As you may or may not know, I have a deep love for outerwear.  I buy jackets, coats, cardigan sweaters, and dusters at any opportunity I see fit, regardless of temperature or the season.  I knew way back in May of this year that I was going to wear this gorgeous velvet Reformation Poinsettia Blazer when the right time came.  I knew I had a velvet crush, but this was lust at first sight.  So, at the Reformation sample sale, I decided to take the plunge and buy a blazer that I knew I wasn’t going to be able to wear for at least another 4-5 months.

I couldn’t be more pleased with my decision.  I am so utterly obsessed with the tailoring, the color, the fit, the cut, and the feel of this jacket.  It is quite essentially my favorite jacket of the season.  However, being the fashion pirate that I am, I wasn’t about to pair this classy looking blazer with a stiff, skin-tight dress or even a pair of fashionable trousers.  NO.  This blazer deserves a free flowing, hippie-vibing, sexy-ass Blue Life String Along Jumper.

Here are some of my favorite, (and very similar), velvet blazers and jumpsuits:

kangthropologie_velvetcrush_img_2829 kangthropologie_velvetcrush_img_2868 kangthropologie_velvetcrush_outfit2 kangthropologie_velvetcrush_img_2869 kangthropologie_velvetcrush_outfit3 kangthropologie_velvetcrush_img_2866 kangthropologie_velvetcrush_outfit

River Island Evil Eye Choker Necklace / Sbicca Annabella Platform Sandals

Speaking of fab finds at sample sales, I had a killer time at the PB Flea this past weekend.  Got lots of great stuff from Stone Cold Fox, For Love and Lemons, Mara Hoffman, and Wildfox.  Can’t wait to show y’all all the new goodies!

Photographed by Laurie Douglas



I’ve had my ups and downs with blogging.  Usually, I’m pretty dedicated.  However, I started dating someone recently and it’s taken me away from the time I had previously spent meticulously planning my outfits, scheduling photoshoots, engaging with my Instagram family, and meeting up with my fashionable friends so that we may take beautifully placed photos of our food and beverages, (rosé of course).  I admit.  I had strayed.

Fortunately, an angel appeared and I received a message from a photographer and fellow Instagramer, Mire Yang of StripesCollide that she would like to grab coffee and even collaborate.  I immediately jumped at the opportunity because I realize we both have the same aesthetics.  I think it’s important as a blogger to find a photographer that’s able to capture your essence.  Keep what makes you YOU, so that you don’t lose your voice and taste amongst all the other fashion/lifestyle bloggers out there.

Mire and I both love contrast, and she understands that my images are outfit based versus lifestyle.  Agreeing upon what your aesthetics are is very important when finding/working with a new photographer.  Take the time to sit down and chat over what you like, and bring images of what you think is achievable, (Mire suggested I download the app ListaPost).

We ended up having a great time chatting over coffee, shooting some really amazing photos, and even had lunch at one of my fav spots (Zinqué) afterwards.  I hope you enjoy the images and the outfit as much as I do!

kangthropologie_aesthetics_IMG_2427 kangthropologie_aesthetics_IMG_2428kangthropologie_aesthetics_IMG_2424

Free People recently had a promotion with their app by applying an additional 25% off their sale items.  I found this gorgeous Flynn Skye Cleo Set in Pumpkin Seed on sale and just about died when it came in the mail.  It is puuuuuuurrrfect!  I love crops.  Check.  I love matching sets.  Check.  I love polka dots.  Check.  This outfit can be styled separately (as seen here), and I can wear it into pre-fall because of it’s autumn like color.

kangthropologie_aesthetics_IMG_2426 kangthropologie_aesthetics_IMG_2429 kangthropologie_aesthetics_outfit2 kangthropologie_aesthetics_IMG_2432

Free People Fever Platform / Coach Rogue 25 Leather Satchel / Illesteva Hamilton Sunglasses

I’ve been swapping different pairs of sunglasses through Ditto for the past three months, and I absolutely love this program.  You can rent sunglasses for as low as $24/month, and if you love it, you can buy it.  Use the code KANGTHRO when you sign up! Xo!

Photographed by Mire Yang of StripesCollide



Sometimes you fall in love with a print/pattern before you fall in love with the item.  There have been many episodes in my life where the print drew more attention from me, or at least is what attracted me to look at the item:

Exhibit A: Barnyard from Reformation (see MAY FLOWER)

Exhibit B: Jungle Floral from Lovers + Friends (post coming soon!)

Adding to this, I present Exhibit C: Night Animal from Lovers + Friends.  After shopping the Revolve sample sale a few weeks ago, I came home with a loot bag of goodies, including this Lovers + Friends Dakota Jumpsuit in Night Animal, which is currently on sale.  Outside of it’s colorful, leopard print, I found the corset top and cutout back enticing.

I styled it differently.  And by style I mean I just rolled up the pant legs to give it a more casual, cool look.  The hem isn’t too long to where I have to get it altered, but I wanted to give this jumpsuit more life than refinery.  I think my favorite pant leg look is two to three inches above the ankle.

If I wanted to dress this jumpsuit down more for a day look, I would toss a denim jacket over my shoulders and strap on some wedge sandals, (pant legs rolled up of course).

kangthropologie_nightanimal_IMG_1344kangthropologie_nightanimal_backProcessed with VSCO with a6 presetkangthropologie_nightanimal_IMG_1285kangthropologie_nightanimal_outfit3


Ray-Ban Original Aviator 58mm Sunglasses / Steve Madden Serrpant Platform Pumps in Blush Leather (not available | similar look)

I’m headed to the beach this weekend for a super fun shoot with Amy Zhang of The Luxi Look.  If you haven’t done so, please check out her blog and Instagram.  One of the best things I’ve gained from fashion blogging is meeting other fabulous fashion bloggers.  And sometimes, they become a great friend.  Have any of you ever made friends from blogging?  I’d love to hear your stories!

Photographed by Danielle Torriero



I have been a good girl, …sort of.  I told myself I wouldn’t shop at all in the month of May until the much anticipated Reformation LA Sample Sale, which is happening this weekend.  As in RIGHT NOW.  You can stop reading if you like and start heading towards Venice.  No worries.  I COMPLETELY understand.  It’s Ref baby!  However, if you’re still reading, then know that I love you too.

It’s just been a sample sale haven in LA and every fav brand of mine is offloading goodies left and right.  I’ve become a thrill seeker the past two weeks jumping from one sample sale to the next.  My outfit today is an example of the glories that can come from a great sample sale.

kangthropologie_frillsthrills_IMG_1278 kangthropologie_frillsthrills_IMG_1281kangthropologie_frillsthrills_outfit2kangthropologie_frillsthrills_outfit3kangthropologie_frillsthrills_outfitkangthropologie_frillsthrills_outfit5

I have on Lovers + Friends Monroe Romper in White, which is currently on sale.  The lace details on the hems are just gorgeous.  This can easily be dressed up with a pair of platform heels.  I also really love my new outwear addition, Reformation Easton Jacket in Camel, which I found at the Reformation sample sale (see SALES for details).  This cropped jacket is no longer available, but you can add yourself to the wait list and hope that it comes back in stock.  Here are some very similar items for this outfit:

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Ray-Ban Original Aviator 58mm Sunglasses / Urban Renewal Vintage Cowboy Boot (sold out | similar look)

I hear they’re restocking new stuff everyday at the Ref Sample Sale.  Let me know if you end up going and what fabulous stuff you went home with.  Xo!

Photographed by my dear friend and Effin Shop‘s Co-Founder, Danielle Torriero


Nothing says let’s workout five days straight and eat only salads like a bikini photoshoot.  My latest project is with local SoCal swimwear line, Beach Riot.  Can we please give them a whoop whoop on their sexy collaborations with Stone Cold Fox and Luv AJ?  I was sooooo utterly excited when they reached out and asked if I’d be interested in working with them.  As soon as I was able to get my hands on their swimwear I raced to the desert oasis, aka Palm Springs, and just had a blast in front of the camera.

What excited me the most about this swimwear line is that they offer actual wearable clothing outside of skimpy bikinis and one-pieces, which can be worn as bodysuits.  I’m wearing Beach Riot Vacationer Set in Cortez.  This top is so sexy and simple to wear.  It’s a halter and ties at the neck and back, but hangs low so you show more skin in the back.  The print is gorgeous and the fabric is super light and airy.  It’s perfect for that heated weather where you start sweating the minute you walk outside.  I would definitely wear this set as separates.

I just got my new Coach Dinky Crossbody 24 in Chalk, and it is THE perfect white bag to lead me into summer.  The chain strap is heavy, sturdy and oh-so-edgy.  It gives an extra kick to this classy bag.  I like to describe my own personal fashion as feminine with an edge, and this bag is the epitome of just that.  It’s roomier than it’s sister bag, the Dinky Crossbody, and fits everything that had previously fit in my Coach Saddlebag 23.

I’m very impressed with how Coach has revamped it’s image and it’s products.  I can’t stop looking at their latest Spring 2016 lookbook!  I’m excited and happy to be a small part of their brand revolution.

I wearing sunglasses from a new line of sunnies that I’m currently obsessed with.  I introduce to you, Perverse Sunglasses.  They were seen on all the young celebs at Coachella Weekend One.  I’m wearing their Fresh Clubmaster Sunglasses in Tortoise Shell-Brown.  I love that their oversized on my face.  They’re super affordable, light, fun, and easy to wear.  I purchased another pair too that I’ll definitely be wearing in a blog-post-near-you.kangthropologie_desertoasis_IMG_0842

Fedora (my own | similar look that’s on sale) / Anthropologie T-Strap Decorative Turtle Sandals (no longer available | similar look)

Coachella Weekend Two might be over, but the warm weather is still going strong.  I’ll most likely head back to Palm Springs to vacay for a couple of days in the next month or two.  Any lodging places you would suggest checking out other than the usual suspects: i.e. Korakia Pensione, Ace Hotel, The Parker?  Let me know!  Thanks for reading babes!

Photographed by Felicia Bade




There aren’t many rules that I follow.  I’m not talking about being 15, rebel without a cause, thinking outside the box.  I’m talking about fashion rules.  However, there is one rule that I always abide by when it comes to shopping.  If I get stopped TWICE by strangers while trying on an item, and am told that I look fab wearing that item, then I must purchase thus said item.  Period.  No questions asked.  No price tags checked.  Not so smart if you’re shopping at Neimans, but it’s a safe bet rule if you’re at Forever 21.
kangthropologie_stopped_IMG_0292 kangthropologie_stopped_IMG_0294 kangthropologie_stopped_IMG_0127 kangthropologie_stopped_IMG_0287 kangthropologie_stopped_outfit2 kangthropologie_stopped_outfit kangthropologie_stopped_IMG_0291

No joke, the first time I went out wearing this Forever 21 Cutout-Back Floral Jumper I got stopped twice by random girls who wanted to know where I found this fabulous jumpsuit.  They were shocked when I told them Forever 21, AND that it’s under $30!  Now, I know that in this particular case I was stopped AFTER I purchased the jumpsuit and wore it out.  But isn’t getting stopped the main reason why we wear what we wear?  To have other girls (and boys) fawn over what we have covering our bodies?

Pros: not only is this such a statement piece, but this suit is very soft and comfy to wear.  Cons: it can be an issue if you’re at a bar and have to pee five million times because the buttons on the back can be hard to button up on your own.  Not that I know from experience or anything…eh hem.  Also, I noticed that the bottom two buttons have a tendency to come undone on it’s own, but not a big enough problem for me to ever stop wearing this.  Ever.kangthropologie_stopped_outfit4

Ray-Ban Aviator Classic Sunglasses / Christian Louboutin Fomenter Wedges (no longer available | similar look) / Free People Statement Ring (no longer available | similar look) / Key Pendant Necklace (forgot where I got it from | similar look)

It’s already April.  WTF!  I don’t know how time flies by so quickly, but April means Coachella.  Anyone headed to Coachella?  What are some of your favorite festive wear moments?

Photographed by hottie, Drew Carlson



It’s Good Friday everyone!  For those of you that have given up carbs for Lent, first, I don’t know how you did it, but’s time to order an extra large pizza all for yourself.  My family is back in Dallas and I’m not heading home, so I’ll be spending Easter with some good girlfriends in LA.  With that said, I know I need a super cute outfit to wear.  Something Spring-ish, something floral, something for the bunny in all of us.  This Good Friday is about to turn this long weekend into something super fun and flirty!
kangthropologie_goodfriday_outfit5 kangthropologie_goodfriday_IMG_9939 kangthropologie_goodfriday_outfit2kangthropologie_goodfriday_IMG_9941

Leave it to Forever 21 to bring this pretty Cutout Rose Print Romper to life, and for less than $20!!  This romper is super soft and comfy to wear, but beware of the super deep plunging V-neck.  I was absentminded and forgot to bring wardrobe tape with me when I shot this outfit.  Otherwise, I would have taped it around my boobs to prevent so much skin.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind showing skin, but there’s a difference between being stylish and hooker-ish.

Also, the bell sleeves are a bit long on me and often times covered up my hands, (as seen in these photos).  However, it didn’t bother me so much because I tend to get cold and like my hands covered.  Here’s a similar look.kangthropologie_goodfriday_IMG_9935 kangthropologie_goodfriday_outfit3kangthropologie_goodfriday_IMG_9873

I’m currently working with Coach, and their team has sent me some really great, high-quality leather goods, including this Crossbody Saddle Bag 23 in Glovetanned Leather.  It’s literally become my everyday bag.  I’m not saying it because we are collaborating together, but I really do love this bag.  It’s clean, not patterned, holds everything I need, and it’s crossbodied.  It comes in several other colors, and you can even have it monogrammed with your initials.  There will be more Coach goodies to come.

Forever 21 Chunky Platform Sandals (sold out | similar look on sale)

I’m super curious to know what everyone gave up for Lent.  Did you give up something super hard?  Let me know!  Have a great Easter!

Photographed by Laurie Douglas



I’m baaaaaack!  I’ve missed y’all so much!  It feels so good to be back home in LA and sleeping in my own bed.  Miami and the Caribbean were beautiful places to visit, but work is still work regardless of where you are.  I’ll be posting about my adventures in Miami shortly, but first, I’m bringing sexy back.

Miami is full of latin hotties and babes, and I wanted to bring some of that vibe back with me to LA.  Call it sexiness if you may, but I’m putting my own spin on what LA sexiness is all about.  We show just enough skin to turn guys heads, but always keeping it cute and fashionable for the ladies to ask, where’d you buy that?kangthropologie_sexyback_outfitkangthropologie_sexyback_IMG_9283kangthropologie_sexyback_IMG_9281

I purchased this UNIF Alexa Romper from Shopbop a little over a year ago.  I was a bit hesitant to wear this romper out in public at first because of how much it resembled lingerie or a nightie.  So, to ease this into society, I decided to throw a nice blazer over this and wore it to one of my girlfriend’s birthday dinner parties.  It was a hit.  Since then I have been able to wear this with a denim jacket, a Rails plaid shirt, or by itself with a stylish Lovely Bird Hat.  This particular romper is no longer available, but here are some very similar looks:

UNIF Ella Romper (on Final Sale)

Lulu’s Star Spangled Black Backless Lace Romper

SPLURGE: Pink Memories Silk Crepe de Chine Jumpsuit with Lace


Lovely Bird San Miguel Gold Concho Hat (sold out | similar look on sale) / UO Classic Aviator Sunglasses in Blue/GreenAthena “DREAM” Moon & Star Pendant Necklace / Jessica Simpson Platform Sandals (super old | similar look)

The weather is starting to get better, (even though it’s a bit brisk and cloudy in LA today), so be on the look out of more spring fashion!  Can’t wait to show y’all some of the new Forever 21 stuff I recently purchased!  Thanks for reading!

Photographed by Laurie Douglas



I’m not going to lie.  I’m full of contradictions.  I’m love animals, but I also love a good leather jacket.  I believe in sustainability, but can’t live without plastic.  I’m all about working out and living a healthy lifestyle, but I eat a lot of ramen.  I guess that makes me human??  Whatever.  Only person that calls me out anyway is my sister.

My fashion choices are also full of contradictions.  I can go from wearing a blazer and fitted dress one day, to a boho crochet jumpsuit the next.  However, I prefer the more granola look because it gives me breathing room to eat my ramen (AND drink the soup).  Call me a tree hugger because I’m going to recycle this outfit over and over.kangthropologie_treehugger_outfit3 kangthropologie_treehugger_outfit5

My darling of a friend, Laura, is possibly the best gift giver ever.  She got me this Jen’s Pirate Booty for Free People New Harmony Pants Romper for my birthday last year.  I would wear this every week if I could, but this is one of those pieces that really stand out in the crowd because of the crochet and lace details.  This is still available on eBay and other consignment stores, but here are some similar looks:

Jen’s Pirate Booty Stardust Flare

SaboSkirt Epiphany Playsuit

SPLURGE: Fuzzi Strapless Crochet Wide-Leg Jumpsuit
kangthropologie_treehugger_outfit6kangthropologie_treehugger_IMG_8956 kangthropologie_treehugger_IMG_9270 kangthropologie_treehugger_IMG_9251 kangthropologie_treehugger_IMG_8954 kangthropologie_treehugger_sunnies

Free People Galloon Lace Racerback in IvoryAthena “DREAM” Moon & Star Pendant Necklace / Vintage Courreges Sunglasses (purchased from Melrose Trading Post) / Handmade Beaded Bracelets made by friend, Jessie Lauryn Foutz / Old Leather Belt with Handpainted Trees (I think I purchased it from Anthropologie) / Free People Statement Ring

I’m going to be MIA for about a week during the filming of a project I’m in, but I promise I’ll be back strong when the project is complete.  Just be prepared to see me extra tanned.

Photographed by Laurie Douglas



You know what makes me happy?  Great weather, witty chats, puppies, and rompers/jumpsuits with prints that pop.  I probably have at least twenty to thirty rompers/jumpsuits in my closet right now, but I am always happy to add another to the collection.  My go to places for affordable rompers are Urban Outfitters, Forever 21, and Zara.  But, if I don’t have a strict budget, then I like to shop Free People, Planet Blue, or Revolve.  I have decided to pull out one of my oldie but goodie rompers from UO, and I couldn’t be happier to wear it out and show it off.kangthropologie_happy_IMG_8990 kangthropologie_happy_IMG_8985 kangthropologie_happy_IMG_8984

I am wearing a Silence + Noise Printed Mesh Back Romper that I got a few years ago.  I mentioned in the post, BASICS that I recently did a spring clean out of my closet.  This romper is one of the items I have decided to put in my “sell” pile.  I hate to part with it, but I need to make room for more spring goodies that are in my CYBER MONDAY shopping carts.  I also listed a few other items in my Depop Shop.  Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about any of the items I listed.  Here are some of my favorite printed rompers this spring:

Kimchi Blue Anita Ruffle-Front Skort Romper in Black Multi (on sale)

Ecote Charlotte Plunging Long-Sleeve Romper in Blue Multi (on sale)

Lucca Couture Silky Open-Back Romper (on sale)
kangthropologie_happy_outfit kangthropologie_happy_IMG_8986 kangthropologie_happy_outfit2

Even though the weather has been great during the day in LA, it’s still chilly at night.  I have a tendency to “forget” my jacket at home when I go out during the day, and by night I have to buy a new jacket/coat just to stay warm.  Whoopsie.  Here I’m wearing an A|X Faux Fur Bomber Jacket I purchased two years ago.  It really keeps me warm when the temperature drops down to 60s and I’m still in a sleeveless romper.  Here’s a similar look that’s on sale.

Jeffrey Campbell Hatcher Platform Sandals / Gentle Monster Dreamer 01 Sunglasses

Does anyone celebrate Lent?  If so, what did you give up?  I once gave up carbs and thought I was going to die.  Haha!

Photographed by Larry Wong