Happy Monday everyone!  It’s finally Christmas week, and I’m headed home to Texas soon.  Yay!  I’m very excited that I get to be home again this Christmas!  It may not make sense to some, but being an actress in LA, I don’t always get to go home to celebrate the holidays with my family.  It’s times like this that I’m so appreciative of my family, of their love and support, and the fact that we have the ability to travel and see one another.

I may have just celebrated my 8th year here in Los Angeles, but I still feel like home is back in Dallas, TX.  When I go back and visit my family though, it’s no longer in the house where I grew up.  This just makes me wonder: at what point then do we call a city/town our home?  My driver’s license says California, my mailing address says Los Angeles, and every important document of mine is registered to my address in California.  However, my heart still says Texas.  Perhaps that’s because most of my pivotal childhood memories come from growing up in Dallas.  I guess I’ll always be a Texas gal…

Message of the Day: no matter where you are physically in the world, I hope you have a place called “home” that you can go to for the holidays.

This beautiful Faithfull the Brand Le Paris Dress is from PB&J Boutique.  They have so many great vintage inspired clothing, and they offer free shipping both ways.  Be sure to check them out online, and if you’re local to Chico, CA, check them out at their store.

Also, I recently received some TribeTats to try and use in my photoshoots, and I ABSOLUTELY love them!  They are so easy to use and apply, and I had no problems removing them afterwards with their metallic tattoo remover.  I will definitely be using these more often in my boho-inspired looks.

Faithfull the Brand Le Paris Dress / Lack of Color Montana Stahl Hat / Steve Madden Desirred Ankle Boot in Cognac (sold out | similar look on clearance!) / Free People Cropped Long Sleeve / TribeTats Onyx Goddess Temporary Tattoo

This is probably my last post until after Christmas, so Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas everyone!  Have a blessed time with family and friends, and I’ll be sure to post some wonderful after-Christmas SALES soon so be sure to tune in!

Photographed by Hanna Snyder


I love visiting Taiwan whenever I get the chance.  It’s usually over the holidays when I have time off, but this year I decided to visit before Thanksgiving.  The weather is best this time of year.  It’s a tropical island so there’s always rain, but it’s least around the November time frame.  (I still say this knowing that they encountered a typhoon right before I arrived.)  Also, the weather has cooled off a bit and it’s not as humid and hot as it is over the summer.

Even though I’m from Taiwan, I’ve only visited a handful of times since my family moved to the states.  With that said, there’s always something new for me to explore and discover each time I visit.  This particular visit, my aunt and cousin took me to a town not too far outside of Taipei known for their culture, history and beautiful lantern filled alleyways.  It’s called Jiufen.  I highly recommend visiting this city if you have the chance to go out and explore, and definitely stay until after the sun sets so you can see the lights turn on.  It becomes this magical place lit by hanging lanterns.  It’s breathtakingly beautiful.

I’m a pescatarian and I didn’t have any issues finding food that met my dietary restrictions.  Taiwan is known for their delicious food and night markets.  You’ll be spellbound by their cute and polite culture.

Speaking of spellbound, I brought along my Spell & The Gypsy Collective Babushka Boho Maxi Gown and Lack of Color Montana Stahl Hat so I could bring some bohemian flair into the mix.  Let’s just say I stood out like a sore thumb, but I loved every minute of it.

If you EVER get the opportunity to visit Taiwan…do it.  Don’t even think twice.  I promise you’ll be captivated by everything it has to offer and go back for seconds.  Happy Sunday everyone!

Nicole Vienna Soir Noº79 Link Watch / CHARME Silkiner Tierney Necklace / Free People Riri Mega Ring Set in Gold/Garnet

Photographed by my talented and beautiful cousin, Yu Shiun Huang



Happy Monday everyone!  It’s been a turbulent and exciting time for America since the presidential election result was announced a few weeks ago.  I won’t touch too much on the topic of politics since we’re all very sensitive when it comes to this subject.  However, I am a first generation Taiwanese-American female living in the US, and my priorities and values may differ from a lot of other people across the country.  I guess I’ll tell a sap story that might uplift some of you that are going through an identity crisis.  I don’t mean split personality or anything, but I’m going to talk about race.  Yeah, that identity.

My family and I immigrated to the US when I was only four years old.  We lived in a very small town outside of Raleigh, NC, and there were maybe 5 other asian families that lived within a 25 mile radius of us.  I remember walking into my pre-k class and the kids laughed and teased at the fact that I couldn’t speak English and my facial features were so different than theirs.  Talk about a traumatic first day of school.

Within a couple of years we moved to a suburb outside of Dallas, TX.  Things didn’t get much better.  The teasing stuck with me all the way through high school.  I did everything I could to “fit in”.  I joined the cheerleading squad, dyed my hair blonde (more like orange) or got blonde highlights, wore colored contacts, and rejected anything that was tied to my Taiwanese heritage.

Flash forward to 2009 when I moved to Los Angeles.  What an eye opening experience.  There were asians of all sorts…EVERYWHERE, ANYWHERE.  I was suddenly entranced by the asian culture.  Not just Chinese, but Korean and Japanese.  I wanted to learn more about my culture, my ancestors, my heritage.  Me.  I wanted to know everything I’ve pushed away and denied for the bulk of my life.

I recently visited the motherland, and I love everything that Taiwan has to offer.  I’ve come to embrace anything and everything that makes me, me.  The point of this blog post is this: love thyself.  No matter your origin, skin color, sexual preference or religion.  There will always be haters and kids that tease.  This is a time for us to support and love one another.  It’s so much easier to be nice than to be mean.  Don’t be mean.  Love y’all!
kangthropologie_identity_outfitkangthropologie_identity_outfit6 kangthropologie_identity_outfit4 kangthropologie_identity_outfit5 kangthropologie_identity_img_3671 kangthropologie_identity_img_3686kangthropologie_identity_outfit2

Flair the Label Macie DressMejuri Tuxedo Necklace / Nicole Vienna Soir Noº79 Link Watch / After Party Vintage Wanted Denim Jacket (sold out | similar look) / Lack of Color Spencer Wide Brim Boater Hat / Free People Coolly Clog (sold out | similar look) / Vintage Chanel Bucket Bag



I’m currently in Taipei, Taiwan hanging out with a guy that I met only 6 months ago and have only dated 3 of those 6 months.  We’ve been together for about the same amount of time as we’ve been apart.  I don’t recommend this to anyone, but I’m in a long distance relationship.  A real LONG DISTANCE relationship.  One that is about a Pacific Ocean apart.

Sure it’s been tough trying to keep the spark alive, but we do very well communicating even with the time change.  He’s exactly 15 hours ahead of me, and has to travel back in time everyday to say hello to me.  We use the app WeChat to text, call, and video chat one another.  Since he’s in China majority of the time, it’s easier for us to text and talk than to attempt a poor signal video chat.

I’ve had my doubts and paranoia, but it’s been a god-send to have my best girlfriends snap me out of my crazy thoughts and antics.  I guess the main thing I would say about this is to have TRUST.  You have to trust one another no matter what.  If you don’t have that basic foundation, there’s no point in going any further.  I know it’s easier said than done, coming from the person who just went through an episode right before typing up this blog post.  But yeah, you need to think that you’re both in it to win it.

Boy toy is gone for half a year, so to shorten that time frame, I decided to fly half way around the world to join him in Asia.  I’ve known friends in the past that have done the same in their long distance relationships.  Some have worked out and ended in marriage, and some are long gone like last year’s fringe footwear.  This isn’t my first long distance relationship, so hopefully I’ve learned from the past:

Take things slowly.

Don’t over commit.

Always communicate EVERYTHING, no matter how minute you think the issue is.

Don’t text while frustrated.  You’re not getting your message across.  Trust me.

Texts are subjective when read.

Sarcasm doesn’t always play well in texts.

Enjoy each others voices.

Savor those moments when you do video chat.

That’s about all I know.  Here’s to listening to my own advice ~
kangthropologie_GoingTheDistance_img_3370 kangthropologie_GoingTheDistance_img_3086 kangthropologie_GoingTheDistance_img_3365 kangthropologie_GoingTheDistance_img_3368 kangthropologie_GoingTheDistance_img_3356 kangthropologie_GoingTheDistance_img_3250 I’m wearing a beautiful Stone Cold Fox Vermont Gown, but without the nude slip that comes with it.  Instead, I’ve paired it with an American Apparel Lace Bodysuit underneath.  Both of these items are no longer available, but here are some very similar items:

kangthropologie_GoingTheDistance_img_3367 kangthropologie_GoingTheDistance_img_3363 kangthropologie_GoingTheDistance_img_3361 kangthropologie_GoingTheDistance_img_3463

ASOS Velvet Pearl Choker Necklace

No relationship is ever easy, even if you’re not long distance.  I’m a hopeless romantic and like to think that there’s always love and light at the end of the tunnel.  Do you think I’m crazy for flying so far to see about a boy, or do you think it’s a romantic gesture?  I’m curious to know what the rest of the sane world thinks.  Let me know!

Photographed by Hanna Snyder



Who’s excited and ready to fly 10,000 miles to go see about a boy??  This girl!  In less than two weeks I’ll be in Taiwan, the Republic of China (ROC), to go visit my long distance relationship boy toy.  In case you forgot, he’s there for a six month overseas assignment.

Taiwan is an island right off the eastern coast of China that’s super close to the equator and has tropical rainstorms on a weekly basis.  I’ve been imaginarily packing my bags since last month and I’m still unsure of what all to bring.  According to ChinaHighlights.com, the weather in November is relatively pleasant with sunny skies and little rain, but I’ve been to Taiwan enough times to know that rain is inevitable.  I’m made in Taiwan.  I know.

We also plan to take some hiking trips to the mountain so I’ll need outfits that can go from street to mountain and back.  In a way, it’s similar to LA since most people walk around in workout clothes going to and fro from the gym, Runyon and/or brunch.  However, I can’t just bring workout clothes, so it’s all about layering.  Whether the weather is rainy, chilly, humid, or hot I can add on and take off clothing as I please.

A great piece to wear when you’re unsure of the weather is a long sleeve romper.  If it gets chilly, I can just throw on a pair of warm socks and over the knee boots.  But if it gets rainy and warm, a pair of flatform sandals will suffice.  I’ll be elevated from the ground because of the platform, but will also not care if my feet gets wet from the rain since I’m wearing sandals.

This beautiful Stone Cold Fox Locals Jumper that I’m pictured in will be perfect for this trip.  It also comes in the color black.  This particular romper is a bit large on me so the deep plunging neck in the front requires me to wear something underneath.  I recommend wearing a lace bodysuit so that you can still show off the sexiness of a plunging neckline.

kangthropologie_ROC_img_3414 kangthropologie_ROC_img_3415 kangthropologie_ROC_img_3412 kangthropologie_ROC_img_3417 kangthropologie_ROC_img_3418 kangthropologie_ROC_img_3402 kangthropologie_ROC_img_3090 kangthropologie_ROC_img_3093kangthropologie_ROC_img_3413

American Apparel Lace Bodysuit (no longer available | similar look) / Free People Statement Ring (no longer available | similar look)

Taiwan is also known for their delicious food and night markets.  Unfortunately, Barry and I are both vegetarians so we’ll be missing out on 90% of the food offered.  Whomp whomp!  No worries, this will give us more opportunities to explore new restaurants that DO offer vegetarian options.  Does anyone know of any in the Taipei area?  Let me know!

Photographed by Hanna Snyder



Happy Friday y’all!  I’m two weeks away from my Taiwan trip, and I’m amped up about my week there.  For those of you that are just catching up to this blog post, I’m taking a trip to Taipei to meet up with this guy that I started seeing this summer.  3 months into dating he had to move to Beijing for 6 months, and now we’re meeting in Taiwan while he visits there for work.  (I know, I’m a kickass girl who goes above and beyond for love).

I fly out on the 30th, but I actually land in Taipei on the evening of the 31st, which is Halloween night.  Boy toy asked me if I would be dressed in a Halloween costume, so being the crazy person that I am, I answered ‘yes’.  However, my ‘yes’ came with attachments.

Our conversation:

Me: I get in on Halloween night at 7pm

Me: Will you come pick me up at the airport???

Him: Are you going to be in a costume?

Me: Yeah, I can.  Which one is scarier: me pregnant or in a wedding gown?

Him: Hahahahhahahahhahaha!!!! Nice.


Glad he has a sense of humor or that would have ended not so nicely.

Anyhew, this got me to thinking about all the beautiful white dresses I’ve purchased lately from Stone Cold Fox and For Love and Lemons.  Some of these gowns are pretty enough to wear as a wedding gown.  I mean, why not?  SCF did an entire line of bridal wear, and this Stone Cold Fox Alabama Gown that I’m seen wearing is right up that alley.

The back is cut out, which gives it an ooze of sexiness, but the front is a bit too plunging for my taste in bridal gown.  Lots of fashion tape is necessary to pull this dress off, but the delicate details and quality of the fabric is to die for.

kangthropologie_halloweentrip_img_3321 kangthropologie_halloweentrip_outfitkangthropologie_halloweentrip_img_3058 kangthropologie_halloweentrip_img_3320 kangthropologie_halloweentrip_outfit2 kangthropologie_halloweentrip_img_3052 kangthropologie_halloweentrip_img_3071 kangthropologie_halloweentrip_img_3057

Urban Renewal Vintage Cowboy Boot (sold out | similar look) / Mejuri Tuxedo Necklace / Missguided Velvet Choker

I wonder how freaked out boy will be if I did show up at the airport in this beautiful gown with a flower bouquet.  Bwahahahhaa…just kidding, or am I?

Photographed by Hanna Snyder


Nothing says let’s workout five days straight and eat only salads like a bikini photoshoot.  My latest project is with local SoCal swimwear line, Beach Riot.  Can we please give them a whoop whoop on their sexy collaborations with Stone Cold Fox and Luv AJ?  I was sooooo utterly excited when they reached out and asked if I’d be interested in working with them.  As soon as I was able to get my hands on their swimwear I raced to the desert oasis, aka Palm Springs, and just had a blast in front of the camera.

What excited me the most about this swimwear line is that they offer actual wearable clothing outside of skimpy bikinis and one-pieces, which can be worn as bodysuits.  I’m wearing Beach Riot Vacationer Set in Cortez.  This top is so sexy and simple to wear.  It’s a halter and ties at the neck and back, but hangs low so you show more skin in the back.  The print is gorgeous and the fabric is super light and airy.  It’s perfect for that heated weather where you start sweating the minute you walk outside.  I would definitely wear this set as separates.

I just got my new Coach Dinky Crossbody 24 in Chalk, and it is THE perfect white bag to lead me into summer.  The chain strap is heavy, sturdy and oh-so-edgy.  It gives an extra kick to this classy bag.  I like to describe my own personal fashion as feminine with an edge, and this bag is the epitome of just that.  It’s roomier than it’s sister bag, the Dinky Crossbody, and fits everything that had previously fit in my Coach Saddlebag 23.

I’m very impressed with how Coach has revamped it’s image and it’s products.  I can’t stop looking at their latest Spring 2016 lookbook!  I’m excited and happy to be a small part of their brand revolution.

I wearing sunglasses from a new line of sunnies that I’m currently obsessed with.  I introduce to you, Perverse Sunglasses.  They were seen on all the young celebs at Coachella Weekend One.  I’m wearing their Fresh Clubmaster Sunglasses in Tortoise Shell-Brown.  I love that their oversized on my face.  They’re super affordable, light, fun, and easy to wear.  I purchased another pair too that I’ll definitely be wearing in a blog-post-near-you.kangthropologie_desertoasis_IMG_0842

Fedora (my own | similar look that’s on sale) / Anthropologie T-Strap Decorative Turtle Sandals (no longer available | similar look)

Coachella Weekend Two might be over, but the warm weather is still going strong.  I’ll most likely head back to Palm Springs to vacay for a couple of days in the next month or two.  Any lodging places you would suggest checking out other than the usual suspects: i.e. Korakia Pensione, Ace Hotel, The Parker?  Let me know!  Thanks for reading babes!

Photographed by Felicia Bade



Now that I’m back in my hometown, Dallas, TX, I can actually reminisce and blog about my mind-blowing Los Angeles experience two weeks ago.  The latest and greatest thing to hit #DTLA is the new contemporary art museum, The Broad, (pronounced like toad).  Located just across the street from the Walt Disney Concert Hall, I had to wait two months for this excursion to happen.

The Broad offers free general admission and you can either book advance tickets online or do onsite ticketing, which is first come first serve.  Ticket entry happens every 1/2 hour, and depending on availability, wait time can average 30-45 mins during the weekdays and 60-90 mins during the weekend.  I love that they keep the volume of attendees low so that everyone can experience the museum fully.

My friend and MUA, Felicia Bade, (who is also sometimes my photographer), and I decided we wanted to go back in October.  However, when we reserved our tickets online the first availability was in mid-December.  The two months was definitely worth the wait.  This place is anything and everything you expect from a modern, contemporary art museum…and much more.  I wanted to move in.  Seriously.

It took me almost a whole week to decide on the perfect outfit to wear to The Broad.  I needed to make sure what I wore was decadent and classy, but at the same time, it had to be stylish and comfortable.  I eventually settled on a pseudo-all-white outfit:

IRO Exclusive Kento Leather Detail Shrunken Bomber Jacket (from Intermix)

Forever21 white blouse (similar look)

Burberry White Stretch Straight Leg Bootcut Jeans (similar look)

Brian Atwood Platform Ankle Boots (super old pair, also purchased from Intermix).broad_IMG_7149 broad_IMG_7162broad_IMG_7161broad_IMG_7164broad_IMG_7221broad_IMG_7222broad_IMG_7102broad_IMG_7062broad_IMG_7096broad_IMG_7158

These pics are only a fraction of the what The Broad has to offer.  Definitely check it out if you’re in the Los Angeles area!  It’s a must-see, must-do, MUST-MUST!

I’ll be taking a short break the next three days so I can really spend time with my family during Christmas.  There’s tons of great stuff coming so check back soon for more posts!  In the meantime, feel free to keep stalking/following along on my Instagram account: Kangthropologie.  Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone! xoxo!




As an actress and fashion blogger living in LA, it can be tough going home for the holidays.  I’m happy if I can go home for either Thanksgiving, Christmas or NYE.  I would be insane to think that I can actually get all three holidays off.  However, this year is special and I had the privilege of going home for the week of Thanksgiving and will be home again for Christmas AND NYE! Yay!

Virgin America had a wonderful special and I was able to get a roundtrip plane ticket between LAX and DAL for only $288 with tax and fees.  I love flying Virgin America because the planes are always clean, chic, and comfy.  This was my first time flying Virgin America between LA and Dallas, but I will most likely fly with them from now on when I go home.


I’ve always been the stylish one of the family.  Between my mom and I, we probably have some of the best designer bargain buys of Dallas circa 1992 – 2000, which is before I moved to Atlanta to attend college.  With that said, I knew that returning home for Thanksgiving this year wasn’t going to be a simple task of wearing sweats on the plane.  If indeed comfy sweats, it will be stylish and with a pair of five inch platform heels, which is exactly what I decided to wear.  My next post will be about the outfit above.

I’ve mentioned before about my love for Classpass, (read WORKOUT-AHOLIC).  Each time I head out of town I just change my city location on my app and I’m able to sign up for classes at my new location.  So far I’ve been lucky and have traveled to cities where Classpass is available, (i.e. Atlanta, Dallas, etc).

This time I signed up for a 6am Arms and Abs class at Burn Cardio Studio and I even stayed after for their Spin class.  It was rough getting up at 5am, but I knew that I had to get at least one decent workout in before we headed down to Port Lavaca for the grand Thanksgiving feast.  (I don’t consider playing with dogs and my nephews as a “real” workout.  See BABYSITTERS CLUB for outfit details above).

There were only three of us in class, but two of us were newbies and our instructor, Jennifer, was super nice and attentive.  I’ll definitely take class again from this studio when I head back to Dallas for Christmas in a few weeks.

dallasdelight_roadtrip_dallas_skydallasdelight_IMG_6513dallasdelight_jk_pancake dallasdelight_IMG_6467 dallasdelight_IMG_6541 dallasdelight_IMG_6543 dallasdelight_IMG_6542dallasdelight_IMG_6512dallasdelight_IMG_6499dallasdelight_IMG_6507

This small beach town was a breath of fresh air for this city girl.  The town gave off that feeling of safety and quaint happiness.  I don’t think I could ever move to a place like this and feel content with life, but I can see why people love the quiet, peacefulness.  The weather was rainy and warm until the last day, so the mosquitos were on full force.  I went out for a jog or two to burn off some of that Thanksgiving meal, but I ended up coming home with at least ten bug bites.

Black Friday was a big success as all my shopping was done online so I didn’t have to deal with the chaos and the whole “waiting in line” ordeal.  More fashion posts to follow.  We also visited the Lighthouse Beach and decided to have dinner at Bubba’s in Seadrift, TX.  Nothing washes down cajun and fried food like a good Shiner Bock beer, (#onlyinTEXAS).


We were back in Dallas by Saturday evening and ready to just chill and drink some whiskey after a long nine hour car ride.  Sunday involved football and putting up Christmas decorations with my nephews.  Monday was my last day in Texas, so we decided to have lunch at Astoria Caffe and Wine Bar in Addison, TX.  The waitress was nice enough to still offer us the lunch special after 1pm, and we chased down our meal with some Mimosas and Bloody Marys.

The topper of the day was when my sister and cousin-in-law suggested that we continue having drinks at the Whole Foods in Village On The Parkway.  I figure they meant we’ll just buy a bottle of wine and take it home and drink.  What they actually meant was to open up the bottle of wine AT Whole Foods and drink it AT their bar. You heard me correctly.  The Whole Foods in Dallas off Beltline offers craft beers and cork service at a bar located INSIDE the store. It was AMAZING!  Sure the wine is marked up a few more dollars, but they don’t charge a corkage fee for drinking the wine at their store.  I hear they offer this service too at one of the Whole Foods in Pasadena, CA.  Will definitely have to go and check it out!  dallasdelight_IMG_6681dallasdelight_IMG_6553

The week was just filled with laughter and good quality family time.  I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!  Does the Whole Foods store near you offers craft beers and wine service?  Let me know!




People call the south, the dirty south.  However, LaGrange, GA, a small town about an hour outside of Atlanta, is anything but dirty.  People move out here to this country side town and commute into the city so they can have a certain lifestyle: clean air, zero traffic, and southern charm.  I saw colored leaves falling and blowing into the wind, and smelled the rain as it brought in a very brisk chill of fall.  I have been anticipating this since I left Los Angeles, and it’s such a refreshing feeling. 

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 presetdirtysouth_IMG_5330

I wasn’t able to sign up for classes using my Classpass due to a very tight schedule in Atlanta, so I wanted to make sure I got in a workout or two during these three full days in Georgia.

I’m wearing Nike Shorty Women’s Tank Top in Black.  This style is currently sold out, but here’s a similar look that’s currently on sale at Nike.  My shoes are Nike Airmax Tailwind 6 in White/Pink/Citrus.

My 3/4 yoga pant is from H&M.  I bought mine for less than $20 about two years ago, and they’re still holding up very well.  Though the color black is currently sold out, the dark grey is still available for under $25.  I highly recommend these tights.

I’m also wearing Without Walls T-Back Bra in Maroon from Urban Outfitters.  This super cute and sexy sports bra is currently on sale for less than $20 online.  I got a small and it fits true to size.



I wanted to explore the town more, but due to the rain we had to cut our exploration short.  We decided to move our workout indoors and into Body Control Pilates Studio‘s brand new studio and location at 220 Main St. in LaGrange, GA.  The studio is sleek, modern, clean, and very zen.  All the equipment are brand spanking new, and for the duration of your class you feel like you’re in a WeHo trendy workout facility.  They offer many specials, so if you live in the surrounding area please checkout their website and Facebook page for more info.

My friend, Lindsay Cagle, is an instructor at the studio and was teaching two classes back to back, so I decided to take BOTH of her afternoon classes: Pilates Meets Barre and Pilates Sculpt.  I’ve been blogging about working out hardcore since April, but taking these two classes whooped my butt. I knew Lindsay’s chiseled arms didn’t come from holding her two precious kids, and I have so much more love and admiration for her spirit and athleticism after taking her classes.


My trip to LaGrange was even shorter than the one in Atlanta.  I am so blessed I got to dine with old friends, take pictures of colored leaves, and workout with one of my best friends in the whole world on this trip.  Big thanks to Lindsay and her beautiful family for being so hospitable during my short stay, and thank y’all for reading my little fashion blog!  Go Jackets!

Some photos taken by Lindsay Cagle.