Some people might find that a dinner and a movie is outdated and too boring of a date, but I find that there’s a romanticism to doing the good old classic date night.  Here’s my take on my dinner and movie date this past Sunday:

I recently started talking to a new guy, (and fingers crossed he’s not into reading fashion blogs), and we went and watched Disney’s live-action remake of Beauty and the Beast.  How he was convinced to go watch this movie, I’m not quite sure, but I’ll talk more about my review on the movie in just a bit.

So, he came over and we chatted briefly in my small studio.  Yes, I invited him in instead of him just picking me up because this is our fifth date, and I think it’s fair that we get to see where each other lives.  For those of you that don’t know, I live in a studio near The Grove.  We decide that I needed to be fed since he was at a kid’s birthday party right before, and I’m sure he’s had his share of cake.  However, I hadn’t eaten anything thinking we might get dinner so I was starving.

We opt for sushi since I’m a pescatarian, and went to Itacho Sushi since it’s close to the movie theater.  We tell each other what we like on the menu, and he asks me my top three favorite rolls off the menu.  Now listen up ladies, this is where you can really find out about a guy’s consideration for you: how does he order food for two?  Well, new guy orders everything that I said I liked, and skipped over his choices.  Yes, he’s that sweet.

We eat quickly since the movie is about to start, and he picks up the check.  I decided to pay for our movie tickets because I think it’s nice when a girl does her share of the date.  I don’t mean pay for everything, since that’s usually a gentlemen thing to do.  However, we are in the 21st century ladies, and women are still fighting for equality and rights.  We can’t expect men to pay for everything and then demand that we want equal pay.  Anyway, I know that I make less than him, but I pick up the check whenever I can as long as it fits into my budget.  Besides, he also picked up the popcorn and drink for the movie.

Now, onto the actual movie itself.  What’s my overall take on the movie without giving too much away?  It’s pretty much verbatim of the animated film with a few additional scenes that I felt unnecessary.  The movie was dragged out, and I think the songs were also sang too slowly.  I miss Jerry Orbach’s voice for the character, Lumière, and the CGI characters were missing the mark on their original character’s wittiness and charm.  I did love the opening scene of Belle and the provincial town, but everything else was just meh.

However, our movie date was just great.  We shared popcorn and the occasional light kisses during the movie.  This may be a typical boring date, but I think it’s these small moments that you share that brings you closer to one another.  Thanks for reading and happy Tuesday everyone!

Dress: Novella Royale (sold out | similar look) / Sunglasses: Melrose Trading Post stand (similar look)

Photographed by Stefanie Marie

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