photos and pose in front of this wall.  If you have young children around, please be advised.]

I was recently in Miami for work and lucked out on a free day to wander and explore the city.  Everyone said, “Go to Wynwood Arts District!”, so I hopped in a Lyft and got dropped off right at the entrance of Wynwood Walls.  This place was magnificent!  The graffiti, the food, the boutiques are all worth seeing, eating and buying.  It was a cloudy day and I went late in the afternoon.  Shortly after a quick happy hour/supper I found out that most shops close around 7-8pm, which sucked, but it was dark by 7pm so I couldn’t view the graffitied walls anymore.

When playing tourist in a new city, you want to make sure you’re in comfy clothes and shoes.  I stopped by Forever 21 the weekend before to pick up some new clothes thinking it was going to hot and humid in Miami.  Turns out, I came at the one week where it wasn’t swampy or burning hot.  Glad that worked out because I didn’t want to sweat through my super cute clothes!  Thanks Miami!
kangthropologie_miami_IMG_9368 kangthropologie_miami_IMG_9883 kangthropologie_miami_IMG_9506

I have been eyeing this Forever 21 Ribbed Knit Bodysuit (in Mustard) ever since I saw it two months ago, but in the color White.  This little number is less than $11!  It’s so comfy and has such a great stretch and feel.  I want this in every color!  Bodysuits are perfect for that fitted look tucked in denim.  I would wear this with denim shorts or a pair of mom jeans!
kangthropologie_miami_IMG_9886 kangthropologie_miami_IMG_9881 kangthropologie_miami_IMG_9509

I am wearing a pair of Forever 21 Fairfax High Rise Jean in Light Blue.  I ended up purchasing a size bigger than I normally wear because I didn’t want the denim to look too stretched out at the waist.  It’s a super stretchy material, and for less than $18 it’s a great pair of Spring denim.  I like wearing this pair with the legs rolled up at the bottom.  I do recommend trying out this pair in-store if possible.  I tried on several pairs that said they were high-rise denim but it varied in fit even though they were all the same size.kangthropologie_miami_IMG_9417

Ray-Ban Aviator Classic Sunglasses / Necklace (from a stand at Melrose Trading Post)

I am confident with my figure and do not shy away when I see other women topless or nude.  I guess it comes from being an actress and changing in front of other women during fittings.  I’ve also been to too many sample sales where there ARE no fitting rooms so you have to strip down in front of everyone if you want to try stuff on.  Do you have any funny or embarrassing fitting room stories?