Took a quick break from blogging due to acting gigs that I’ve recently booked, and I feel like I’ve already missed out on so much!  Does anyone else get blogger FOMO?!  Anyway, happy mid-week day and I want to jump right into the topic for today’s post: shades, sunnies, sunglasses.  Whatever you call it, it’s the IT accessory item that makes outfits shine this resort season.  The frames come in all shapes and sizes, but a few styles really stood out for me.  Here are my fav pics of the season:

As you can see, I have a preference for the heart-shaped frames, like the one I’m wearing in my pics from ZeroUV.  So go out there and wear your 50 shades of fun, because you know what they say, if you wear it, it will come…the sun that is.  Xo!

Romper: Forever 21 / Sunnies: ZeroUV (similar look) / Earrings: Rachel Zoe / Bracelet: Rachel Zoe / Lariat: LuvAJ (similar look) / Socks: Forever 21 / Boots: IRO (similar look)

Photographed by Laci Havens



Happy Friday everyone!  If you didn’t already know this about me, but I’m originally from Texas.  Dallas, Texas to be exact.  My whole family went to the University of Texas in Austin, which might be why I’ve always been inclined to like the color of burnt orange, especially this time of the year.  It’s football season, which means warm, rich colors…and plaid.  The color of burnt orange reminds me of fall, the leaves turning red, orange, and yellow, and brisk dewy mornings.  I love this season!  Here are some of my favorite burnt orange pieces this fall:

kangthropologie_burnt_img_2701 kangthropologie_burnt_img_2671 kangthropologie_burnt_img_2688

I’m wearing a Forever 21 Knit Rib Midi Dress in Rust.  This dress is currently on sale and under $15. It’s incredibly comfortable and can go under a denim jacket for a casual day look, or a black leather jacket for a cooler evening style.

Since I live in LA, the cooler weather will hit me later in the year than the rest of the country.  A great way to wear this transition piece now is to pair it with some summer sandals.  The knit dress is thin enough to keep me cool during the day, but the long sleeves are warm enough when the temperature drops at night.  This midi dress is the perfect buy now, wear now dress.kangthropologie_burnt_img_2692 kangthropologie_burnt_img_2717

Sbicca Annabella Platform Sandals / Mejuri Evil Eye Ring

Speaking of college football, anyone have a favorite NFL football team they’re rooting for this year?  I’ll be watching football and scrolling though my Instagram for #NYFW updates all weekend.  Can’t wait for the Zimmerman runway show today!

Photographed by Mire Yang



Happy Wednesday everyone!  I’ve been dabbling in the neckerchief and choker accessories for the past month, and I’m starting to get an idea of why everyone is so obsessed with these embellishments.  Both have a very retro/vintage vibe, and I feel like I’ve travelled back in time with my wardrobe.

I grew up in the 90’s, but I’ve always been enamored with the idea of growing up in the 70s.  I love bell bottoms.  I love crochet.  I also love everything boho chic, which I feel like is part of that free spirit, wild child era.  I found this beautiful Forever 21 Zigzag Crochet Crop Top, and immediately I felt like a hippie at Woodstock.  With Outside Lands Festival that just happened two weekends ago, it felt appropriate to wear something a bit festival and over-the-top.  Summer is about to end, and I want to savor every last bit of my crop top wearing days.  I’m a free spirit when it comes to fashion.  You can say I’m sort of a hippie…ish.
kangthropologie_hippieish_IMG_2520 kangthropologie_hippieish_IMG_2523 kangthropologie_hippieish_IMG_2522 kangthropologie_hippieish_IMG_2521 kangthropologie_Hippieish_outfit

Illesteva Porto Cervo Sunglasses / Forever 21 Classic Paisley Bandana / Reformation Vintage Denim (sold out | similar look)

I have some bad news.  In the midst of my travels and photoshoots, I have somehow misplaced or lost my David Yurman Petite Albion Pendant with Citrine and Diamonds on Chain Necklace!  Whaaaaaaa!  I’m so upset!  It was a present given to me by an ex for our two-year anniversary.  Not that I still have feelings for him, but that necklace has sentimental values, and I loved that necklace very much.  I hope it’s just shoved into some pocket of a purse or a pair of pants, and I hope to find it soon.  Pray for me please!

Photographed by Mire Yang



Happy Thursday everyone!  It’s #throwbackthursday and I’m reminded of a Hong Kong movie I watched when I was little, (I think it was God of Gamblers?).  I vividly remember this one scene when the disheveled, naive girl is taken into a fabulous designer boutique and gets the makeover of a lifetime.  She’s introduced to a fabulously gay stylist who gives her the spiel of how a woman should dress and show off the assets that she’s got, and camouflage the parts that she don’t.  I don’t remember it verbatim, but I do recall certain key points:

  • If you have great arms, wear tanks and short sleeves
  • If you don’t have great arms, show off your neckline
  • If you have boobs, show off your boobs
  • If you don’t have boobs, show off your back
  • If you have great legs, wear shorts and skirts
  • If you don’t have great legs, show off your behind
  • If you have a great stomach, wear crop tops
  • If you don’t have a great stomach, show off the skinniest part of your waistline with belts or empire tops

Sounds pretty simple and logical, right?  Well, I was able to find a dress that shows off all my best assets: arms, side boob, and waist.  I’m wearing the Forever 21 Paisley Open-Back Maxi Dress, which is currently under $40.  This dress not only shows off my back, but gives just enough subtle hint of side boobs.  Plus, it has a tie adjustable waist.

I was actually quite surprised at how soft and pretty this dress is.  Unfortunately, F21 isn’t exactly known for their quality of fabrics, but I found this dress almost of the same quality as dresses that I spend $100+ on.  The paisley print gives this dress a great boho vibe, and I can just see myself walking in a field of flowers wearing this dress.


Rebecca Minkoff Script “Taurus” Pendant Necklace / Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche Lipstick in Beetroot / Aldo T-Strap Espadrille Wedge Sandal (no longer available | similar look) / Ray-Ban Original Aviator 58mm Sunglasses

I’ll be working most of this 4th of July long weekend, but will have a couple of days off as well to spend time with great friends and the new man, (hope he doesn’t mind me blogging about him).  You can follow me on Snapchat (@Kangthropologie) and see all the parties and cool things that I do in LA. Xoxo!



I’ve searched far and wide on the world wide web (har har) for the perfect pairs of mom jeans.  The fit is perfect for someone of my size and stature.  I’m average height but with short legs so the high-waist helps elongate my legs.  The cinched in waist gives my straight waist some curve, and the short inseam takes away from the almost necessary hem alterations.




I’m obsessed with everyone that I see wearing them.  I’ll actually stop them and ask them where they got their mom jeans.  If they’re not already vintage Levi’s, then 3 out of 5 times they’re Topshop.  I was recently wearing a pair of ASOS Petite Farleigh High Waist Slim Mom Jeans In Washed Black with Busted Knees, (see LA MADE), and it has made it into my top 10 perfect pairs of mom jeans:

Mom jeans are a statement in themselves, so why not make a stronger point by wearing a graphic tee/tank that further emphasizes your expression of fashion.  I’m a fan of ringer tees and tanks, and right now Forever 21 and Urban Outfitters have some really great graphic tees.  Here are some of my favs:


Jeffrey Campbell Isley Ankle Boot (no longer available | similar look) / Ray-Ban Original Aviator 58mm Sunglasses

I think this is a perfect outfit to wear to a sports bar while watching the NBA playoffs.  Which team are you cheering for?  Golden State Warriors??

Photographed by Danielle Torriero



There aren’t many rules that I follow.  I’m not talking about being 15, rebel without a cause, thinking outside the box.  I’m talking about fashion rules.  However, there is one rule that I always abide by when it comes to shopping.  If I get stopped TWICE by strangers while trying on an item, and am told that I look fab wearing that item, then I must purchase thus said item.  Period.  No questions asked.  No price tags checked.  Not so smart if you’re shopping at Neimans, but it’s a safe bet rule if you’re at Forever 21.
kangthropologie_stopped_IMG_0292 kangthropologie_stopped_IMG_0294 kangthropologie_stopped_IMG_0127 kangthropologie_stopped_IMG_0287 kangthropologie_stopped_outfit2 kangthropologie_stopped_outfit kangthropologie_stopped_IMG_0291

No joke, the first time I went out wearing this Forever 21 Cutout-Back Floral Jumper I got stopped twice by random girls who wanted to know where I found this fabulous jumpsuit.  They were shocked when I told them Forever 21, AND that it’s under $30!  Now, I know that in this particular case I was stopped AFTER I purchased the jumpsuit and wore it out.  But isn’t getting stopped the main reason why we wear what we wear?  To have other girls (and boys) fawn over what we have covering our bodies?

Pros: not only is this such a statement piece, but this suit is very soft and comfy to wear.  Cons: it can be an issue if you’re at a bar and have to pee five million times because the buttons on the back can be hard to button up on your own.  Not that I know from experience or anything…eh hem.  Also, I noticed that the bottom two buttons have a tendency to come undone on it’s own, but not a big enough problem for me to ever stop wearing this.  Ever.kangthropologie_stopped_outfit4

Ray-Ban Aviator Classic Sunglasses / Christian Louboutin Fomenter Wedges (no longer available | similar look) / Free People Statement Ring (no longer available | similar look) / Key Pendant Necklace (forgot where I got it from | similar look)

It’s already April.  WTF!  I don’t know how time flies by so quickly, but April means Coachella.  Anyone headed to Coachella?  What are some of your favorite festive wear moments?

Photographed by hottie, Drew Carlson



It’s Good Friday everyone!  For those of you that have given up carbs for Lent, first, I don’t know how you did it, but’s time to order an extra large pizza all for yourself.  My family is back in Dallas and I’m not heading home, so I’ll be spending Easter with some good girlfriends in LA.  With that said, I know I need a super cute outfit to wear.  Something Spring-ish, something floral, something for the bunny in all of us.  This Good Friday is about to turn this long weekend into something super fun and flirty!
kangthropologie_goodfriday_outfit5 kangthropologie_goodfriday_IMG_9939 kangthropologie_goodfriday_outfit2kangthropologie_goodfriday_IMG_9941

Leave it to Forever 21 to bring this pretty Cutout Rose Print Romper to life, and for less than $20!!  This romper is super soft and comfy to wear, but beware of the super deep plunging V-neck.  I was absentminded and forgot to bring wardrobe tape with me when I shot this outfit.  Otherwise, I would have taped it around my boobs to prevent so much skin.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind showing skin, but there’s a difference between being stylish and hooker-ish.

Also, the bell sleeves are a bit long on me and often times covered up my hands, (as seen in these photos).  However, it didn’t bother me so much because I tend to get cold and like my hands covered.  Here’s a similar look.kangthropologie_goodfriday_IMG_9935 kangthropologie_goodfriday_outfit3kangthropologie_goodfriday_IMG_9873

I’m currently working with Coach, and their team has sent me some really great, high-quality leather goods, including this Crossbody Saddle Bag 23 in Glovetanned Leather.  It’s literally become my everyday bag.  I’m not saying it because we are collaborating together, but I really do love this bag.  It’s clean, not patterned, holds everything I need, and it’s crossbodied.  It comes in several other colors, and you can even have it monogrammed with your initials.  There will be more Coach goodies to come.

Forever 21 Chunky Platform Sandals (sold out | similar look on sale)

I’m super curious to know what everyone gave up for Lent.  Did you give up something super hard?  Let me know!  Have a great Easter!

Photographed by Laurie Douglas


[WARNING: A particular wall contains graffiti images of topless female creatures, and I did take photos and pose in front of this wall.  If you have young children around, please be advised.]

I was recently in Miami for work and lucked out on a free day to wander and explore the city.  Everyone said, “Go to Wynwood Arts District!”, so I hopped in a Lyft and got dropped off right at the entrance of Wynwood Walls.  This place was magnificent!  The graffiti, the food, the boutiques are all worth seeing, eating and buying.  It was a cloudy day and I went late in the afternoon.  Shortly after a quick happy hour/supper I found out that most shops close around 7-8pm, which sucked, but it was dark by 7pm so I couldn’t view the graffitied walls anymore.

When playing tourist in a new city, you want to make sure you’re in comfy clothes and shoes.  I stopped by Forever 21 the weekend before to pick up some new clothes thinking it was going to hot and humid in Miami.  Turns out, I came at the one week where it wasn’t swampy or burning hot.  Glad that worked out because I didn’t want to sweat through my super cute clothes!  Thanks Miami!
kangthropologie_miami_IMG_9368 kangthropologie_miami_IMG_9883 kangthropologie_miami_IMG_9506

I have been eyeing this Forever 21 Ribbed Knit Bodysuit (in Mustard) ever since I saw it two months ago, but in the color White.  This little number is less than $11!  It’s so comfy and has such a great stretch and feel.  I want this in every color!  Bodysuits are perfect for that fitted look tucked in denim.  I would wear this with denim shorts or a pair of mom jeans!
kangthropologie_miami_IMG_9886 kangthropologie_miami_IMG_9881 kangthropologie_miami_IMG_9509

I am wearing a pair of Forever 21 Fairfax High Rise Jean in Light Blue.  I ended up purchasing a size bigger than I normally wear because I didn’t want the denim to look too stretched out at the waist.  It’s a super stretchy material, and for less than $18 it’s a great pair of Spring denim.  I like wearing this pair with the legs rolled up at the bottom.  I do recommend trying out this pair in-store if possible.  I tried on several pairs that said they were high-rise denim but it varied in fit even though they were all the same size.kangthropologie_miami_IMG_9417

Ray-Ban Aviator Classic Sunglasses / Necklace (from a stand at Melrose Trading Post)

I am confident with my figure and do not shy away when I see other women topless or nude.  I guess it comes from being an actress and changing in front of other women during fittings.  I’ve also been to too many sample sales where there ARE no fitting rooms so you have to strip down in front of everyone if you want to try stuff on.  Do you have any funny or embarrassing fitting room stories?



It’s Friday my fashionistas, which means you can almost taste that weekend that’s right around the corner.  Most of you have probably been following #NYFW, but if you haven’t it’s been a dreary, cold and freezing winter in NYC.  Everyone tried their best to look chic and fabulous, but I could only imagine how cold they must’ve been.  But now it’s onto #LFW!  I’m really looking forward to seeing fall fashion from Burberry, Alexander McQueen and Belstaff.  Do you have your London favorites?

It’s been mostly sunny and clear sky here in LA.  However, we’re still not able to go out at night without bringing a light coat or jacket.  My cotton dresses and crop tops have been stored away for a few months, but now it’s time to bring them out again.  Long time no see my friends.
kangthropologie_ltns_outfit4 kangthropologie_ltns_outfit8 kangthropologie_ltns_outfit7 kangthropologie_ltns_outfit2 kangthropologie_ltns_outfit6

I’m wearing a very gorgeous James Perse Wool Chiffon Maxi Dress in Grey.  I absolutely love the quality and comfort of the fabric.  This slip dress can be considered very casual and minimal, almost sleepwear-like.  However, it has this sexy goddess feel to it when I walk.  It’s like I’m gliding in comfort and ease.  I always get asked about this dress whenever I wear it out.  Here are some similar looks:

ASOS Glamorous Cami Maxi Dress (on sale)

Michael Stars Maxi Slipdress

Free People Hampton Dress

EXTRA KICK: Love, Courtney by Nasty Gal Once and Destroy Satin Maxi Slip
kangthropologie_ltns_IMG_8789 kangthropologie_ltns_outfit

Quay Australia Isabelle Cat-Eye Shades / Forever 21 Chunky Platform Sandals (sold out | similar look) / Forever21 Open-Front Duster Coat in Heather Grey (sold out | similar look)

Do you have any fun weekend plans?  Either way, have a great weekend!

Photographed by Larry Wong


I’m not sure about the rest of the country, but the weather in LA today was that of spring season: low 70s, barely there clouds, and zero breeze.  It’s freaking fabulous.  This is what I call the “in-between”, where the weather is brisk in the morning, warm during the day, and chilly at night.  We’re not quite spring, but definitely not freezing like winter.  That’s when I need outfits that are thin and light and can be layered on.

I’m wearing an Isabel Marant Etoile Grey/Navy Sheer Mini Dress that I got at Barney’s Warehouse about four years ago.  This dress is very form fitting, and VERY sheer.  I would recommend wearing undergarments that are meant to be seen, or maybe some pasties for that “I’m wearing nothing underneath” look.  I absolutely love this brand, and I love everything that she designs.  Here’s a similar look.  I’m also absolutely in love with this Etoile Isabel Marant Wilder Ruched Slub Jersey Mini Dress (on sale), which is perfect for this in-between weather.

I’ve previously wore this Forever21 Open-Front Duster Coat in Heather Grey in the post, TWO SHADES OF GREY.  This coat has come in handy over the winter as I was traveling to colder climates.  It became my perfect layering coat.  This coat is now sold out, but here are similar looks:

Forever 21 Contemporary Longline Open-Front Crepe Jacket (I would wear this with the Etoile Isabel Marant Wilder Ruched Slub Jersey Mini Dress that I mentioned above)

Forever 21 Longline Open-Front Jacket in Light Grey

SPLURGE: Topshop Handmade Wool Duster Coat by Boutique

Quay Australia Isabelle Cat-Eye Shades / ZARA Knitted Scarf (sold out | similar look) / Forever 21 Chunky Platform Sandals (sold out | similar look) / Urban Outfitters Marled Camp Sock in Charcoal

Do you like the socks with sandals look?  I think the look is perfect for this in-between weather.  Let me know if you have any questions, suggestions or comments!

Photographed by Felicia Bade

(Felicia is also a great MUA, checkout her page for bookings and inquiries)